Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 90

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Episode 90
Leela entered in room. Lifting Aayat in her arms. She went towards bed and place Aayat on the bed. While rt sit on couch,

Rt: what she does here at this time Leela? In normal voice as well in tension too..

Leela: she looks at rt.. woh I found her in lobby alone she slept there only itself, so I take her here. After hearing this rt got up from his seat..shocking expression were on his face..

Rt:what?? Are you sure Leela..where is her parents haa..

Leela: I don’t know anything. Leela having tears in her eyes which she didn’t let falls down. But rt can see. Leela give him faint smile.. she sits on the bed beside Aayat. She still hold her night dress. Many questions were developing in Leela rt mind. Leela looks at Aayat face dry tears marks visible on her cheeks.Leela bends down and take out her small studs.Open her hairs. She changed her dress make her wear night dress. Rt come sit next side of the bed. He placed his hand on Aayat forehead caressing it..

Leela got up keep Aayat clothes in side. And come back to bed. She too lay down beside her even rt.. he pulled the blanket over them. They both looking at Aayat. Both takes her hands in their hands..

Leela: PoV. What Aayat doing there till now I didn’t understand. And where is Anant and maya they didn’t come to find her where she is. I Don’t know what god decided for her. Neither I can’t tell this to anyone specially twinkle if she comes to know about her. She got tensed. Already she had so much tension on her head.
May be what I think it’s too Much nothing is not like that.. Hope everything is fine keep her happy she cuddles. And closed their eyes..

At maya and Anant [email protected]
Maya laying on the bed while Anant entered in room. He closed the door and went towards bed he too lay down beside her. While maya giving shape to her nails with nails filer. Anant eyes were searching Aayat he breaks the ice..

Anant: where is Aayat maya?? First she stops the flier and look at Anant.

Maya: don’t know where she is.. ? Now she getting on my nerves Anant. And Anant give her clumsy look.

Anant: what does this mean????

Maya: very much simple Anant. Nowadays I don’t know what happened to her she totally behaves very weirdly with me..
Didn’t listen to me too. Always disobey me.

Maybe she was with Yuvi if Twinkle is not here..

Anant: Listen maya first thing she is not your age one you behave suddenly wired with her so better maintain yourself towards her before I can take any action. Because don’t know what she meant to you but for youme very much someone gives her to me with so many hopes and I don’t want to regret them so be in your limits. He completed and turned towards other side and sleep. Maya looking at his back and throw the filer.

Maya: (in heart.. ) just because of twinkle now Anant to started hating that I’ll not happen. At any cost.. This Aayat.. she is the sharp bone which stuck at my throat.
Huhu.. she too sleep..

Other side.. at Twinj room..
twinkle looking at Aayat pictures.She come in balcony sit here for sometimes.
She look at sky and talking with stars.

Twinkle: why getting feeling bad hey babaji what will happen hope everything is fine.. Neither I can’t wake up kunj he too get worried.. Let it him..

It’s almost 4: 00 clock..

Aayat sleeping just than get wake up with jerk and open her eyes see Leela and rt sleeping beside her.. she look at here and there.

Aayat: how I come here?? Mamma.??..
She got up from bed and come down..
Her eyes went on Leela phone. She took the phone and dial twinkle numbers..

Twinkle phone beep.. twinkle Listen the phone ring. She went in room and took her phone she saw the caller id it’s MAA.

Twinkle: MAA at this time.. with shaking hands twinkle received the call..
In very slow voice.

Twinkle: hello.. MAA

Aayat: hello. Me

Twinkle: Aayat she got shocked to listen her voice..

Aayat: yes..

Twinkle: Aayat why you call me at this time haa everything is fine na..

Tears were falling from Aayat eyes like tip tip..

Aayat: no..she almost cried.. where are you come take me too. I don’t want to stay here anymore..

Twinkle: why?? What happened first tell me., don’t cry please. Twinkle too crying.

Aayat: koi acha nahi hai..

Twinkle: no Aayat why you think this haa. Don’t cry first you will come soon. Don’t worry..

