Swasan- destiny made me meet you (shot 3) by samaira

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Lets continue:
Leap of a month;-
Still swara s condition was the same.. LIFELESS uttara was rally heartbroken and sujata too..
They tried all the ways to cheer her up but no use..

Next day:
Early morning 5 am
All were sleeping only swara was awake she just woke up so she goes towards the balcony and sits there..
(there is a sofa kept in the balcony..)
Swara was just admiring the nature the flowers trees and all which were in her garden…
Just then she gets shocked as she senses someone being near the bushes..
She gets scared but composes and goes inside to bring a rod..
Just as the boy tries to climb the pipe of the house..
Swara throws the rod down and it hits the boy s head due to which he winces in pain..
Swara takes it as a chance and jumps from the balcony!!
( guys nowadays swara is wearing salwar kameez and her house is not tht above the ground.. she could be able to jump)
The boy is still sitting on the ground and face palming himself for not screaming..

Swara starts screaming..
Swara- maa papa uttara everyone come fast dekho ghar mein chor ghuss aaya hai( comes fast a thief is trying to enter our house)
Listening her shouts sujata rp and uttara hurriedly comes down..
Swara- maa papa and uttara see this ..(pointing towards the boy) see this thief he was trying to enter our house..
The boy removes his hands and happily sees sujata rp and uttara..
The trio also gets happy while swara stands confused..
Sujata- sanskar


Sanskar pick up his bag and greets rp and sujata and side hugs sujata..
Sujata senses tht swara still didnt get to know him..
Sujata- swara he is sanskar best friend of sahil and my sahil..
Swara gets embarassed listening it..
Rp- shaitan kahin ka y did u enter like this..
Uttara- haan bhai
Sanskar-( smiles sheepishly) sorry papa actually i didnt want to disturb u all this early morning and moreover wanted to give u all a surprise..
Sujata- where were u .. sanskar i want u to shift here back i have aldready lost my son i dont want to lose the other one..
Some tears fell from her eyes..

Sanskar and uttara also gets sad remembering him and some ears fell from their eyes,..
Sanskar- dont worry maa i have shifted all my buisness here i will always be with u..
Uttara- love u bhai..
Nd they share a hug..
They all go their respective room sanskar is also having his own room ..
Nd everyone sleeps..

# guys take it as 6 months leap as everyone cant recover in just a month..
# next will fully be SWASAN!!

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