Swasan My devil epi 8

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Hiiiii guys how are u all…
Thankyou guys soo much for liking my story…
I wanted to ask u something do I am dragging my story too much or its good I am asking beacuse I dont wana make u guys bore with my story…

And guys I need all ur Suggestion to make my story more Better soo plzzz give me ur Suggestion…

Soo lets start with my devil n yeah I am gona Post next week so dont ask me to Post soon n this will be long epi but Next epi gona be MAHA EPISODE?with lots of Drama…

—————MY DEVIL———–

The episode start when sanskar left for office n swara was looking at him in shock his word runing in her mind that He will make her life more hell..

Swara pov..

What is happening with me why he is doing this with me what I have done to him..why He said to me that I should ask my parents about sin.. which sin they have done..but dont know seeing him I felt I saw him somewhere but where ahhh my head is paining like hell..I cant bear his torture its making me mad his touch and gaze making me feel disgusting…I wana die but he wont let me die soo easily he wont torture me to hell but whyyyy…..what should I do if I leave he will make my parents life hell like he is doing mine…I should find his reason towards hatred I have to do something but what n how…
Swara pov ends…

She whiped her Tears and changed her wet dress into sanskar cloths..n hanged her clothes to get dry…

On the other hand sanskar was Working in his office and made a cabin for ragini in which Departement she want…

Ragini was working in her derpartment where laksh is also Working seeing ragini in office that to the 1st time someone was very happy… seeing her going towards storeroom he went behind her…held her hand n dragged her to store room n locked the door seeing him ragini became shocked…

Rag: (shocked) LAKSH

Lak: (happy held from shoulder) yes me ragini how are u (hugged her) u know how much I missed u

Seeing him ragini was shocked n was strugling to get out of his Grip n gather some strength n Broke the hug making laksh shocked..

Rag: (sceard) what are u doing here n leave me plzzz (about to go but he held her)

Lak: (shocked) what happend  ragini (cupped her face) why are u saying like this I missed u

Rag: laksh leave me let me go

Lak: no u cant

Rag: there is nothing laksh let me go (about to go but he pinned her on Wall making her shock)

Lak: (angry) u cant damit u cant ragini now its High time u have to live with me

Rag: (shock..panicked) no no leave me laksh plzzz (while crying)

Lak: (angry n sad ) this is what I am doing ragini from many years even I left my family but still u cant forgive them n me I know we did mistake but still

Rag: (angry+crying) mistake do u really think it was a mistake i t was a sin not a mistake ok let me ask u one thing laksh instend of me n di what if swara was there

Lak: (shout angry about to slap her) RAGINI

Rag: (hell sceard n crying) u…u..ca.. cant even imagine swara on my place n di place and here u are saying to forgett n forgive plzz laksh leave me

Lak: (pleading) ragini I am sorry plzz dont Do this I love u plzz

Rag: (???) I hate u laksh n i hate myself for loving u (pushed him) and i am Not gona come back to u

Lak: (held her thigtly) I am giving u Warning ragini if u didnt came i will take u with me by hook or crook n will tell to ur family the truth

Saying this he was about to leave making ragini shocked hearing the word “TRUTH” she held his hand

Rag: u cant Do this

Lak: Come with me then

Rag: never

Lak: (pushed her little) then get ready for Sequenzen

Rag: (begging) no no laksh plzz I am begging u dont Do this plzzzz (but he left her broken she felt with thud on floor crying badly?????)

At mm…

Sujata was Working with help of some servant when Sharmishta came to mm to ask her for forgivness n begging her to spare swara seeing her sujata 1st became shocked but then seeing her state she became confuse..

