Devanshi 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihan accepting his crime and saying the real culprit is Mata Kusum Sundari. His voice goes unheard as it thunders. He opens eyes and sees Kusum. He says I did not say this on own, Sarju’s ghost was making me do this, how did you come here, the ghost asked me to admit all mistakes. Kusum slaps him and says you should have thought this can be someone’s plan, Geeta and Devanshi, I had doubt on them and came here, you forgot loyalty by seeing problem, how dare you take my name. He says I m saying true, Sarju’s ghost made me do this. She says they would be here. Geeta, Jignesh, Devanshi and Vardaan see Mohan and Kusum arguing. Vardaan says we can’t hear anything, we will go and tell Mohan’s truth to Kusum.

Geeta and everyone go to Kusum. Kusum sees them. She says Sarju and recalls killing Sarju. Mohan says he is Sarju’s ghost. Vardaan says he is not ghost, he is Sarju’s lookalike, we have laid this trap to make you admit the crimes. They saw Kusum coming and hidden Jignesh. Geeta makes Kusum hear his confession. Geeta says they got hidden there and could not hear anything by rain, Jignesh had this recorder with him, I m sure Mohan killed Sarju and also Devanshi’s parents, if you did not come, we would have record everything.

Kusum thinks it was my good luck that I reached on right time. Kusum beats up Mohan and complains to Maiyya. She says why did you hide Mohan’s truth from me, I will end him today. She kicks Mohan. She gets the knife from Jignesh. Devanshi recalls someone killing her parents. She recalls the red bangles similar. Kusum goes to stab Mohan. Devanshi shouts no, save my parents. Devanshi faints. Mohan asks Kusum will you kill me, you remember the. Kusum says just I can save you, if you open tongue, I will kill you, shameless.

Its morning, Mohan is tied and brought by everyone. Gopi tells Mohan that he will be punished, I would have killed you for the crime, if Kusum allowed me. Nutan says Kusum knows everything by powers, but how could she not see Mohan’s sins, why did she let him do the sin. Rajjo brings Ishwar to temple and says this happened because of Devanshi. Devanshi and Rajjo get Ishwar. Kusum and everyone get shocked seeing Ishwar. Everyone smile and chant Ishwar’s name. Ishwar thinks Devanshi is special child, she is Maiyya’s ansh, she will end Kusum. Kusum says its time to punish Mohan, she has killed Sarju, and also Devanshi’s parents, he made her an orphan. Mohan stares at Kusum. She tells Mohan’s crimes, who tried to kill Devanshi many times. Everyone get shocked. Mohan gets angry. Vardaan says I have seen Mohan trying to kill Papa. Kusum and Mohan see each other. Kusum slaps Mohan.

Kusum says Mohan will be punished now. The servant says Kusum does not know Mohan has out Vardaan in the well. Devanshi asks did he say true. He says no, I just said. Devanshi asks him to come and tell this to Kusum. She tells Kusum that Mohan has pushed Vardaan in the well. Family gets angry. Geeta says Mohan’s truth came out because of Devanshi, she has convinced Jignesh to help us. Kusum says Mohan is culprit of all villagers, who pray to Ishwar, so I give right to you all to punish him. She asks the servants to throw Mohan down in between the devotees, so that he gets the pain which he gave everyone. Mohan stares at her. Servant asks villagers to throw stones at Mohan and beat him. Mohan is taken in between the crowd. Ishwar smiles. Mohan gets beaten up.

The crowd throws stone at Mohan. Police comes ad asks people to stop, don’t take law in hand. He asks Kusum to stop the people. Kusum stops everyone and asks them to let inspector take Mohan. Mohan sees Kusum and is injured. Police takes him. People lift Devanshi and say Devanshi made us rid of sinner Mohan. They all chant Choti Mata Devanshi’s name. Kusum looks on angrily.

Nutan shows the shagun bangles. Bangles plates fall. Devanshi cries and says killer has worn red bangles. Kusum worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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