Aayat: mamma ????. Twinkle senses that maya something told her surely..

Twinkle: Aayat so what she is your mamma don’t feel bad with her talks okay you are my good girl na..

Aayat: you come here na..

Twinkle: Aayat I can’t baby you know na ansh is not well..ek din ki toh baath hai..

Aayat get frustrated with twinkle.,

Aayat: aap ko aana padega..

Twinkle: okay fine I’ll come bas happy.. Don’t cry wiped your tears like a good girl and go and sleep okay..

Aayat: paka you will come..

Twinkle: yes just for her consolation..they ended their calls.. ab kya hua.. because of this I didn’t go in wedding too.That if I was there she didn’t make her mood good. MStill too don’t know what she wanted from me.. let it be let her do what she wanted.. I’ll not say anything because she is her duty on mine..

Aayat wiped her face and drink Water. Go back to Leela and rt and lay down in middle later she too sleep..

Twinkle didn’t sleep she just turning here and there her face.. she got up went near kunj lay down and place her head on his chest. She started making patterns on kunj chest..

Twinkle: see this sadu sleeping so peacefully after Meri Neendh uda ke…

Twinkle take small nap. Later her alarm clock ring. She immediately wakes up.

She thinks it’s good to wake up.. better than lay down here.. she got up went in pool side. Twinkle come and sit here dipping her legs inside cold water. While weather is so good., birds Twittering..
Twinkle just released her stress.. Wanting stress free..

While room Kunj turned slightly he open his eyes and didn’t find twinkle at bed,, .

He got up sit here and take a yawn. Kunj look at Ansh who sleeping nicely. Kunj kissed on his forehead and check on his neck whether he had fever or not but good he not..

Kunj: where is siyappa queen today it’s so early today how can sleeping beauty wake up what’s the matter.. let’s find it. Kunj thoughts she must be in balcony but she was not here too. Kunj come out of the bed room.He downstairs.. where she is now.: kunj eyes went on poor side kunj see twinkle through glass window.. twinkle was sitting at poor side digging her legs inside pool.. Kunj to twinkle without doing any noise.. Kunj sit down slowly.. and while twinkle were closing her eyes. She lost in own herself. Kunj give her back hug.. and he too dipped his legs inside in water.. Kunj rest his chin on her shoulder.. Brushing his face against her cheeks which pricks on her skin.. she open her eyes and found herself in someone embraced. She knows who is he?? None other Kunj..

Twinkle: kunjjj.. tum..

Kunj: yes I’m. While kissing on her cheeks..
What you doing here it’s so early..

Twinkle: aeshe I didn’t feel like to sleep so come here what about you. How you come here haa???

Kunj: simple while finding you. You know without you can’t sleep well???..

Twinkle: acha subhe subhe buttering..

Kunj: na were not bread I’ll apply butter on you.. twinkle too rest her head Against kunj chest.. they both playing with their legs in water.. both sitting there for sometimes later..

Twinkle: let’s go..

Kunj: why.. ? What did you think about my wish.??..

Twinkle: what wish nothing..

Kunj: you are so unromantic girl twinkle. There idiot Yuvi thinking I’m having fun here with you he doesn’t know who is my wife…

Twinkle: acha..

Kunj:Twinkle ek hi wish toh hai Meri only you can fulfil.. Kunj just stop and smirked.
Why only you can anyone.. twinkle turned her face and look at him with anger eyes like she eats him.. twinkle push him get up and stand here while Kunj looking at her.
Kunj too get up..

Twinkle: what did you say haa. Anyone can fulfil haa. She grabs his collars.. Kunj think Teer Nishane par laga hai.. ???.

Kunj: Arey I mean.

Twinkle: what you mean haa..

Kunj pulled her toward him from her waist.

Twinkle: now go jeshe baby chahiye hai na usse lo don’t come to me get it.

Kunj:Arey I was just kidding. Without you baby how can ????…

Twinkle: hogi tumhari koi Meena and reena whatever..

