ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 41

hi 1c again n happy holi to u 🙂

here’s d epi:

paki walks into her office n breaks everything ( go away frm my story asap. ) . samya see her n smile. maya says i m so happy her plan got ruined, but now what to do abt this stupid situation we have put ourselves into? sammy says dont worry i’ll think of smthing ( hopefully ). maya nods.

raghav sees kalpi smiling n asks her d reason. she says no sir its nothing. she thinks i cant tell u that i m so happy that maya wont be after u anymore. raghav says share whatever u r thinking. she says no n goes away.

its lunch break. prem ( i think i shud rename him evil guy ) switches on d video-player. he smirks.

ragna walk in followed by samya ( wow, 2 beautiful couples walikng in together……. what a scene !!! ) . kalpi goes to d coffee counter. maya goes behind her n says dont be so happy, sammy is involved in my plan of separating u n raghav n snatch all his wealth. v r not really a couple….. its just a step towards achieving our goal ( so that’s their plan………. fooling kalpi again n again until she falls for raghav ). kalpi is shocked. maya says now just watch out. she walks over to d table where ragmy r sitting n sits near raghav. kalpi immediately follows n sits opp. him ( sooo jealous ). samya smile.

sm random ( idiot ) guy walks in n luks here n there, then he tells prem over d phone that he’s found kalpi. prem says awesome……. just do ur work n leave.

paki goes back home. neetu tells her that prem is back. paki says i dont care, okk??? ( nor do we !!! )

sammy leans over to kalpi n whispers in her ears……. so u got to no our plan?? dont worry we wont let ourselves fail this time. 🙂 kalpi thinks what r they going to do?

maya sends raghav a msg. raghav reads it n smiles. maya eyes him seditiously. kalpi keeps on luking from one to d next. raghav unaware of all this, continues reading d msg n smiles. ( well done my hero !!! )

suddenly raghav says to maya i love you ( what ??? ) ! kalpi gets really mad n leaves frm there. raghav wonders what happened to her? i was just telling maya d answer of d riddle she sent to me ( thank god.. u scared d wits out of me! ). samya smile seeing kalpi going.

kalpi is at d door. she turns back n walks towards them n eyes raghav angrily. raghav gets really confused. samya enjoy themselves ( wish i’d been there… ). raghav asks her what? why r u staring at me like that? kalpi doesn’t reply n turns away again. raghav stands up to go behind her. kalpi feels happy but maya keeps her hand on raghav’s n asks him where is he going? she had to talk abt smthing really imp. raghav says ok n sits down. kalpi sees their joint hands n walks off ( so far so gud ) . sammy laughs.

kalpi is in her office. suddenly d li8s turn off. she screams. she feels sm1 (that idiot guy ) near her offering his hand. she thinks its raghav n takes it. that guy takes her out into d alley n pours a hot cup of coffee n then a jug full of orange juice over her. kalpi faints.

d guy calls up prem who congratulates him. prem watches d proceedings in d office n asks d guy to disappear as raghav n samya were coming in. d guy does so n leaves. d li8s turn on. raghav sees kalpi lying in a pool of coffee n juice n screams. samya r shocked as well.

prem sees this n smiles. he turns back n spots sm1 behind him. he is shocked….

  1. Loved to see kalpi’s jealousy.

  2. It seems that soon Kalpi will fall for his hitler sir.

  3. Best of luck for your board as well as entrance exams.

  4. This evil Prem Kapoor is indeed a fool as what he want to prove by pouring coffee and juice on Kalpi.

  5. You are an awesome writer di.


    wow……… hate this s prem…………… really fantastic di……….

    samya r really doing a good job

  7. ty sooo much guyz 🙂

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