Pain trust love 2 shots (part -2)

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Hello guys I’m back With 2nd shot and thank u So much u people are happy u know wt I’m so scared that How u ppl will react I thought u ppl will scold me for continuing others ff anyways thank u so much u all like it

Guys u know wt when someone praise us we will feel so happy but if it comes to the One whom u love if they praise u u will be on neem tree only bcoz I’m in that state only u all didn’t get me right I will tell u in a simple way

Guys I love few author in ff world their writing skills the way they expresses the way they show the scene the story line I just love ? it if ur favorite authors praises u how u will feel that’s the reason I told u I’m on Been tree bcoz it Won’t Make us fall we can sit on that ? but not at clouds Acha chalo now I stop my bla bla blaaaaa

Thank u so much for all ur comments its matters Alot I’m telling u seriously I’m so afraid of u ppl reaction but I’m happy now seeing ur positive reaction thank u sir much guys

Let’s start
Screen starts with where it ends that is on burning face of laksh he left the place in anger Seeing him our gang can’t supress their laugh so they left the place laughed out loudly

Ragini left the place And followed Laksh

Sahil: kavya we should have captured that moments it was so nice how he was burning
Kavya: haaa Sahil u where right
Kavitha: but this is not enough for them they have to know the importance of our Sanskar
Arjun: yes guys she is right
Sahil: for that we have to follow our plan not Sanskar plan okie he was just thinking to show ragini wrong but we have to make them realise that his family is wrong
Kavya: yes all is set right
Sahil: of course darling

Swasan where standing in the same position both happy feeling for each other
Dida came on the stage and blessed them both to live happily

Both smiled in tears and getting down Sanskar was seeing them with a evil smile
But soon he felt some hands on his head that not of Dida but others they where his parents
Sujata and rain blessed him but he stood there any emotion
Ram: I’m proud of u beta u did all this alone I know it was our fault bcoz we didn’t supported u But if u can plz forgive us beta saying both sujata And ram left the place

But stopped listening a voice
Voice: this is not fair mom and dad u gave it blessing only to ur son not for me (fake pout)
Ramtha gave a week smile and blessed her sujata hugged her
Sujata: Take car of my son basically I don’t like but I got to know that no one can take care of him more than u
Swara smiles in tears soon both left the place

All mm and gadodia family was seeing this scene has wt is going on here soon party got completed all Are going to leave the place

But soon they all heard a voice
Voice: help me help me plz help
A girl came running and dashed with swasan
Swara: wt happen to u y r u running this
Voice: plz help he…..was…… Trying….. To…. Mo….. Molest me plzzz save me
Swara: shhhh calm ntg will happen to u u r at safe place
Sanskar: first u relax okie
Girl: thank u But she again started getting scared and moving back Seeing someone

Swara: Hey wt happen y r u scared again but her eyes where fixed on someone all saw towards that direction and shocked
To see the person
Swara: laksh

Girl got more terrified and asking help her
Girl: plz help me he was one the who try try to do mo….molest me Posted towards laksh
All family members got shocked
Sanskar: see miss I don’t know u but I thing u r misunderstanding he can too like this
Girl: no no he was the only one who tried to molest me I’m telling truth
If u don’t believe me then see him there are my nail marks on him

All are shocked to see but Sanskar was able believe that
Sanskar: miss try to remember who was that I think u r wrong plz remember
Girl: no bhaiya I’m telling u truth he is the only one who try to……

Dp: stop it Sanskar wts all this drama I know u only did this To show my son low
In all this laksh didn’t said anything he was shocked listening he tried to molest and how he got the marks on him he was unable remember anything

Ram: stop it bhaisa y u all always blame to my son always
Dp: bcoz I know Sanskar only did this to show laksh low in Front us I know my son laksh can’t do this
Ram was ? his hands Wow bhaisa hatsoff to u when it’s comes to ur son he is innocent but when it comes my son he is criminal right bhaisa (sarcastically)

Sujata: wt ever bhaisa laksh May be innocent or criminal now he also shouldn’t stay in our home if he stays at our home our reputation in society will get bad
All will think laksh is maheswari thats y they have saved his son