Kunj: don’t mention your maids name when you don’t getting any names ????.. Kunj went near her ears..

Ek hi toh cheez mang raha hu me Can’t you give me this.. twinkle look at him. While he look at her back with love desire. Which melted anyone.. twinkle blushed after see in his eyes kunj showing naughty sparkle smile in his eyes..

Twinkle: chodo Mujhe..

Kunj: kyu think about it.. I’ll do whatever you want just one you do it.. lifetime I’ll become your valet. What’s say.. twinkle look at on his face in benighted way..

Twinkle: greedy man.. Don’t you have shame..

Kunj: Acha I don’t have shame what about you. What happened to you on two times..

Twinkle: nothing.. That time too you was behind me..

Kunj: haa Tu toh satyavati hai.. I was behind you in same tone she said..

Kunj take her towards near wall and pinned against the wall. Kunj both hands resting on wall while twinkle under him..

Twinkle: sach me kunj. Do se tumhara pet Nahi bhara..

Kunj:no nodding his head in no in cute way

Twinkle: okay soche ge kuch saal baad Okay..

Kunj: don’t act smart with me.. chal tu bhi kya yaad Rakhi I’ll give you time.. I’ll do favor on you.. ?.. twinkle raise her eyes brows like kunj does it..

Twinkle: really ???… leave it let me go..

Kunj: where. He slightly went closer to her face whisper in her ears.. I read somewhere that morning romance was good what’s did you say..

Twinkle: acha ji yeh sab tum ne hi pada hai kya shara sab kuch..

Kunj: hmm. Both having naughty smiles on their faces.. Kunj nuzzles his face in twinkle neck hoke. And started kissing while he didn’t chance to twinkle to react..
twinkle just lost in her touch. When kunj lips touch her skin she feels on her feet jelly.. twinkle hands automatically went on kunj hairs she started rubbing his hairs. While Kunj lips just playing with twinkle neck giving her wet kisses.Kunj pulling her more in Himself.. twinkle just closing her eyes feeling his touch her lips just slightly open in very low way they were moaning.

Kunj just claimed my lips it was slow and soft kiss. He lips become hard and demanding her challenging too her kiss him back in the same way and twinkle body was set on fire.. they both get busy in passionate kiss.. Their lips just doing magic for each other making their own rhythms. After 10 minuets later due to lack of oxygen they both break the kiss and look at each other eyes.. twinkle shut her eyes in shyness..

Kunj: In hunky voice. Me itna bhi bhara nahi hu as you know often times ??.
Which makes twinkle laugh she gives slap him on his cheeks in playfully way.. and mera morning romance idea too. Still, they both were very closer to each other they breathe can hit with each other breaths..

Twinkle: we are not alone anyone.. Keep your idea in your pocket.. play next time..

Kunj: so what.. Almost we are alone.. Nobody will come and disturb us.

Twinkle was stuck don’t know what to say.

Kunj just lifted her in his arms.

Twinkle: kunjjj what is this. Chodo mujhe.

Kunj: wait.. Kunj moved from there.. he went upstairs while twinkle just looking at his face.. her hand locks around his neck..

Kunj come near their room door. He stop here and twinkle look at him giving question look..

Kunj: don’t worry here we can’t.. little cop is here ???. Twinkle give punch on his chest.. pagal she said.. Kunj turned slightly twirling her in his arms.. he takes his step towards one room next to his room. That room was almost under twinj only their extra stuff is there nobody is using that.. when twinkle takes 1hours in bath and Kunj getting late for his office he come here.. twinkle was laughing in her mind because whole room is dirty she thought kunj ka chop.. ?.. Kunj look down and see expression and understand.
Kunj open the door. He entered the room twinkle get shocked to see the room condition it was all perfect clean.Kunj giggling.. some day before only Kunj tell
Meena to clean the room.. twinkle don’t know..

Kunj: chop tera hu na mera nahi??..

Twinkle: huhu..

Kunj: Kunj Sarna did all work before all preparations.??..

