Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-16)

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Thank you guys for your comments on previous parts here is next part, ignore mistakes in this part as it is non edited part no proof reading.

Next morning in MB mansion
All ladies are busy with arrangements for functions as from tomorrow all functions are going to start tomorrow starting from haldi, mehendi, sangeet and finally marriage.
All members are busy with some or other work and swara also mingled easily with everyone here like their house member. AP want some things to buy as all are busy she asked swara
AP: swara beta if you don’t mind can you buy these things ( giving her a small list)
Swara (smiles ): sure aunty, don’t worry
AP:okk, wait, go with sanskar he will take you
Swara nods,while AP went to inform sanskar. After sometime swara get ready and went down where sanskar is waiting for her. Seeing her he is mesmerized, she is wearing a simple lehenga looking cute and beautiful.she is wearing a green lehenga with beautiful ear dangles. His trances are broken by her voice.
Swara: sanskar, can we go?
No reply
Swara : sanskar (shaking him)
Sanskar: Ha…ha what??
Swara : can we go??
Sanskar : haaa yeah come ( to himself sanskar beta control yourself )

They came out of mansion and proceeds towards bike
Swara : are we going on bike??
Sanskar: yup any problem??
Swara : no no come let’s go
She sits on back placing holding his shoulder for support, sanskar felt immense happiness from her this gesture.
They went out and shopped for things AP told to bring, it took three hours to finish their full shop, by now it is afternoon so he took to nearby udaipur local restaurant for lunch. Traditional khana a local restaurant best for its Rajasthani food. They both happily relished famous dishes talking some random things, by now swara becomes comfortable with him and she is very happy being with him, she feels something an unknown beautiful emotion when he is close to her, she is completely enjoying his company. After finishing lunch both started their journey,after some hours of they came to famous place in udaipur that is Ambrai Ghat.

Ambrai Ghat is great for enjoying photography, the location offers numerous vantage points. It offers a 240 degree panoramic view of the city of Udaipur. It is also known as Hanuman Ghat. This Ghat is located on the bank of Pichola lake. City palace, the largest palace in Udaipur is in directly opposite of this Ghat. It confronts Lake Palace or Jagniwas, which is luxury white marble walls, located on a natural foundation of 4 acres rock. Especially at sunset, when it is illuminated, it gives an magnificent view.
This place is known for it’s magnificent sunset view, he brings swara both sat in a boat and waiting for sunset. It’s amazing view. She is dazzled.
Swara : sanskar it’s beautiful
Swara is looking extra beautiful in this sunrays falling on her. Her smile is shown in her eyes, her happiness reflected in her face, sanskar is amazed seeing a real definition of beauty an angel in front of him. He is having difficult time controlling himself by confessing his feelings to her. Yes he don’t want confess now, atleast not before knowing her feelings, he don’t want any mess in his love life, he is happy for seeing her happy. They both chatted for sometime, and later had their dinner in ambrai restaurant which had nice and class dining facilities with mind blowing view with city palace in front in beautiful night.
(Guys the description I gave about Ambrai is purely reference from google so if any mistake about this place, then sorry )

After their dinner they started their journey towards their home MB mansion.All way they both remembering their beautiful moments which they spent from morning, both are silent but their silence speaks a lot. Suddenly it started raining, as both are on bike they drenched fully from top to bottom, they searched for shelter and finally stopped at an bus stop. As it is late night place is quite peaceful and nobody is present there. As they are drenched, her dress sticks to her body revealing her body, and he is lost in her hotness, she is trying to hide by keeping her hands around her body uncomfortably, seeing her problem he took off his blazer and give it to her, she denies but he puts around her shoulders, there is cute romantic eye lock happens between them,
Song plays in background
this song shows their feelings towards each other
Kisi shaam ki tarah,Tera rang hai khila
Your color(Beauty) has blossomed
Like that of an evening
Main raat ik tanha ,Tu chand sa mila
I was a lonely night I got you like night gets moon
Haan tujhe dekhta raha,Kisi khaab ki tarah
I kept looking at you As, if you were a dream Now
Jo ab saamne hai tu,Ho kaise yaqeen bhala
that you are in front of me,
How do I believe it?
Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!
Whenever I saw a shooting star beloved,
Tujhe Rabb se maanga ,
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
I begged you from God I And have got you
Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main