Ap: (shouted) sujata Wt non sense u know about laksh He can’t do this he is innocent if he is innocent then y we bother about the society Hai na ji
Dp nodded his head saying ap is right

Sujata: (shouted)wow jiji if it comes to ur son there will be no ntg society status reputation ntg but when it comes to my son then y u all did like that

Lady 1: arey chalo we will leave I know that laksh maheswari is a play boy he always play with girls life 1st that ragini and again her sister swara then again he came to ragini how shameless he is always playing with girls now see another girl

Lady 2: ur right but what we can he was maheswari right but I have listened rp son have been thrown out of the house bcoz they got to known that he also played with a girl but y these ppl are keeping laksh in home

Lady 3: arey u don’t know na that is rp son but he was innocent it seems he won the case also but still they didn’t allow him inside the house and about laksh he son of dp na not rp Dp will Not get that have that much effection on him na that’s y he sended him out but laksh is his own blood how can he send him out

Lady 1: ha ha u r saying true

Lady 2: arey but the he has sended him out of the house right

Lady 3: ha he sended him but still he got him back na but not Rp son who Had left the home years back bechara they don’t even care about him
I’m feeling sad for Ramtha they can’t even raise voice on dp but now see they are fighting may they also lost the patience I think so
Lady 1 2 : yea
This all things where heard by mm and gadodia family
All are getting very angry on them they all want to bash them blue and black

Sanskar: plz u all can leave he said all of them leave the place
Soon all left the palace only mm and gadodia are remain

Sahil: dp uncle ji now say u r so called big from all the family members right tell us wt is right and wt is wrong
Voice: I will tell u wt is right and Wt is wrong
How dare u Mr Sanskar how dare u to give drugs to laksh

Sanskar: wt drugs ragini (yes guys she is ragini
Ragini: how innocently he was asking papa he was the one who mixed drugs in laksh water and his frnds made like that so that he can try To molest a girl

Flash back
When laksh went from there followed ragini has per the plan Sahil gave water glass to waiter and made Sanskar to drink water which is mixed drugs (guys the drugs which ragsan used on swara)
This was all done infront of ragini after that they said laksh That u have try to molest but u shouldn’t do that and they made ragini unconscious later laksh did has they said And the girl is their Frnd priya After that laksh went unconscious and after When slowly gaining conscious they started their plan priya entered into party after that u all know

Flash back ends

Laksh was shocked and holded Sanskar collar but swara slapped him (yes guys she slapped him)
Dp: (shouted in anger) swaraaaa how dare u to slap laksh
Ap: it was ur husband u did this cheap thing with us

Swara: acha ragini how can u say that laksh is drugged
Raginj: I already told u that laksh drank water which is mixed with drugs and this Sahil and said him to rape so he did that
Swara: how can u say that surely I mean before she completes her words police arrived their

Police: Mr laksh maheswari u r arrested
Laksh: wt but wt I did
Police: that girl gave me complaint that u tried to molest her
Ragini: see its not laksh fault it was all their plan
They all drugged laksh and they made him to do this
Police: I don’t know that if u want this see on court now he has to come with us
Laksh: inspector listen me its not my fault it’s their plan plz leave me plz leave me
Ragini: (tears) plz leave he was innocent

Sanskar: but how can u say that drugs will have this ragini
Ragini: Sanskar run also know that this drug will make us do anything wt ever other say but we don’t remember anything
Sanskar: but I don’t know anything like that ragini
Ragini: (shouted) y r u lying Sanskar u know
Sanskar: (shouted but in clam way) y I will lie ragini I didnt known these type drug is present
Ragini: no u know wt u think I’m a fool we both only drugged swara and made her dance and made her vedio but still u r saying u don’t know anything

All Got shocked listening her confession Inspector left laksh hands Sanskar smirked winningly But swara was not in state take up she stood there like rock with support their brother and sister
Sanskar: so Mrs ragini u and me both did this work right

Ragini now realise wt she said – no no its u and me only u Trying to cover up
Kavitha: but ragini ji now only u told that u only made swara drugged
Shemish when shocked to distrust her daughter both are feeling ashamed of themselves being a parents