Suj: what are u doing

Sh: help me plzz (saying this she Fall on her feet making her shocked)

Suj: what are u doing sharmishta get up (made her stand) what u want

Sh: sujata g i want my swara plzzz spare swara I know we did sin but plzz In all this there was not swara mistake

Suj: (confuse) Swara what happend to her and why are u asking me to spare her

Sh: (shocked) u dont know

Suj: (confuse) what

Sh: (shocked seeing her confuse) oh god where is my swara what n did sanskar do with her

Suj: (shocked) sanskar what are u saying tell me what happend with swara n why are u blaming my sanskar

Sh: I am not blaming sanskar I will tell u

Sharmishta told her everything from starting till now n left after asking for forgivness and plaeding to spare swara…
making sujata hell shocked on sanskar behaviour…meanwhile sanskar left office to make swara life more hell..sujata called sanskar pa and got to know he left towards farmhouse n she also left for farmhouse…

At farmhouse

Sujata reached in farmhouse start shouting for sanskar who was about to Kiss swara but hearing sujata voice he became shocked n left swara n went down…

Suj: sanskar sanskar

Seeing him coming down and swara behind him in his clothes looking pale tears were fowilling down from her eyes…making sujata shocked seeing his lovely son deed….

San: (shocked) Ma

Hearing him Calling her maa swara became shocked but seeing the scene infront made her more shocked…sujata slaped him thigtly nonstop she was slaping him n He was only looking down..

Suj: (after sometime she stoped slaping held his collar)what have u done I told u na dont Do this but u

Saying this she faint he became shocked seeing his mother in that state  he picked her up n left towards his room made her lay on bed n called doctor immediately…After sometime when doctor arrived n Checked sujata n told him that she fainted duet stress and will get coussion soon saying this he left…

Sanskar sat beside sujata and was crassing her hair lovingly

San: (a lone tear escaped from his eyes) sorry mom I am really sorry

Swara was shocked seeing this side of sanskar she was standing near door hiding herself from sansker making him sure that He dont notice her….
After sometime when sujata gained her coussion she held his collar

Suj: (angry) shame on u sanskar shame on u I never thought u will do this

San: (pleading) Ma listen I can explain

Suj: explain what after ruining her life didnt u saw ur di n ragini what all they have bear still seeing them in that state u did with another girl

San: Ma she is not another girl she doughter of gododia

Suj: sanskar so that doesnt mean u will also destroye her life I am a shamed on myself

San: Ma listen what u are thinking its not like that

Suj: oh really then tell me what is truth han didnt u raped her sanskar I am a shamed that u are my son

San: (hurted) Ma plzz listen once

Unwere of swara sankar told her something which shocked swara n happiness start fowlling from her eyes she immediately left the place to make sure that sanskar doesnt notice her…

Suj: whatever sanskar u are doing is wrong promise me u wont do anything now she is inoccents plzzz

San: (shocked) Ma

Suj: promise me

San: (to make sujata happy) ok ma

Suj: I am leaving

San: but u are not well ma

Suj: no I have to go n do preparation

San: (confuse) preparation

Suj: han to welcome my Bahu I am going u bring swara home..

Saying this she left happily making sanskar angry he cant Do anything because his mother happiness is more important for him..he called his Bodyguard to know how did sujata came to know about this then He told him that  sharmishta came to mm….hearing this sanskar became more angry n left to meet swara..

Swara was crying happily she was feeling now being Alive now she became little strong but seeing sanskar coming towards dengrously made her sceard…
He pinned her roughly on wardrobe duet to which her head hitted on wardrobe making her scream in pain

Sw: (hurted) ahhhhh

San: (angry ?? held her shoulder thigtly leaving his Mark on her) beacuse of u today my ma felt shamed on me  beacuse of u (held her more thigtly sw: ahhh) scream more I said scream (saying this he thight his grip on her making her scream more sw: ???ahhhhh) more louder ur parents did wrong by telling my mom n for that they have to pay now…n u have to pay more get ready till know u saw my hatred towards u n ur family but now u gona face my devilness (Leaned towards her neck n bited sooooo hard that she scream sooo loud in pain) get ready for hell (saying this he pushed her)

She felt on floor and was crying badly n was rubbing her neck to sooth her pain n was whiping blood seeing her like this he smirked but his anger on her grew more n more which can destroye her n her family he held her roughly n left towards MM…

Precap: swara entry in mm
              Swasan Reception

Longest epi till now huh..

About which truth is laksh speaking ?
What did sanskar told sujata that made swara happy ?
What will do now sanskar to make swara life hell ?

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    Awesome dr..

  2. Rj12

    Haw sanskar is such a devil ????
    I’m still wondering if their state is like this how will their love story start?

