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Episode 26

Three days passed!!!! Ashvik talked with his dad and he talked with the minister and made aakash as special investigative officer for ashvik and sanskar accident…. This process taken three days…. And in this three days sanskar too became normal…. His wounds started to heal and also his interaction with others also increased…. Now he is talking with all without any hesitation in other words he is acting wonderfully…. As sanskar is doing it excellently swara’s doubt also increasing!!! She is now thinking for sure that sanskar is acting…. Sanskar is also helpless that he can’t do anything and also he can’t say the truth…. He is also feeling guilty for ashvik as the target is him but the enemies misunderstood him…. He wanted to ask sorry and also say the truth to swara and ashvik….

Swara woke up and saw sanskar sleeping peacefully…. She caressed her face and kissed his cheek…. Sanskar smiled in sleep…. Swara saw that and felt happy…. She again kissed him in other cheek and went to fresh up…. After swara went sanskar opened her eyes and smiled thinking the kiss and then said to himself,”uff gosh!!! She is making me go crazy a lot!!! Huh she is giving me kisses but i can’t!!! Huh god y u r punishing me like this??? Uff let it be!!! Let every problem ends i won’t leave my barbie!!! Okie i am hearing door sound so i think she is coming… Let me sleep!!” saying this he closed his eyes and acted like sleeping!!! Swara who came out saw sanskar sleeping and went to get ready!!! After getting ready she went to sanskar and slowly said,”Sanskar it’s morning now!!! Wake up jaan….” hearing this sanskar slowly opened his eyes and saw swara and smiled lightly….

“Good morning!!!” swara said…

“Good morning barbie!!!” sanskar said and swara is shocked…. Sanskar realized what he said and said,”u only told na that i call u as barbie!! That’s y i called u like that!!! Any problem???”

“No no problem at all!!! Actually i am happy that u called me barbie!!!’ saying this swara hugged sanskar…. He too hugged her back…. Then sanskar got down and went to fresh up…. Swara too went down after keeping all his necessary items in the bed…. After getting ready sanskar came down and saw ladies arranging the dinning table and ragini and parineeta arranging the things for pooja…. Sanskar came and sat in the sofa and took the newspaper…. Dp,ap,adarsh and laksh saw that and felt happy….

“Sanskar beta u r alright!!! Y don’t u join our company???” dp asked and swasan is shocked…. Sanskar expected this question but didn’t expected this soon….

“Oh bade papa i didn’t remember anything!!! Then how come i will work???”

“U no need to worry beta!!! Adarsh or laksh will always be with u and they will teach u everything!!!”

“Oh bade papa!!!” before sanskar said something swara interrupted and said,”Bade papa can i say something???”

“Sure swara beta tell me!!”

“Actually ashvik can’t come to office for nearly a month!!! He wanted some trusted person to look after!!! He asked me to do it as i am company’s auditor!!! So if u don’t mind i can take sanskar there so that he can learn somethings and also we will get some time to spend each other and he can know about me!!! What u say bade papa??? If u agree only i will take him bade papa otherwise ur decision bade papa!!!”

“Beta u r right!!! U take him there itself!!! Bcoz u guys can spend some time and also if sanskar learns in other company it will be good also!!! So u take him to Anara group of companies itself!!!”

“Thank u soo much bade papa!!!” swara said and smiled…. Sanskar smiled inwardly seeing his wife’s intelligence!!! Then ap called everyone for pooja and all did pooja and went for breakfast!!! Everyone finished the breakfast…. At that time a person entered inside maheswari mansion….. Seeing him all are confused as who he is…. Swara saw him and made faces….

“Namasta!!! My name is Aakash…. Actually i am swara’s friend!!! I didn’t come for her marriage as i was busy in my business!!! Now i got time that’s y i came to see swara and her husband!!!” he said…. Swara’s mouth is wide opened seeing him lying!!! All smiled at him and welcomed him inside…. With fake smile swara too welcomed him…. Aakash smiled victoriously seeing her…. Then all talked with him for some time….

“I am very happy to see such a cute family!!! And also very happy that my friend got a very good life partner and family!!! And if u don’t mind can i talk with swara alone???”

“No beta we don’t have any problem!!! And swara take him to ur room and talk with him!!!”ap said….

“Bade ma i will talk with him in garden itself!!!” swara said and ap nodded…. Sanskar is doubtful seeing aakash as swara is not happy seeing him and his smirk on swara makes him confused…. He thought to ask swara once she comes….

Aakash and swara came out to the garden and sat in the bench…. Aakash asked swara,”How r u swara???”

“Huh till now i was happy!!! I saw u na!!!! My bad time started!!!”

“Ahaan nice!!! But u r saying wrong!!! Ur good time is now only started!!! Don’t forget i have to help u!!!”

“Oh hello even if u didn’t help also i can find the culprit myself!!! So i don’t need ur help okie!!!”

“Oh baby that much confidence haan???”

“Ya!!! Huh this all becoz of ashvik!!! He didn’t leave me otherwise i wouldn’t have seen u at all!!!”

“Oh hello here also i am not very keen to help u!!! I came here just for ashvik!!!”

“U idiot!!!” saying this swara showed her forefinger to him angrily but next second both started to laugh….

“Ha ha swara u r too much!!!”

“Uff aakash this is how we fight na!!! Uff that are very good memories!!!”

“Ya i accept!!! But when we think it now we realize how childish we were!!!”