Laksh slapped ragini hard
Laksh: u did all this I’m a fool to trust u I’m fool to trust u ragini how can u do this to me I already told u I won’t marry swara but u only compelled both us to accept for the marriage and u only break that how can u stoop so low ragini Matlab u throwed swara in river how dare u to tried kill her ragini
Im big stupid to think swara has characterless girl
Ragini didn’t even utter a word she was crying and saying sry to them

Sumi was going Near swara to say sorry but Dida stopped
Dida: stop right there sharmista ji don’t u dare to u ask forgiveness bcoz u r not even worth to that
Sumi: plzzz maa for once let me talk to shona maa plz
But before Dida speak lady don’t entered into the field That is our swara

Swara: (controlling her emotions) plz sharmista ji don’t call me shona bcoz its only for my husband only he can call me shona not for others or I can strangers And that ur lost the right to call me shona
Sumi: (crying) plz beta plz forgive me I will not repeat my mistake plz forgive me
Shekar: ha swara beta plz forgive us we all got to no how much stupid we are how useless person to trust ? instead of ? Plz forgive Us

Swara: okie I will forgive u both on that I have a condition
Both shemish are happy that her daughter has forgiven but soon their smile faded listening condition but they are determined to get her daughter back so they accepted (I want to bash them nicely ?)
Shemish: we are ready for the condition wt ever the condition is we will accept

Swara: condition is stay away from my life don’t interfere in my matters don’t call me shona u sharmista ji kept this in ur mind plz stay away from me

Shemish when about but swara cutter them in between I said I’m forgiven so u can leave from my life I’m happy to have my small family

Now it’s turn to mm
Dp: forgive us beta by trusting ragini we are unable to see ur goodness
Plz forgive us
Ap: ha beta I know we did wrong but wt can we do the situation was like that kind we have trust ragini

Swara: Wow situation u r saying about the situation I guess u have forget just know ur son laksh maheswari is also framed all are thinking he was the culprit but my husband didn’t believe that bcoz he trust his brother that he can’t do anything like this
But u ppl trust on the situation than a person no no I was wrong u ppl trust only ur son bcoz he was ur blood but Sanskar was not ur blood right that’s y u didn’t trust him I got to know now

Swara: I’m a big fool right I was saying to deaf ppl who can listen but can’t understand about the meaning of trust (sarcastically)

Laksh: swara I’m sorry plz forgive me I know I did a mistake for not trusting U but plz think if u r in my state u will also do the same thing swara
Plz swara forgive me and I promise I won’t do repeat this mistake I will keep u happy life plz forgive me swara

Swara: it’s okie laksh I don’t have any problem with all of u my own mother not trusted me u r outsiders how I hope that u will trust us it okie I forgave u plz go from here

Laksh: swara I’m sry plz let’s us forget past swara: laksh I said na it’s okie
Laksh: swara u forgave me na so shall we start our life where we got ended
Sanskar still now he was silent but after listening laksh words his anger reached peak level bcoz he even warned him that his lady love belongs to him only we can say he was selfish possessive about swara if it’s comes to he will ready to leave anything

Sanskar: (shouted In dangerous voice) Lakshhhhh I already told u stay away from my wife she is mine
Swara was happy seeing her love fighting for her she smiling in tears
Laksh: (startled for is dangerous voice) in fear- listen Bhai she don’t love u she can’t be happy with u bcoz she love me bhai

Sanskar: (anger he went near him in holder his collar) Laksh I already told she love me only get this in ur mind swara is of Sanskar and Sanskar is for swara
All Are trying to release Laksh From Sanskar grip But he was so anger that he was not at all leaving him
Laksh: bhai…… Leave……… Me…..Plzzzz………..
Swara: Sanskar leave him
Sanskar was just saying one word she is mine she is mine

Swara: Sanskar I’m only urs but leave him she forcefully made him realease but still he was saying she is mine
Swara was shaking him to came to senses but he was not all in state to listen that
(how can he will be in senses without his love he was unable take up that word)

Swara has no option she placed her lips on him (she don’t want even to slap him) he was not at all responding to her he trying to release the kiss but she hissed him tightly so that he can’t break the kiss she didn’t care about surroundings she just want her life to calm down himself slowly he was getting into senses and started responding to her soon both break the kiss due lack of oxygen

