My wife’s murderer shot 6-Ten Shots(KKB)

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Abhi was taken aback by her words his expressions were lost that time he wasn’t thinking about his daughter who was alive but about the betrayal which he got he wasn’t in his senses he was all lost of expressions Shanaya who heard all her confession wasn’t satisfied still so she ordered Aliya to be in remand with Purab until the investigation with Tanu gets over

Every one left from there leaving Aliya behind as she was asked to stay there for a night as charge of conspiring was charged against her and until the orders come for bail she had to stay there in prison itself
Shanaya: Purab enquire from her about the current location of Tanu let’s see where is she and end this crap soon

Purab: Mam do you think she is telling truth to everyone I don’t know why but I guess she never told us truth and this all was just cooked up story
Shanaya: It wasn’t a cooked up story Purab it was the story of one angle which was by her side and hearing her don’t know why but I am sure here matter is something else which the Mehra’s are hididng from us
Purab: sorry to ask Mam but why is it so
Shanaya moving towards window: Think of yourself Purab Abhishek Mehra and Pragya Mehra were married which was arranged by their parents then everything was going on track until Pragya and Abhishek accepted each other and according to the statement given by Aliya problems started after falling of them for each other isn’t it fishy !!
Purab: Fishy!!

Shanaya: think from my angle Purab where was Tanu when the relations in mid of this couple were worst that time she was having full advantage of situation but she never thought like that and suddenly when Abhishek and Pragya were living happily she started getting obsessed for him not even obsesssed she was mad for him that she can go to any extent isn’t that sounds fishy I mean the person who was having full chance and all the balls in her pool that time she never thought to do that in that interval of time and when the time changed suddenly her wishes also changed
Purab: Oh I never thought that

Shanaya: then that angle of story where their child was stolen I mean no one even discussed about it to us then when the child was stolen I agree that they were unaware of this fact but still people use to remember days and mostly old aged person his grand mother must have told us that all but she never did that even she didnt raised a topic of it
Purab:May be they have forgetten about that I mean trying not to remember that painful days as she said they were the black days of their life
Shanaya: Still everything have to be cleared right!!! but they never told us and even no one was showing the mark of sadness leaving Abhishek when she was telling about that kid they were showing the expressions as if melo drama is going on here his grand mother too didn’t came forward to console him I don’t know why Purab but something is there for sure and we have to find it out before we loose our track
Purab: Sure mam
Shanaya: Okay did you checked out about which files Bulbul was checking out there
Purab: one was Abhishek’s comapny records and another one was the Bank details and it is very shocking that everyone month a large amount was getting transferred from the company’s account to an unknown account and when we inquired about it there was no such bank account existed
Shanaya: it means fraud was going on in the company
Purab: Exactly mam a big fraud because the amount was so high
Shanya being irritated: don’t what was investigated and how every aspect we are getting to know is new and unknown what kind work is going on damn it Purab just go and recieve that postmortem report now I dont want to waste the time even a second now this case have to be solved soon

Purab nodded and went from there Shanaya held her head and thought “What is hidden here it’s complete mystery”
Her doubtful face is shown and screen shifted towards Abhi’s room, it was totally dark he puts on the light flashes was getting of Aliya’s confession in his mind continuously saying “I am still working for her but still unaware about your daughter I am sorry Bhai” he sat on the bed like a lifeless body and opened the drawer which was in his side table and took out a photograph it was of Pragya and went into flashback caring the face in the photograph
Pragya: Abhi… what are you doing I am calling you from past 15 minutes and you dont even bother to answer what’s this!!

Abhi who was layed on his stomach writing something in his diary : shhh… You know I am trying to write some lullaby for our kid when he or she will feel sleepy I will sing them for her
Pragya smiled: You have gone mad !! whats the need to write there are many more which are already written
Abhi: No still… I want to make them hear my own not others you dont disturb me go from here
Pragya sat beside him and keeping head over his back holding his arm: Abhi…
Abhi being busy: hmm…
Pragya: What do you think will it be a boy or girl
Abhi: doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or girl I will accept them as they are god gifted
Pragya being in serious mode: still

Abhi quickly got up and faced her: if you are asking about still then I wish if it is a boy then he must be like you and if it a girl then she must be like me
Pragya: but boys always resembles their father na
Abhi: I want him to be resemble you as if he will follow you then he will be calm sweet and understanding so he will keep his wife happy too
Pragya laughed: and girl
Abhi: she must be like me strong and short tempered so that when someone eve tease her she can make sandwich of his face
Pragya laughinghly: dont you think you are thinking about so far

Abhi again getting busy in diary: This is what called furture planning according to me
Pragya: okay so let me tell you one thing
Abhi: yes please
Pragya: Doctor said there are some complications in my preganancy so it can create problem for me
Abhi: anything happen yet?
Pragya: no
Abhi: then further also anything won’t happen now kindly leave me alone I want to concentrate
Pragya messing his hairs: Okay Mr serious continue please
Abhi being irked: Pragya I am sure whenever our child will try to do so I will make their hairs cut into bob cut for sure
Pragya again messes his hairs and laughing hard said: first do it with your hairs
Abhi saying “you..” dragged her towards him and started tickling her finally both were ended laughing hard