“Ha ha yes!!! Okie leave that how are u??”

“I am fine lioness!!! Then tell me how is ur Marriage life going on??? Ashvik just told me u r married!!! He didn’t tell me anything other than that!!!” aakash asked and swara narrated whole thing including sanskar acting as mad and being her secret lover….

“Wow seems like he is a very good actor and he loves u soo much i think so!!!”

“Ya a lot!!!”

“I can see that!!! Okie today evening reach the hospital!!! Will start our investigation and remember i am just a friend for u!!! Don’t tell anyone that i am a police!!! If u tell, the culprit from ur family will get alert!!! So be careful okie!!”

“Ya don’t worry aakash and we will meet evening” swara said and aakash came inside and bid bye to everyone and went from there…. Then sanskar called swara to room so she went with him…. Both entered inside their room and closed the door….

“Swara if i ask one thing u won’t think bad na???”

“No chance sanskar!!! U don’t worry!!! I won’t think bad!!!”

“Oh actually!!!”

“Ya tell me!!!”

“No actually when ur friend that guy came u weren’t happy at all!!! Even his reaction was different!!! Is he troubling u or any other problem???” sanskar asked….

“Ha ha no sanskar!!! He is my best friend but once he was my enemy!!!”

“What r u saying??”

“Actually he is ashvik’s cousin!!! I don’t like him at all!!! But in college we became friends as i helped him in his love!!! So we became friends!!! That’s y he was teasing me!!!”

“Oh okie okie!!! I thought he is troubling u!!!”

“No no!!! He is my good friend!!!” swara said and both talked for sometime in random topics….. Sanskar asked questions to swara like what he likes and she likes…. Swara too answered and is very much impressed with sanskar’s acting…. She at one second even felt he is acting!!! That much his acting was amazing!!! Then sanskar asked swara,”Shall we go outside??? I am feeling bored!!!”

“Sure sanskar!!! Come we can go!!!” swara said and both went down…. All men were sitting and discussing regarding office works…. Swasan went to them and said,”Bade papa actually sanskar is feeling very bored sitting inside!!! Shall we go out???”

“But swara beta u know na there is a threat for him!!!”

“No bade papa!!! It’s not for sanskar!!! And also u don’t need to worry!!! Ashvik and ma have arranged best security guards and they will be around us 24/7!!!”

“Oh!!! Then okie beta!!! But be careful haan!!!” ram said….

“Sure papa!!!” saying this both went out…. Sanskar like as usual he went to sit in the driving seat but swara stopped him and sanskar realized what mistake he was about to do!!! He smiled lightly and went and sat near swara who in turn sat in driving seat…. Then swara started the car and both reached a cafe which is near swara’s college…. Seeing this sanskar is happy as this is the place where he saw his barbie!!!! He came down and saw swara…. Swara too noticed the smile of sanskar and confirmed he didn’t forget anything!!! Then she changed her expressions to normal and held sanskar’s hand and both went inside the cafe….

The manager saw swara and welcomed her…. Then both sat in the table and after 15 their orders came!!! Sanskar is shocked as they didn’t order but they kept the dish…. Swara understood sanskar’s question by seeing his face and said,”Sanskar i am regular customer of this cafe!!! They know what i eat!!! So they kept it without asking me!!! And also the college which is near to this cafe is the one where i studied!!!”

“Oh okie okie!!! Actually i was shocked and about to ask u but u itself told me!!! And i don’t know y i feel like this place is familiar to me!!!”

“Ha ha yes Sanskar becoz this is the place where u first met me!!!”

“Is it??? We met here only???”

“Nope!!! U met me here!!! But i met u in my house!!!”

“Oh!!! Can u tell our love cum arrange marriage story!!!”

“Sure!!! But will tell u one by one!!! Now that’s all!!!”

“What!!! This is not fair!!!”

“Ha ha everything is fair!!! Okie i am just joking!!! Come i will tell something more!!! U finish eating first!!!” swara said…. Then both finished their food and swara paid the bill and by walk both reached the park which is in some distance from cafe!!!

Both entered the park and sanskar remembered how he saw swara running after a boy as he proposed her…. A slight smile formed on his lips…. Swara went before and sat in the bench and signed sanskar to sit…. He too sat near swara and she said,”This is the second place where u met me!!!”

“Is it???”

“Yup!!! Actually a boy proposed me!!! I wasn’t interested in this love and all!!! I was against it!!! And also i am tomboy at that time…. So i got angry and ran behind him with a broom to beat him!!! Even i made him get beaten by the people here saying he is a thief!!!” swara said and laughed…. Sanskar too laughed remembering that scene!!!

“Omg!!! Still i fell in love with u???”

“Yup!!! Even i don’t know after knowing about me also u fell in love with me!!! Infact u were my secret admirer!!! Started to send gifts and letters!!!”

“Wow!!! Very interesting!!!”

“Ha ha yup!!! Okie now we will go home!!! Actually i have a work!!!!” swara said and sanskar nodded and both went to mm…. Then swasan went to their room and swara took some things and her hand bag and she moved from there but sanskar stopped her and hugged her tightly!!! Swara is startled for a second but after a minute she too hugged him!!! Then they parted the hug and sanskar pecked her lips and turned back…. Swara smiled and hugged him backwards and kissed his shoulder and went from there happily….

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Hope this isn’t boring!!! If so pls forgive me….

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