(All are shocked for her sudden act all bowed their heads down but one was in anger pain jealous that is laksh he is unable to believe swara was kissing him)

Swara kept her head on his both are breathing Heavily
Swara: I’m only urs Sanskar only urs strangers will say 100 but u shouldn’t think about them Sanskar
I love u as listening I love u only u
Sanskar in tears hugged her tightly u r only mine no one can snatch u from me
Swara: go no can snatch me from u okie (to change topic) now chalo Im hungry we will eat something Na sanku
Sanskar smiles ha chalo or else u will eat my brain
Swara: bhai see what ur Frnd telling me
Sahil: waise doll Sanskar was right
Kavya:oh hello don’t dare to tease my princes Saying this she side hugged her

Swara: thank u Bhabi
And bhai if u tease me more then I wont send bhabi near u at night Think it
Sahil: (shouted) noooooo plz doll I’m sry to tease u
Swara smiled seeing his expression Kavya got embraced listening his expression At the same time she was blushing
Kavarj: someone is forgetting us
Swara: how can I forget my jiju and di saying she hugged both of them
All 6 forget about the surroundings and spending their time happily forget about the surroundings

After sometime swara came near Mm all are seeing swara
Swara: laksh listen carefully I love Sanskar not u ya u should have thinking that we love each other but let me tell u laksh that I didn’t love u but I thought I love u bcoz ragini created my mind like that u know wt laksh when u left me but I don’t felt pain in my hear but when it comes to Sanskar I’m sure for him I can go to any extent
So plz don’t come back into my life and I’m with my Sanskar and my bhai bhabi di and jiju

Swara: ha thank for not trusting me if u ppl would have trusted then I won’t be having such a good family which live happily on my smile they can do anything for this smile thank u so much for trusting

Sharmista ji 1st thanks is for u only saying that she hugged her if u would have trusted me na then I would have not gone With sanskar that’s y I’m giving all credit to u and ha take this chocolate today I got to know u love me really
Sumi was having tears bcoz her daughter is calling her by name

Finally but not the least Plz trust the ppl no the situation like my Sanskar and I’m proud to be his wife if u all understood or not I don’t know but when priya came all are having some douhht on laksh the only person who said he can’t culprit is my Sanskar only do trust ppl not society situation these all are rubbish
Okie bye bye and ha u all can leave after dinner

(Sanskar was overwhelmed seeing her love
For him and how much she trust on him which Can see in her eyes)

Laksh was feeling sad for seeing swara loved Sanskar not him he was unable take But he has to accept the truth

Laksh: papa I want to divorce ragini will all have any problem in that
Dp: no laksh I don’t have any problem wt ever u think u do laksh I won my stop u
Laksh: thank u papa he went near shemish and Say sry
Laksh: I’m sry baba I can’t able to stay on my promise when I got to know that she had Tried to killed her sister Now I can’t even let her to enter in my life I’m so sry baba
Ragini was shocked to listen this
Ragini: plz laksh don’t do this to me I love u laksh plz laksh don’t leave wt ever I have done is only for u only to get ur love laksh plz don’t do this to me

Shekar: ragini now stop ur drama again new drama give divorce to laksh at least let him live happily in his life Anyways we can’t leave u on the road bcoz I have given birth to u I have to bear now plz leave laksh to live his life happily

Swara was having

(All are shocked to see swara consoling ragini)

Swara: calm down ragini don’t cry more if u want to gain their love fight with the time to get back their trust plz don’t cry (pacing her back slowly)

Ragini was shocked By her gesture bcoz wt ever she did to her she Has to be happy seeing her state now but she was also having tears in her eyes seeing her like this even she hugged swara tightly and crying her heart out
After so many months she was having her shoulder to cry her heart out now the real ragini which have gone away have came back
Ragini: I’m sorry swara I’m really sry
Swara: No no ragini I said I’m thank full to u all bcoz of u all only I got my small which can’t be broken by anyone

Ragini: plz forgive me I got mad in laksh love that Im unable to think wt is wrong and right path I’m very bad I have even tried to kill u
Swara: (broken the hug) I said na ragini plz leave it move on ur life so wt ever u want
Ragin: that means u forgave me
Swara: of course ragini waise bi I’m not angry on u so y to forgave leave all this and stop crying

