My innocent soul my Ragini…… FS shot 2 by folly

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It is a month they have got married they are such a lovely couple shares great bond and their love keep on increasing day by day……
They enjoy their honeymoon in Mauritius for 15days….
For lucky his Chachi daughter Uttara is everything she is his sister she didn’t let anyone to hurt her even she is in mistake Ragini just know he has a sister but she didn’t meet her even once as she is in Mumbai with her husband and family…
Her husband is a multimillionaire…
She thinks to get her sister in law to marry lucky but he was and is headover love with Ragini…..
She thinks that what she want and decide should be get and done by hook or by crook…..
She knows the weak point of Ragini as she always track raglak….

Now at MM:
Lucky hugs ragu and says ragu uttu is coming I so excited you know she will definitely like you and she will share a great bond with you I am so happy said he kiss her….
Ragini was so happy as she knew her husband loves his sister more than her….
Ap(suji is lucky mom I named her ap)
Ap calls her she goes downstairs yeah ma…
She hold ragu hand and says is lucky getting ready
Ragu says ha maa
Ok ap and Ragini are more than close buddies..
They are mad band do silly pranks and dp and lucky…..
Ap didn’t speak with lucky as he shouts at Ragini for some reason she loves ragini that much….Ragini too find her maa in her…
Ap told chankya is coming you know…
Ragini says who is that moment???
Arey woh toh lucky ka uttu..
Ragu smiles as she knows she never hate someone this much…
Ap continues she is really a Chanakya always thinks to get her wish complete by crook or hook…Lucky always support her don’t know when she going to play tabela on his head…
Ragu laughed..
Ap said I am ok if she do anything with anyone but if it comes to your matter I will kill her…Ok ragu you should be careful on your every move don’t give any unwanted conversation with her….
Ragu confused and said as you say ma…

Ap sees lucky comes down she runs from there..
Lucky says what happened to mom ragu ???
Ragu smiles and signs as idk..
Laksh kissed her and said I love you…..
Ragu smiles…He left from There….
Next day:
Uttu will reach by night……So wait guys…
Ragini’s birthday today her first birthday with lucky..
Ap and do wishes her early morning whe she is out of her room she says thank you maa and paa
They informed her that they will be out for some time…Whe wakes up and told her see Ragini I have an meeting today so you go and visit amma and appa..I will call you then come home as mom said she is out..You are alone so visit them…
She nodes he shouts at her what I have to get ready she tries to speak but he interupt by saying I have lot of work today my uttu comes….
Ragini’s anger level touches it edge…But she control…
When she tries to speak with him during breakfast he shouts at servant what the hell is going on go and clean the guest room….
He dropped Ragini kiss her lips band says love you….He drove off…When she enter her home…..

Every relatives friends even do and ap present there to surprise her but part of her life missing….
You love your sister this much lucky as you forgot my bday….
Parents feels bad for her…
Afternoon her phone buzzed it is a call from lucky he asks her to go home and check if everything ok as Uttara is coming driver is waiting for her outside…
She about to shout he cut the call….
She informed her parents ..
Ap said I told you na ragu lucky will forget the whole world when he thinks about Uttara….
She smiles as don’t want her parents to feel bad for her….
She comes MM
She runs and falls on sofa and cried….
Someone blindfold her she knew who is that…
She just try to get off…
Lucky picks her in his arms…
I hate you…
I hate you…
I hate you…
You just pretend to be love me…I know you are getting bored with me….You know how my mom and dad treat me on my bday…I just hate you…..
Lucky smiles at her childhness and innocence..
He make stand and open the blind fold….
She opens her eyes
She gets teary eyed.

It photo of her in the whole wall opposite to their bed in their room…
Lucky opens his arms she threw herself on him lucky inhaling her fragrance said happy birthday my love…..
She kissed him hard as much as she could tells him thank you Thank you……
He throw her on bed I want my thanks in this way says he opens button of his shirt Ragini hits him on chest he winces….
Ragini doubts and open his shirt he holds her hand says Abhi nahi raat par…
She glared him and open it found her name tattoed on his chest it puffed as he did it today…
Ragini says what kind madness is this laksh….
Kind of love…He says
She kissed on tattoo…..
He closes his eyes feel her…
After sometime they wrapped on the blanket…
You know Ragini actually it is a selfish gift I want to see you always that why I gift you this…
Whenever I opened my eyes in morning you are not there I hate it that’s why I gift you this….
She overwhelmed by seeing his love……
She says I love you…………

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