    1. Rabia0032

      ??????even me dear dont know how will I write their love story

      1. Rj12


  3. Tamil

    Superb waiting for next part

    1. I am sry to say but hate this. Yr why swara is suffering. She is innocent. Really hate this. I am sorry if i hurt you with mine words.

      1. Rabia0032

        Nah u didnt hurt me I know dear but its just ff soo take a chill pill?

  4. Swasanangle

    Nooooo I’m unable to take this kind of evil Sanskar plzzzz end this soon…..?

    1. Rabia0032

      Hahhaha dear I cant i mean not so soon??when are u going ur ts

  5. Simi

    Awesome ??

  6. Superb waiting for next chapter

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  8. Astra

    Now interest overloaded….!!! But really scared to see nxt step of sanky…. thanks a lot for updating soon…

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear I will update soon

  9. superb epi dr waiting 4 maha epi, i m just thinking if sanskar hate swara so much wht will happen if he started luving her

  10. Kakali

    Rabia,u r doing an amezing job.. u r proving the tittle name “DEVIL”… but don’t u think,it’s too much..!! This evilness is too much n somehow u think u r showing Swara soo weak,Sooo bebeas,soo lachar… gosh.. i think now u should try to show some soft corner or hidden emotions scenes of Sanskar towards Swara.. otherwise People will not like to see SwaSan at last..specially me.. 😀 it will not justify them to being together… Hope u don’t mind for sharing my POV.. !!
    Overall nice update.. loved it.. Thnk u .. ;-*

    1. Rabia0032

      Nah dear I am happy that u shared ur pov with me n i understand its getting to much but till know swara dont know the reason behind sanskar hatred but with entry mm she will change dont think that she is to much helpless soon she will be Strong n will fight with him…
      It was only starting she was helpless beacuse of parents but she Came to know something that she will be became more strong

      1. Kakali

        Yup Rabia.. that’s what i wanted to know.. N i know U r going to Rock this FF.. eagerly waiting for next.. Thnk u for ur reply.. Gd nyt.. 🙂

      2. Rabia0032

        Good night dear k thanks

    2. Arshaanya

      Agree wid u kaku coz i strtd to think if i want to c swasan 2gthr or not in dis ff.. n my ans is no… watevr is d reason u cnt justify sanskarz deeds…gadodiaz did wid his sistrs n even ragini is not frgvng laksh.. i dun want swara to frgve him evr… aftr all d Mu n truth rvltn want strong swara living alone

  11. Super interesting

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  13. Swarna01

    Pls reveal the past soon

    1. Awesome dear post soon

  14. Kaynatk01

    rabia i was shocked that again episode of devil but i cant see sanskaar’s torture towards her but lets see whatsis ur store waiting for next

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  17. G.Chandu

    Curious to know the reason…!!! awesome..!! loved it!!

  18. Arshaanya

    Nyc chappy rabia…
    N i agree wid kaku dun show someone dis bad dat u can’t accept dem positive in d end… i dun want swasan 2gthr in dis ff..
    He wanted to show hell n make gadodiaz suffer n he did it… aftr all truth rvltn n al i dun want swara to frgve him… i want strong swara who can live alone…
    Ve seen many stories in which dey justify or frgve dis type of sanskar vry easily which i dun want here to hpn

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  21. Vyshu10

    nice…..how cruel he is…hate this sanskar

  22. Amazing dear….. but plz I don’t want them together…. sanskar apni family ke liye itna gir skta he… kisi ladki ki ijat or feelings ko hurt kr skta he …. pr kya usk ladki ki koi self respect nhi …. agr swara sanskar ko accept krti he then to apni self respect ko marne jesa hoga …hm ek young generation se he hme purane pattern ko change krna chahiye… jha koi ladka apni ego me kuch bhi kr skta he pr ek ladki apni self respect bhi maintain nhi rkh skti… ye vesa hoga jesi aap kisi ladki ko ek rapist se shadi krne ko bol rhe ho ….. sorry agr mere views se ko hurt hua ho … I’m a die-hard fan of swasan… pr jo wrong he vo wrong he..

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