Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Tiwari asks tikka malkhan to mess with vibhutis taxi

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu waiting for Anguri,Pelu looks at him,Vibhu asks why starring,Pelu hands him a note which reads we have same status now I use of you,chapra university topper,Vibhu says I’m lion and status doesn’t change by jobs get lost,Anguri walks out and says Pelu wait I have to go market,Vibhu says I’m here come let me take you,Anguri says I can’t,Tiwariji has asked me not to board your taxi because you charge high,Vibhu says it was traffic jam,See what I see is your safety and comfort,Anguri says I don’t understand all this I will go with Pelu,oh I will get my wallet Pelu wait and Anguri leaves.

Master walks and says Vibhu take me to university I have important speech to deliver,Vibhu says it’s long ride I won’t,take Pelu,he knows many shortcuts,Pelu hands a note, and smiles at Pelu,master asks what it reads,Vibhu says he shall drop you in 20 mins,master says Great and leaves with Pelu. Anguri asks where is Pelu,Vibhu says he left come I shall take you,I’m waiting for you so long,cmon,Anguri says but Tiwariji ,Vibhu says this isn’t wrong you are just going with a handsome driver,Anguri says ok,Vibhu says take a seat back and then jump ahead like yesterday,Anguri says ok and boards the taxi.

Malkhan and tikka mess with happu Singh scooter,Tikka says I opened every part why does this horn doesn’t work,malkhan says lets try engine,happu walks to them talking on phone and says let me pick my scooter and meet in police station,and then asks tikka malkhan did you repair my scooter and what all is this,I asked to repair horn why handle and head light is open,Tikka says inspection is going on,Happu says quick I’m very busy,and leaves.tikka says let’s open the tyre as well.

Anita gets a call,for Vibhu,Anita says this isn’t customer service don’t call again,Tiwari walks in,Anita asks why angry,Tiwari says Vibhutiji,he has made fool of Anguri,he takes Anguri out to markets and then charges high,Anita says talk to anguriji,Tiwari says I did try but vibhutiji convinces,Anita says do something,Tiwari says I want to but I stop because of you,Anita says don’t, Tiwari says is I shall hire goons,Anita says what,are you mad, do a thing mess with his taxi,Tiwari says yes let me burn it,Anita says I said mess with engine in such a way that it will be difficult to repair,and then prem won’t hire him and he will be back,Tiwari says this is beauty with Brains and leaves.

Tikka malkhan still busy with scooter,happu walks to them talking on call angry and asks is my scooter dine,Tikka says we are working on it,happu sees whole scooter is dismantled ,and says I said horn why whole scooter,malkhan says we are checking whole scooter to find why is horn not working,Tikka hammers scooter so hard,that handle falls off,Happu says careful and leaves. Tiwari walks to them and says I have a work for you two,you have to mess with Vibhutis taxi in such a way that it’s hard to repair,Tikka says noways we won’t do this,Tiwari bribes them for money and they agree.

Tiwari waiting for Anguri and says again Vibhuti fooled her,let her come i shall teach her lesson,Anguri and Vibhuti arrive,Anguri asks what are you doing out,Tiwari asks where were you,Anguri says market,Tiwari says this long,Vibhu says how dare you speak in this tone,Tiwari says this is all because of you,Vibhu says you never take her out on rides,so I had to,Tiwari says so you taking her out,Vibhu says I’m taxi driver that’s my job,Anguri says stop it,give him his rent,Tiwari says no ways and takes her in.

Pelu and master arrive and stop in front of Vibhu,Vibhu says master did you reach on time,master very angry and says I reached in evening,Vibhu says I’m sorry I thought he knew shortcuts,master says what would happen if you would drop me,Vibhu says why speak in this tone you are a teacher.

Malkhan says Tikka lets go spoil Vibhutiji taxi,Tikka says we are so bad,malkhan says you realised it today,Tikka says no I knew it but now look we are on right track but Tiwari bhaiya bribed us and we are back on track,malkhan says this is how the world runs,Tikka says yes it’s all because of people like Vibhu and Tiwari, and I don’t want to do Tiwariji job,malkhan says yes Vibhu is doing his job why spoil it, shall we return money,Tikka says come let’s spoil the car,

Anita very angry,and says I hate you Vibhu,and walks down to Vibhu and sees him smiling and sleeping in car and throws stone at him,Vibhu wakes up and asks who it is,Anita smiles at him and plays with her hair,Vibhu smiles at her,and asks yes baby,Anita says I’m missing you,Vibhu says so am I,Anita says then why didn’t you come to me,Vibhu says I was scared that you will throw me out,Anita says am I that bad,Vibhu says yes,Anita asks what,Vibhu says no I mean you are very kind,Anita says but I’m dying for you and you are here,Vibhu says this car just gives me money and you love,Anita asks what you want now,Vibhu says love,Anita says so should I jump in,Vibhu says no go upstairs I shall join you,Anita says ok get two glasses from kitchen,Vibhu blushes.

Pre cap: Anita asks tikka malkhan if you messed with engine how did car start,Tikka says we actually messed with breaks. Vibhu speeding,Anguri says it’s scary,Vibhu says ok,and says oh no the breaks have failed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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