He came out of flashback having escaped tears from eyes he looked at the pic and started talking with heavy heart

Abhi: I am alone today Pragya all alone till now I was feeling like someone is there for me after you left me then also I thought that my family is still with me forgetting that they are little bit angry from me but that hope also broken down today nothing is left more today after hearing all the truth from Aliya I am feeling like that I have done always injustice with you only wrong is happened with you, I am getting sink in that feeling of guilt and that storm which is running inside me today no one is there to say that no Abhi you are wrong, why this all is happening with me am I that much bad had I done that much bad with everyone with you am I that bad that i dont deserve to be called Papa how much dreams we had seen together but all get shattered, today sadness of everytime being getting trapped by destiny is more than the happiness of knowing that our gudiya is alive but nothing can be done because I don’t know where is she in which condition what is her name nothing is known Pragya feeling like everytime only wrong is happened with us today my own sister confessed that she did all those things and I am feeling that why the judgement of hang till death wasn’t given to me at least I would have died without knowing the bitter truth of life
He hugged the photograph and sobbed BG plays

jaan banke koi jaan le jaata hai (someone becomes your life, then takes away that life)
ho gai kya khata (what did i do wrong?)
milke tanhaayi ka dard de jaata hai (someone comes into your life, then leaves you the pain of loneliness when she goes)
ho gai kya khata (what did i do wrong?)
dil jo chaahe kar na sake (my heart can’t do as it so desperately wishes,)
chaahatein bhi mar na sakein (its desires can’t die)
dil na lagaate to achcha tha (better not to fall in love,)
na tadpaate to achcha tha (better not to pine away)
ab dil ko kya samjhaana (but how can i reason with my heart now?)
remembering all the happy moments with Pragya then looking at the photo again said “Why I didn’t heard you, if I would have stayed back with you that day then this must haven’t happened its been about six months but still i feel that you were trying to tell me something you were hiding something from me” he was crying but wiped his tears hearing a voice from door it was Shanaya who was stood on the door of his room she said
Shanaya: Because she was Mr Mehra
Abhi being confused: what!!! how can you say so

Shanaya entered and closed the room: Mr Mehra it is the truth Mrs. Mehra was aware of something for sure about which everyone is unaware
Abhi: How can you say that and if it is then what was that which she knows
Shanaya: I don’t know what was that but one thing is sure that there was something as your records are telling so

Abhi: My records !!
Shanaya told everything which Purab told us and Abhi was shocked to the hell
Abhi: fraud was going on !!! but how!!!
Shanaya: Don’t worry Mr Mehra we will find about it first we have to go at this place where several questions of yours and mine will be answered
Abhi: for sure but where
Shanaya: to meet Tanu (with a smirk)
Abhi nodded in yes and keeping the picture aside started following her when she suddenly turned and said
Shanaya: Mr. Mehra I have told you early that beauty of your wife can be her enemy did you found it’s meaning!!

Abhi: no I never thought about that as…
Shanaya cuts off: Its okay Mr. Mehra now listen you told me she said that you have to stay at home that day right!!
Abhi: right!!!
Shanaya smirked: what if we think from another point of view
Abhi: What do you mean
Shanaya smirked: I will tell you when the time will come but this time we have to leave in search of Tanu
they both left from there and went to the place whose address was given by Aliya they all reached there but found no traces of Tanu there Shanaya sent all the officers to search out the whole palace she was looking out at the place to find something which gives clue of her presence here when Purab came running
Purab: Shanaya madam no traces found I guess Aliya gave wrong information to us
Shanaya: she was here Purab
Purab: But mam

Shanaya: I am sure she was here look at those chairs there they are clearly showing someone was there and before our arrival left the place
Abhi: It means she escaped
Shanaya: let her do so and let me see how far can she go Purab assign a duty to one cop that he must be here so that if in the case she returns home we can know about it.

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  1. Hai surbhi…oh too complicated case..from thus epi I thought tanu is just a suspect…a third person involved in this murder…may be my guess was wrong…waiting for the next epi….

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  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Reallyyyy Complicated Dude………Superbbbbbbbbb! Waiting for next one………..

  6. Saranya24

    Omg mystery queen i dnt knw hw u r writing so good tis kind of stories u r makng it interesting day by day u could hve been a director or writer dii loved it a lot dii i jst want to knw wat r u dng i mean u r wrkng or studying if wrknf whr or wat r u studying jst want to knw and ur place also if u dbt mind i jst love u loads dii wish i could see u once muuaahh???????

  7. So much beauty in the suspense??????????? Beauty! Well Update was as usual awesome and different, the song made the scene perfect thou, and narration got this episode perfect, abhi’s emotions were charm, and Shanaya’s character, damn so different! And attractive too, and yup listen, I love the way you end each shot with that much suspense, Wherever the tanu would be, Shanaya is always going to be my fav ??? Hatss off for another amazing shot!

  8. B_Ani

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    love u ??

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