Swasan- A complicated love story!! (12)


Next beautiful day..
As usual swara got up after listening her mother’s voice on call..
Today again she is alone n she has no work to do..
She again thought to go somewhere alone..
She went to the park n alomost spent her whole day there alone thinking about her life which has changed lot in last one year..
( her happy family with shomi, shekhar n karan… her marriage.. betrayal of her husband… shekhar n shomi conversation which forced her to marry the person… new new family.. her bonding with them.., her admission in medical college… her fight with unknown person… meeting with chinki… enjoyment with her … last day incident..)
Thinking all this she was going back to her hostel when she saw a lady who was waking in the middle of the road(may be crossing road) n feeling somwhat dizzy n a speeding car is comming towards her..
Swara reacher there on time n pushed her from the place n both fell down on the opposite side of road …
Lady was saved but swara got some minor injuries on her forehed n her elbow n some scretches on her palm too…
She got up from there immediately n saw the lady in subconscious state..
Lady asked her to drop her home… she somehow got her address n take her home.. lady was still not in her proper senses.. n lady asked to call her husband..
Lady- tt.. tha thank u so much for s.. saving me.. plz call my husband..( indicating towards her phone)
Sw- ok okk … u plz calm down .. i ill call him
Swara call him n informed him about the incident..
He asked her to take care of her untill he came.. she agreed..

Lady was layning on the sofa n swara was sitting beside her.. after sometime she gained her consciousness..
Sw- are u ok?? aapko lagi to nhi..
Lady- no no.. i m fine.. n thank u very much..
Sw- no problem.. its my duty.. as u r fine i should leave now..(looking at her watch) my hostel will be closed n my warden wont allow me to enter then..
Lady- ohh.. okk .. waise whats ur name..
sw- hey .. i m swara..
Lady- wow.. nice name .. n myself.. RAGINI..
Vaise when the gates of ur hostel will close..
sw- at 8
Rag- but its already 7:30.. u wont be able to reach there on time.. u can stay with me tonight..if u dont have a problem..
Sw- no no thank u.. i should leave.. i will reach if i hurry now…
A voice came from behind…
Voice- Ragini is right.. plz stay here tonight.. u have hepled my wife.. at least we can do this much for u.. tomorrow morning i will drop u to ur hostel..
Sw- accepted reluctantly… due to their force..
[the person was none other than LASSH, Ragini’s husband]
Swara- omg!! swara (seeing towards her forehead n elbow)… u got so much injuries while saving me.. (teary eyes)
( to lucky) plz bring first aid box .. i ill dress ur wounds..
sw- no no its fine.. its just some scratches.. it will be fine by morning..
Ragini- (angrily).. stay quite..let me do the dressing
She dressed her wounds n started going towards kitchen n again started feeling dizzy n was about to fell when lucky saved her in nic of time n worried for her so much
Lucky called the doctor.. doctor checked her n declared that ragini is pragnent..
Lucky’s happiness knew no bounds.. he started jumping like a kid n kissed ragini’s forehead..
Lucky- baby.. u gave me so much happiness.. thank u thank u soo much.. (again kissed her cheeks)
Ragini- smiling shyly seeing his condition.. (blushing)
Lucky was taking so much care of her..
Swara was amused to see their bond n became teary eyes thinking about her marriage n her so called husband..
Ragini n lucky were romancing n
Sw- ahm ahm… ok ok .. love birds i m in hall ..u continue..
Ragini n lucky felt embaressed..
the screen freezes on their faces..

hows the episode..
hope u liked it..
please do tell..
thank u so much for reading.. byeee….

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