SwaSan: My Boss – Part 1

Swara: workaholic,short tempered.
Sanskar: talkative, annoying
Dida: calm and understanding
Rest will be introduced. This is just brief description of the characters and their qualities.
Tiredness was in her eyes. She walked down the stairs from her office to the reception. No one was there not even a single fly,only thing she could hear was her footsteps. Her high heels were tapping and the only sound could be heard. She pushed open the door, her to go out. She heard the birds chirping and looked at her Rolex, well it was 5 am. She didn’t realize how much she was involved in her work. She moved towards her porche when she saw the watchman snoring. She turned to him. Anger rosed in her. Was she paying him to sleep?! She called out to him but he didn’t bother to wake up. Again she tried but no the guy wasn’t in a state of getting up. Finally she got the bottle next to him and threw the water on his face. “Kaun?!”” The watchman got up on his feet seeing his boss, he bent his head “sorry madam, I…I.. she didn’t allow him to complete “collect your salary and resign” she said harshly and moved towards her car. The guy pleaded but in vain she had left.

It was 7.55 am the watchman was still waiting for her to come and he knew she was coming at this time. Even she had to go at 7 in the morning she would get back in time for the office. She had rules and everyone followed them. They were given holidays and everything they wanted. But they only had to do what she said.

She came back exactly 8 am. The watchman followed her. “Madam” she frowned at him.
” I hope you don’t sleep during the day too? ” The watchman looked confused. ” From tomorrow onwards you join the morning shift” and within seconds she left from there. She headed towards the receptionist.
“Good . . .” she bit her tounge. She knew her boss didn’t like the greetings.
” Do I have any appointments for the day? Like any sort of meetings?” She asked Zoya,the receptionist.
“Apart from the guy, she pointed out, he said he wants to see you, your dida had sent him and I did confirmed with her, there are none” Swara nodded.
“Let him in my cabin after 10 minutes, I’ll give you a call or if you don’t get any in 15 minutes,let him out of this complex” she said sternly eyeing the guy who was busy playing with his phone, she took the stairs to 6 floor where her cabin was.
After long 10 minutes of arguments with her grandmother. She agreed to keep the personal assistant. Her dida had sent him. Though she had a suspicious feeling that this would be her next ‘don’t want to get married guy’ another way of putting it would be her alliance.
She had but she agreed. She called Zoya and the guy was in her cabin in few minutes. He was giving her a smile that one cheek to cheek. Like why on Earth would he be smiling so much?
He just entered and sat on the chair across Swara. She looked at him, her mind was getting the heat, he was giving her the cheeky smile again and again. Within minutes she was pissed.
“You!” She shouted at him.
“Sanskar” he replied still having the smile on his face. ” Say . . .say… After all you’re my boss and I have to listen to you only. It’s my first day at work, I m so happy.
She tried to cut him “listen”.. but he ignored her ” infact my first time at work, you know, i never did a job before. I m so excited” he almost jumped.
She rolled her eyes in irritation. Anger boiling on her. “Just shut up! Not a word I want from your mouth and don’t even open your mouth until you’re told. If you dare enter my cabin without knocking next time, you see what I do to you and most importantly do not ever sit here till I tell you” slightly her frustration was out.
“Oh, actually I have a question. What if I had to yawn? I mean you can’t suppress it right? And what about when I need to drink water? ……And he went on irritating her. She thought at some point he would stop but no! Even a feviquick won’t be able to do the job. She rolled her eyes again.

“Is there any mute button on your body? When will you shut up? Huh? Listen to me very carefully, you are appointed by my dida, so I don’t want to hurt her, I can’t fire you. So coming to the point, dare not speak in front of me. You do whatever you want to outside my cabin but in here no! You just have to nod in a yes or no, your job is to just get me updated on the meetings and until I ask you to speak,and do some here and there work, do you understand?” She said angrily. She thought he will nod. But. . .
” Aree, but.. ”
She banged the file on the table all she wanted him to say was “f**koff” but she couldn’t. She controlled her temper. “Get me a black coffee without sugar! Now!”
“Yucky.. who has black coffee without sugar?! Your choice is so bad” he spoke.
“I don’t need your opinion Mr. Sanskar. . . Swara Bose does things her way. So you better follow my order. And get out!”
He moved without questioning her further. She took out her lighter and cigarette from the drawer. Holding the cigarette between her fingers she lit in and inhaled it. Feeling better and relieved. She began with her work again.
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