Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-4)

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Hiii guys how r u all? Hope you all r fine…..so how my story..liking it??
Thank you guys for ur support and encouragement….and thanks for all my readers and silent readers too please try to comment 🙂

Let’s get back to story

Soon Swara breaks eyelock, tries to get up but again loses her balance and fell on sanskar such that her lips touches corner of his lips, both are shocked by this sudden kiss
Whereas destiny is enjoying this show with mischievous grin why not it’s one of its move to bind them
Swara was hell embarrassed, both stood awkwardly without uttering any word.
Swara: so..sorry sir (without making eye contact)
Here sanskar was looking everywhere expect her.
sanskar sensing their uneasiness

Sanskar: Ms Gadodia, please complete this file fast, there is client meeting today afternoon.
Swara: y..yes sir
Swara literally runs out of cabin. Here an unknown feeling emerged in sanskar he doesn’t understand his growing feelings. he drives out of office to calm his mind. Swara on otherhand mentally slapping and cursing herself.

Swara: (to herself) what have u done swara, what does he think abt u?
U must take classes for how to walk….stupid..…aaahh stop all this jst focus on work.
Swara soon immersed in her work…as time passes now lunch time
Sanskar also came back to his work, his mind now being relaxed starts his work after lunch he called swara to accompany him to meeting.
Soon both are in his car, nobody talked during their journey,sanskar focus is on driving where swara is checking all files one last time. Soon both reached meeting venue,Sanskar greeted everybody formally, he introduced swara to all his co businessman.
Sanskar: Good evening everybody, SHE IS Ms Swara Gadodia our new team leader.
Swara greets them back, being first meeting in this company she is tensed, sanskar sensing her nervousness assured her through eyes she calmed seeing his assurance. Soon presentation starts, one by one are giving presentations now turn of karma industries, sanskar starts his presentation. swara was blown by his presentation skill, the way he explains, his jokes in between, his gestures while explaining, his warming smile, his manly look…she is totally lost in that man in front of her, she came back to her senses listening to clapping sound..
Mr. Malhotra host of meeting stood to announce results
Mr. Malhotra: Good evening, thank you all for your interest in this deal, here every presentation given is amazing but deal depends not alone on presentation but also on quoted amount, so after checking all prudential, I am proud to say this deal is given to Mr. Sanskar Maheswari. Swasan are happy for their achievement, while all others are congratulating him. swara was happy for this deal, as she also part in it. legal signings are started between host and sanskar, in between all this one man glanced at swara with a evil smirk on his face.
Soon after meeting swasan were in car coming back, swara being happy forgetting all morning incidents.
Swara: congratulations sir. 🙂
Sanskar: Thank you Ms Gadodia.
Swara: sir, don’t you think you r forgetting something?
Sanskar: (confused) what….?
Swara: partyyy

Sanskar: seriously u r asking party for just signing a deal party must be given after successfully completing our project right….not for such a small achievement
Swara: whatever, big or small achievemt is achievement, we can party na and also this is my first project in your company.….it’s ok if you don’t want to do (she pouts)
Sanskar (smiles seeing her childish behavior) : okk fine tell me what do you want…I mean which party?
Swara: (excitedly) ice cream party

Sanskar: ok fine, here we go
He drives towards an ice cream parlor, after reaching both went inside and sat on two seated chair.
Sanskar pov
Oh god sanskar is this u? what happened to you, you r in ice cream parlor, the great sanskar maheswari who don’t like ice creams, who don’t like partying, moreover he came with a girl,after a long time….wahhh what a change, this girl has made something to me, she has some magic which I can’t deny her wish, she is changing me or am I changing myself ?

Like this sanskar is deeply lost in his thoughts , swara call make him to jerk and come back to present
Swara: sir where u lost?
Sanskar: ahmm…nothing Ms Gadodia
Swara: sir your favourite flavor?