Sanskar was feeling proud of his choice

(All are ashamed of themselves for not trusting a pure heart for hurting it badly)

Swara: okie all come for dinner saying she went near Sanskar and her family
Now chalo chalo bhai ur princes very hungry today we will have food come soon

All headed to dinner no one want to eat food all are playing with food but the only 7 ppl are eating food that is our gang all eating happily and pulling each others leg

Swara: today I don’t want to ear with my hands so sanku Or Sahil or Arjun will feed me
Sanskar: I will feed u
Sahil: no I will feed u
Arjun: for my princes I will only feed
Like all three started fighting among themselves with stupid but soon all have beaten up by someone
All 3: Dida y u beat us
Dida: see in that direction 1st here u 3 are fighting but ur princess is already having her food

All are shocked to see she was having food by hands of kavitha and Kavya
Sahil: princess this s not fair u asked us but u started eating With ur bhabi hand
Kavya: 1st u stop shouting and u 3 also start eating u fighting to feed for ur princes right then feed us both

Sahil: hahaha see Sanskar they where they are asking us to feed them
They don’t even know that we can’t feed devils
Saying this both Arjun and Sahil hi Fi each other

Yeah yeah di and bhabi give my ? now I won the bet
Shaarj: bet wt bet princess/ doll
Swara: I said if u ask ur husband to feed them they say u both r devils as I said u both said the same thank u so much bhai u know I love u
Kavtha are glaring then at anytime they will kill them
Both gave ? to swara In mean Sanskar took the plate and started feeding her

both gulped in fear sry sry we will feed u both 1st sit saying both got the plates and started feeding the respective wife’s

All had their quality time with each others
These all secene where seen by the mm and gadodia with tears and Ramtha with happy tears
Both are very happy to see their children happy their happened has no boundaries

Ramtha came near swasan and ask sorry from them but Sanskar was unable to forget all the things but he has a place for his parents in his heart as always

Sujata: Sanskar I won’t say u to come home but plz let us to stay with u we won’t disturb u we won’t even come in front u but plz I wanna say with my son plz Sanskar plz let us stay in ur home

Dp was shocked by this
Dp: sujata wt r u saying u have home but y u want to say with San….
Sujata: (interpreted) bhas bahisa I can’t keep quite more till know I was just calm but not I want to say with my son like u stay with ur son that u ppl had closed out mouth by saying status bla bla now I can’t stay without my son

Sujta: Ram hi if u want come with me or else say with them only
Ram: sujata wt r u saying u know na I can stay without my son ready I have bear the punishment more I can take I just want my son daughter to he happy
That I stopped uttara not to interfere in elders matter if I wouldt have stopped her now we used be happily with our small family me u and our children

Dp: but wt about us Ram
Ram: sry bhaisa to say this but u never considered our children has urs then how can we live with u now at least plz leave us

When do was throwing out uttara can take this has want to go against his bade Papa but Ram stopped her bcoz he believes his bhaisa more than anything but when he agreed for the marriage of swalak the love has turned into somewt haterness for giving paritisality to laksh but he cant even Think about Sanskar
Uttara left home by saying the purpose of study bcoz she don’t want stay where her back is not there from the onward she didn’t talked proper to anyone

Fb ends…

Ramtha was going to ask sry again to Sanskar but swara stopped them and asked then come with them

Days are passing slowly Sanskar also started accepting Ramtha and uttara she came back bcoz her brother is back has they said they never come across Sanskar they just used see him from corner slowly Sanskar said they can come inform you them. And slowly he forgave them completely

Ramtha also started considering Sahil Kavya kavitha do Arjun also their sons and daughters

Swasan was happy to see their happy family

Laksh and ragini also came back and again ragini gained their trust back and seeing her change all accepted her again

(guys I don’t like dadi so I didn’t given character)

Screen freezes on swasan happy faces…..

Note: if u ppl want epilogue I will give u for that plz comment me

Guys there as so many mistakes I think I wrote some matter with wept head plz forgive me for that but try to get the content

Stay tunned……..

Keep smiling ? ?

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