Swasan : Destiny (Episode 33)

~~ The Ex-Factor~~

Swara’s pov ~~

It was Ishaan. . .
‘Ishaan? What’s he doing here? When did he come back?’ I thought as he had already come in. Laksh led him in, as they stopped in front of me..I mean us…

Us…Sanskar was there too, and I had no clue how to react. I mean, seriously…when your past, present and future are in one room, it does become tense.

“Hi, Swara.” Ish spoke. His voice seemed foreign to me after such a long time. I stole a glance at Sanskar, who looked everywhere, but at Ishaan.

“Um…Hi… Ishaan…” I said, not wanting to sound too eager to talk to him.

“Oh! Ragini! Happy birthday dear!” Ishaan exclaimed, as I realized Ragini too was there.

“Thanks Ishaan.” She said, as he handed her the gift.

“Guys I …gotta go meet everybody else. Will catch you later.” Sanskar said quickly, planting a kiss on my cheeks and walking away.
“Well…what was that?” I asked myself as Ishaan smiled weakly.

“Swara, just leave. Just leave and don’t make it anymore awkward. Leave.” I said to myself.

As I was about to leave, Ishaan stopped me. His hand was touching onto mine, as he held my wrist softly. Ragini and Laksh were already gone somewhere leaving me all alone there.


“Swara, I…I need to talk to you.” He said. Talk? Now?

“Ishaan, look… I can’t.” I said.

“Please, just listen to me once.” He pleaded. ‘Why now? Why today? Why here?’ I thought. I could feel most of the eyes towards me and Ishaan. I searched for Sanskar and there he was…talking to Kabir. He wasn’t even looking at me. ‘What crawled up his ass now?’ I thought.

“Okay, shoot.” I said, giving up. He wasn’t even going to leave it away easily.

He smiled. “Swara I’m really really sorry for what I did. I was a jerk. A complete a*sh*le , and I regret everything I said and did. I just… I want you to be happy…with him…” He said. Wait…what? I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that. Ishaan saying such a thing was definitely something different.

“Ishaan, what are you saying? It’s over, okay? I forgot, he forgot. I think it’s better if you forget it too.” I said.

“I tried to, but I couldn’t. I want you and him to forgive me for what I did. I cant live in this guilt, that I hit my own girlfriend just because she refused to dance with me.” He said. I looked into his eyes, full of guilt. Somewhere, I saw honestly in them too. But could I really trust him again ?

Sanskar’s pov ~~

“What is he doing here ?” Kabir asked as I excused myself from the awkward situation, and went to talk to Kabir who was already standing there alone.

By now, everybody in the group, who knew Ishaan, had come to know about what he did to Swara. Everybody saw him treat her like crap, and nobody liked it.

“He met Laksh yesterday and he said he wanted to apologize.” I stated, clearly uninterested in the conversation.

“And you’re okay about it ?” He asked.

“Its not about me. Its about Swara. Why would I stop her from talking to him? I trust her, its him, I don’t trust.” I said.

“Why don’t you talk to him then?”

“I don’t want to.” I said as Kabir nodded, understanding that I wanted to end this topic then and there itself.

Almost half and hour passed and Swara was still talking to Ishaan. It surely didn’t look like they were talking, they were laughing and enjoying among themselves. I couldn’t help but feel slight anger boiled inside me.

‘Did she forgive him that easily?’ I thought. But ofcourse, I had to face him that day, and eventually, it happened….

“Sanky?” Swara called out, tapping my shoulder. I turned around not only to see her but also him. Swara and Ishaan stood there with nervous smiles on their face.

“Hi Sanskar.” Ishaan spoke. Why is he being so polite?

“Hi. Anything important?” I asked bluntly, as Swara’s smile faded away. She sighed and held on to my arm.

“Sanky, he wants to say something.” Swara said, looking at me.

I rolled my eyes and motioned to go go ahead. “I guess, I know what is it, but still, lets hear it.” I said.

Ishaan sighed, and looked back at me.
“Sanskar, I’m really sorry for how I behaved. I didn’t mean anything I said that day, I really regret fighting with you guys. I just want to apologize for my behaviour.” He said, leaving me shocked. Well, I knew he wanted to say that but how come he changed so much? Even though, there was little honestly in his eyes, I didn’t feel like trusting him again.

“You want to apologize for hitting my.. I mean your girlfriend? I think you should’ve done that long time back.” I snapped.

“Bro, I know what I did was wrong but –” He started off again but I cut him in between.

“Ishaan, I’m not holding any grudges against you. Its just that… You and I are not friends anymore.” I said looking at Swara who stood beside me with a sorry look on her face.

“And if you are done talking with him, can I talk to you?” I added. She sighed and nodded, as we walked towards the corner of the room.

“What happened?” Swara asked once we were alone.

“Why do you have to talk to him and be so polite? Did you forget everything?” I asked.

“Ofcourse, I haven’t. What are you saying, Sanskar?” She asked.

“You did forgive him, didn’t you?” I asked as I realized I was talking a bit louder.

“Why are you so angry?” She asked.

“You know that I’m actually sort of pissed off.” I said.

“I understand, Sanky. But you’ve to know that it was in all the past. Ishaan said he was really guilty for what he did, and I think he deserves a chance. I’ve forgiven him, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what he did.” She said and for a moment, I felt, like I was overreacting.

“Maybe you’re right but don’t expect me to be friendly with him.” I stated as a smile formed on her lips.

“Fine! Take your time but don’t be rude to him.” She said.

“I won’t…but that’s only possible, if you stay away from him. You know, you just don’t give him any wrong intentions.” I said.

“Aww… Is somebody jealous?” Swara laughed. Jealous? Me? LOL…. Yes.

“No. I’m not. I don’t need to be, because you are mine.” I said, as I looked into her eyes and pulled her closer.

“I will always be. But now we have to go back. Everybody must be looking for us.” She said and landed her lips on mine. I smiled and gladly kissed her back.

After a few seconds, we came back inside…

I knew there was nothing for me to worry about. I trusted Swara more than anything and that was enough. But still, I don’t know why, I felt like I should not trust Ishaan again. But then, just like Swara said, I ignored those thoughts.

Everything was perfect, and nothing could take her away from me. . . or so I thought. . .


Next update : Preparations ~~
Do you think Ishaan has really changed? Should Swasan trust him? Let me know your views 🙂

  1. May be or may not be he is changed. I don’t what is cooking in ur mind. Just want to enjoy it 🙂

    1. Hehe. You’ll get to know soon 🙂
      I hope u like the further parts too <3

  2. I think ishan shld change…May b later he can help every1 in getting bck memory of swara…

    1. Change for good ? You are really optimistic. Let see what happens 🙂

  3. Awsm yr. I think he have some motive.

    1. Yep he has. But is his motive good or bad remains a mystery !

  4. waw.. i’m happy that ishaan is back.. villian’s make story more interesting.. i think ishaan is not changed

    1. Haww!! Villains do make story interesting. But Ishaan is really villain ? You’ll get to know soon 🙂

    1. Tysm Yami 🙂

  5. May be or maybe not…In both way I am happy cause it will become a new twist in their lives ?

    1. Yep !! It will be anyway twisty

  6. Happy Holi guys !!

  7. ishaan changed?

    1. Changed he is. But the question is for good or for bad ?

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    1. Happy belated Holi
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