Sanskar: I don’t like ice cream, order for you.
Swara got hurt by his words
Swara: sorry sir I am not desperate to eat ice cream come let’s go
Sanskar: arre what happened?
Swara: I came here to enjoy our success not becoz of hungry and here you are not at all interested 
Sanskar: It’s nothing like that
Swara: no sir, I am sorry for forcing you, let’s go sir
Sanskar: ok fine go and order your favourite flavor for both of us
Swara: sir are u sure?
Sanskar: arey baba I am saying na bring I too want to eat ice cream…satisfied?
Swara (widely grinning) : ok sir
She jumps and go to bring, she bought her favorite combo butterscotch and vanilla topped with choco chips.
They started eating chit chatting some normal stuff, while eating sanskar starts to laugh seeing swara

Swara: sir why r u laughing?
Sanskar: see yourself na….eating like a child ( still laughing)
Swara: ( pouts) sir..
Sanskar: what sir ..… see there is ice cream on your nose and cheeks
Swara tries to wipe off with tissue but she is unable to do so , she is wiping wrong place, seeing her struggle sanskar took tissue from her hand and wipes her face cleaning…..swara lost in him staring lovingly
Her trance is broken by sanskar.
Sanskar: it’s done now perfect.
After completing ice-cream, they both reaches their office.

Swara: sir thanks
Sanskar: my pleasure, I should thank you I ate ice cream after a long five years, and I enjoyed eating and also it’s my favourite flavor too 🙂
Swara smiles…
Sanskar: ok Ms Gadodia its already late u can leave now
Swara: yeah sir thank you, goodnight sir 🙂
Sanskar: Goodnight 🙂

Swara starts to leave on her scooty, as it is late ragini already left to home.On her way to home swara notices a man discussing something in phone seriously, while his car is parked on side.He was so engrossed in his talks that he does not see a speeding car coming towards him from his backside, swara saw this and tries to warn him but he paid no heed to her, she run towards him and pulled him aside when car is about to hit him, in this process swara fell down and got hurt on his hands and her leg is wounded badly. he was shocked for this sudden act and stood there numb, he came to senses with swara’s scream in pain…..he help her to get up, he felt guilt seeing her in this situation,
Man: (apologizing with guilt) sorry becouse of me u r in this situation
Swara: it’s ok….u r ok na?

Man: yeah am ok, but u r wounded na let me take you to hospital
Swara: no thanks it’s ok, my home is near I will go home
Man: please don’t refuse let me drop you in your home
Swara: no my scooty is here na I will go by my scooty…plz be careful while talking on road
Man: (feeling more guilt) this is becoz me only na, I am sorry
Swara: oh god, its ok I am all fine jst small scratches
Man: are u sure?
Swara: haan I am all fine ok?
Man:haan and thank you

Swara: its not needed
Man:by the way I am lakshya
Haan he is lakshya maheswari
Swara: I am swara 🙂
Laksh:ok take care once again sorry
Swara: its ok bye

Swara reaches home in this wounded state, ragini worries seeing her in this condition.she cleaned her wounds and did bandage…ragini gives medicines to swara and feeds her dinner…..after that being in affect of medicines she slept immediately.
On other hand our sanskar is in his room, busy in thinking abt swara,their ice cream party,how he agreed to her, a small curve appears on his lips, he slept thinking about their moments.

Next day morning, swarag comes to office together, swara is feeling better now but limping as her leg is badly paining…..she went to sanskar cabin
Swara: Goodmorning sir
Sanskar: (without seeing her) Goodmorning Ms Gadodia, did u completed that mehta file?
Swara:yes sir I came to give that only (she handed a file)
Sanskar checked and signed on it

Sanskar: ok Ms Gadodia it is perfect, please carry on your work ( all the while he is busy in his work,he does not notice swara bandages and wounds)
Swara: ok sir,thank you
She starts to go but her leg is bleeding and paining badly due to continous pressure,and here floor is covered with her blood bleeding from her leg
Swara: (slightly screams in pain) ouch
Sanskar: what happened Ms Gadodia?
He then lifts his face, sees swara in pain and blood from her leg, her bandages, he panicked seeing her like this ,his heart ached seeing her pain, he immediately rushed towards her.
Sanskar: (concerned) swara what happened..?
Swara: no..nothing sir, small accident
Sanskar: small accident?? Is this small to you? but when did it happen?
Swara: wo…sir yesterday night while going home.
Swara tries to walk but not able to walk due to pain….seeing this he pick up her in bridal style and placed her in couch in his cabin, she gasped by his sudden touch, she felt innumerous butterflies in her stomach, all while she looked at him lovingly forgetting her pain. soon her trances are broken by the pain on leg.
Swara: aahhhh

Sanskar is cleaning her wound while she hissed in pain, he scolded for being careless about her health, he ordered her to take off and ask her to go home. Swara surprised seeing his care towards her. She nodded without argument.

Precap: swara’s pov

Who is that man smirked seeing swara? Is swara life in danger?
We can get answers to this questions in next parts.
Done with this chapter
Thank you 🙂

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