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Heyy guys a biggg group hug to all my readers as we gave completed 15 shots of the story!! And this journey will finally, come to an end in 2 or 3 more shots… THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE! KEEP SUPPORTING ME!.?♥️

Lets start:-
The aura of Maheswari Mansion was soo happy and joyful..
Uttara and RamTa s happiness had no bounds  After SwaSan marriage..
Meanwhile Veer was standing quite at a distance watching them.. Making SwaSan RamTaUtt confused..
They looked at each other and RamTaUtt signed SwaSan to go to Veer..
Moving towards Veer, SwaSan sat on their knees reaching to the level of Veer s height..
“kya hua champ?” Sanskar asked concerned to his Bak-Bak box.. Who was soo happy a few moments ago and now was quite..

Veer didnt spoke any words just hugged SwaSan tightly making them worried.. As something was wrong in Veer s behavior..
Breaking the Hug Veer spoke..” im sorry papa Swara maasi i know this marriage was done coz of me.. Maasi papa u did alot for me.. Im sorry” veer said as tears ran through his eyea..
SwaSan were shocked not knowing what to react seeing their 6 yr old kid s talks..
RamTaUtt were shocked too!..
Swara tightly hugged him.. “baccha what would me and ur Sanskar papa do without u han??” Swara said.. Veer nodded in yes..
“and han dont u want ur MAMMA?” Sanskar said

Veer s eyes shined with happiness..
He looked at Swara lovingly..
“Swara maasi can i call u my MAMMA now?” Veer asked with voice full of love..
Swara didnt say anything but kissed his forehead..
Veer knew her answer and kissed her cheeks… “I LOVE YOU MAMMA” Veer said making Swara happy never like before…
Everyone adored their bond..
Swara looked at him in aww and hugged him tight.. “i love u too my baccha”.. Swara replied..
To her it was the best words she heard from Veer s mouth.. Shivers ran down her spine hearing MAMMA.. Mom is not only the one who gives birth to us but also looks afters us and brought us up!..

Ragini was Veer s mother and will always be.. But Swara created a special place in Veer s heart..
RamTaUttSan looked at them with tears..
Breaking the hug SwaVeer looked at each other with Love!..
Sanskar cleared his throat to get the attention.. “ahem ahrm…” Sanskar said as he didnt get the kiss from Veer..
Veer understood and kissed Sanskar s cheeks tightly making Sanskar grin like a cute lil kid!!
Swara was mesmerized seeing Sanskar.. He had no faults which a girl could reject seeing him or being with him… She felt lucky to get him.. How purehearted and kiddish he was yet being mature at the situations..
A few moments were spent with Veer by RamTaUtt..

Later, “swara sanskar it’s late go to ur room with VEER..”sujata said..
Swara looked at her with respect usually mothers in law, treat Their bahus like only their son s wife.. But here she treated her same like uttara!
RamTa knew tht SwaSan s marriage wasnt normal like other couples.. It was neither arrange nor love!
And they wanted only the best for their children..Not wanting either Swara or Sanskar to feel uncomfortable on their first night they send Veer too!..
Swara hugged Sujata “love u maa” Swara whispered.. Making Sujata happy.. “always be happy baccha” sujata said..

Swara nodded smilingly..

SwaSan room:-
Sujata had send all the stuffs of SwaVeer from their room to Sanskar s room!..
Which was now SwaVeer s room!…

SwaVeer room:-
SwaSanVeer entered.. And Veer being kumbkharan (sleeping monster) ran to the bed and slept..
SwaSan sighed seeing Veer..
“swara u go and change i will change his dress and mine too” Sanskar spoke gently..
Swara nodded..

Few minutes later Swara came outside wearing her night dress looking damn cute..

Sanskar changed himself into his comfy clothes and Veer too..
Sanskar s mouth hung down seeing Swara..! She was still lile a 16 yr old teenager..
Swara who saw Sanskar was looking at him with wide eyes as she never saw him in these clothes and as usual looking damn hot ?

Swara walked a lol forward when “Swara Sanskar Maheshwari i didnt knew u were sooo girly han?” Sanskar said teasing her..
Swara s mind went blank hearing “Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” feeling tht she belongs to someone!
But frowned hearing his tease..
“oye khadoos maheshwari upar se  neeche tak kala pehna hai( from top to bottom ur wearing black) do u have some dressing sense or not?” Swara said keeping her hands on her hips and mocking back at Sanskar..
Sanskar adored her.. She was like his cute lil kiddo..” how are u going to handle this kiddo”Sanskar s brain asked..

To which Sanskar just chuckled shaking his head..
“ah shut up mrs micky mouse” Sanskar said..
Swara glared him angrily..
“dare u say abt my micky he is my FIRST LOVE he is sooo cute” Swara said angrily and dreamily..
Sanskar got irriated hearing “first love”..
“huh cute toh Pikachu ko bolte hain (cute is pikachu)” Sanskar said as pikachu was his fav!
Swara this time smiled “haannn even i loveee pikachu” Swara said..
And Sanskar shaked his head smiling..
“So shall i watch pokemon???” Swara said excitedly..
Sanskar was suprised at first but her agreed..

“ohk done!!” Sanskar said..
SwaSan arranged comforters  on the ground.. And kept laptop there..
“Swara plz go and bring some chips and pepsi na plz its in the kitchen!” Sanskar said like a kid..

“huh bhukkad u just had biryani and chicken now?” Swara said as they had their dinner just an hour ago!
“Swaraaaa one hour before yaarr plz bring it” Sanskar said.. As if he ate a day ago!
“ur more than Veer Sanskar!” Swara mumbled and left..
Swara was soo suprised seeing this behavior of Sanskar.. But she felt soo happy getting some crazyy partner just like her!..

Sanskar was happily downloading the series..
Swaea bought chips and pepsi and both were watching till 4 am!…
Gosh! They were “Crazzy couple” one was bhukkad and other was acute lil kiddo!…
Swara slowly leaned on to Sanskar s shoulder and slept..
She was looking like an angel!
Sanskar s heart skipped a beat seeing her..
He slowlt kissed her forehead.. And slept holding her close..

After a while Veer opened his eyes rubbed his eyes cutrly
Seeing the room with whole concentration he remembered tht he was in Sanskar s room..
He got confused not able to find SwaSan, moving out from the bed he saw HIS PARENTS sleeping with each other..
A wide smile spread across his face..

Smiling to them he found a place between them and slept..
The CUTEST FAMILY EVER were sleeping with each other..
Sanskar Veer Swara!
The trio sleeping with each other cuddling themselves!…

The first night together and the most memorable one!.
#hope jt was upto ur expectations..
Don’t vote but comment if u liked or not??
And wht do u wamt next as i have no idea now ??

Ohk im really sorry guys im not posting om telly here.  Im beinf really busy plz follow me on wattpad – Samaira_khan799

So tht u get the updates quicky

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  1. Wow your all parts were awesome keep it up

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thankuuu dearr ???

  2. Parulkashyap

    omg after long time u r back wid flood of ur shots awsm episodes dr loved it sweet simple love story

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thankuuu glad u liked it.. I will post soon

  3. Wowwww back to back so many epis…….loved it.waiting for next part post soon.

    1. Samaira_khan

      Thabkuu soo much it means alott

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