Now that I have got you, I won’t let go
Haan maine suni hai,Pariyon ki kahani
I have heard fairies Tales Stories
Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera ruhani
You have the light similar to them(Fairies)
Your face is spiritual
Aa tujhko main apni
(aaja meri) Baahon mein chupa loon
Come, I shall hide you in my arms
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmaan bhi…
I shall make my ground, heavenly
Zindagi rok doon main ab tere saamne
I shall freeze life in front of you
Pal do pal jo ruke tu mere sath mein
If you stay with me for a moment
Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!
Whenever I saw a shooting star beloved,
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
I begged you from God I And have got you
Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main
Now that I have got you, I won’t let go
Itni bhi haseen main nahi, o yaara ve!
I am not even that beautiful, my lover
Mujhse bhi haseen toh tera ye pyar hai
Your love is more beautyfull then me
Itni bhi haseen main nahi, o yaara ve!
I am not even that beautiful, my lover
Mujhse bhi haseen toh tera ye pyar hai
Your love is more beautyfull then me
Ke tera mera pyar ye,Jaise khwab aur duaa
Our love is like Dream and prayer
Haan sach kar raha inhe
Dekho mera Khuda…
God is making them a reality
Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!
Whenever I saw a shooting star beloved,
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
I begged you from God I And have got you
Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main

Now that I have got you, I won’t let go
They both get into senses listening some horn sounds of vehicles on road they both felt awkward, avoid eye contact with eachother. Soon after some time rain stops, and both started their journey towards their destination, they reach home except raglakuttnik all slept as it is already midnight, seeing swasan coming, they shoot questions, after seeing them both drenched and his coat on her they gave teasing smile to them. Swara excuses and went to her room while sanskar stuck in between these mad people :p
After getting sufficient teasing from them sanskar finally get freed from them and went to his room to fresh up.
In swara room,
Swara is reminiscing their moments and his care and concern for her smiling ear to ear, she finally after fresh up goes to sleep.
In sleep she is having a beautiful dream
“she is in warm embrace who hugs her from back and whispering ‘ I LOVE YOU SWARA ‘ in her ears making her shiver,she feeling shy turns around and hugs him back telling ‘I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR’ he laughs slightly making her blush and she cuddled him more”
suddenly a small scream “ouch”

Being in deep sleep and cuddling more and more into pillow she reached edge of cot and fall down from bed making her come into real world disturbing her beautiful dream in her beautiful sleep
DESTINY laughs loudly seeing her situation
swara slowly get up and sit on bed rubbing her hurted hand.she remebered and dream and shocked for her confession
swara (to herself) : what have you done swara you told i love you to sanskar omg what he thinks what a big blunder i did hawww(putting her hand on her mouth)
swara mind: it’s your dream stupid,you are behaving like you really confessed to him
swara sighs hearing that

swara: yeah i forgot,it’s my dream na
swara heart: so what, you have to confess some or other day na why fear??
swara(confused): why will i confess to him??
swara heart: because you love him stupid
swara: what ??? are you joking nooo i don’t love him
swara heart: you love him ,i know you are dumbo but didn’t expected this much duffer you are
swara(pouts): i am not dumb okk
swara mind: haaa she is not dumbo, and you heart don’t create unnecessary confusions to her
swara heart: i am not creating,but it’s true she is in love with him
swara mind: but he is rich,how can we trust him??
swara heart: rich is for status,not for love,stop giving stupid logic okk
swara brain: but what about him??
swara heart:can’t you see love in his eyes for her??
swara mind: but…
swara heart: no buts, both are in love with each other
swara: really am i in love with him??
swara heart: haa,just confirm tommorow if u have doubt
swara: but how???
swara heart kicks swara brain :ask this duffer stupid
swara brain: oyy i am not duffer okk
swara heart: yes you are
swara brain: nooo!!
swara: you both stop your fight and give me idea
swara,swara brain,swara heart starts thinking 😛 😀
Trio together:IDEA!!!
DESTINY wondered what is idea and eavesdropped to listen them.

guys i know its boring,but bear please
thank you

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