Twinkle: haa put me down let me go.

Kunj: aeshe keshe I carry you till here to not put you down get it.twinkle started ticking on his stomach.. Kunj slightly put her down to protect himself.. twinkle get chance she come out of his arms

Kunj get angry with her.. he turned his face twinkle about to going but she stops and look at him.. she went near him. Turning him towards her..

Kunj: kya hai.. ja na..

Twinkle: someone got angry at me awww..
Kunj I was kidding.. why you always on your temper. Even you too tantrums like your daughter.. Kunj look at her..

Kunj: ab tu mujhe hurt kar rahi hai..

Twinkle: nahi toh.. Leave this all where we are haa.. twinkle lock her hands around his neck.. she pushed Kunj. Kunj fall down on bed twinkle too falls along with him..
Kunj was laying while twinkle hovered to him.. Kunj turned his face slightly.. twinkle held his chin and made him look at her..
she bends down and kissed on his cheeks. Kunj rolling his eyes. While she bites his cheeks.. twinkle hairs comes on kunj face all over.. Kunj look at her his hands went on her hairs he tucked her hairs behind her ears.. twinkle hands were on kunj face. They both looking at each other that’s it.
Both giving bright smile to each other’s.. twinkle went near his ears.. In sensual voice..

Twinkle: do it before Ansh wake up don’t
Blamed me afterwards. Kunj rolls down her. Now he top of her.

Kunj: acha.. he move his fingers on her face in sensual way. Twinkle just closed her eyes.. Kunj take her hands entangled with his and resting on the bed.. Kunj slightly hit his nose against with hers.,

Kunj just lock her lips with his.. twinkle try to free her hands from his grip so that she caress his hairs.. but kunj didn’t give her chance.. slightly twinkle bite Kunj upper lips wildly which make it bleed.. but he doesn’t care. Just kissing her with full of passion and care.. both didn’t leave single space of their lips.. twinkle open her mouth kunj immediately giving her open mouth kiss.. both playing each other tongue giving each other’s tough competition.. Kunj leave twinkle hands her hands went on his back.. twinkle moving her hands on his back fastly..
Both nibbling each other lips very corner..
Without breaking kiss kunj removed his T-shirt.. soon he is shirtless.. later Twinkle can’t take breath she closed her mouth both to stop kunj but he still tries to kiss her. Kunj look at her. At same time twinkle to open her eyes too both look at each other’s..
twinkle gestures him to leave her lips.. Kunj understand.. Kunj look at on her lips which now become swollen due to kiss. Her lips area big red.. Kunj caress her lips. Give her pecked on her lips. Then on her both cheeks. Kunj went on her neck kissed on her collar bones slightly bite too..

His hands were slightly slid twinkle kurta from her shoulder to give him access to kiss her more.. his one hand went on her back to open her zip.. Slowly open it..

Within no time they both undress up in front of each other’s Kunj look at her body and winked at her..

Kunj placing kisses on her whole body.
Twinkle while just moaning his name..

Kunj give her love bite. And sooth that part.. Making wet..
Twinkle fingers combing his hairs.

Kunj took the blanket covered them under in blanket both made love in each other’s embrace still feeling like it’s the first time..

Whole room fills with moan and groans..

After sometimes later. Their intimate encounter.. Kunj and twinkle done with their romance.. twinkle resting her head on kunj chest while he hold her from her waist.. kunj take Twinkle one take and kissing on her fingers tips..

Twinkle: kunjjj..

Kunj: hmm..

Twinkle: Kunj you will love me like same..

Both look at each other face..

Kunj: hmm nope. Twinkle big her eyes balls.. I’ll do more and more.. Kissed on her forehead gently..

Twinkle: I love you..

Kunj: even I too.. ?. Now give my baby soon ?..

Twinkle: acha.. by the way Kunj tell me one thing..

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: you wanted baby girl but if you sure that it will be girl only haa.. Kunj started thinking..

Kunj: yeah right like last time you cheat..

Twinkle: awww I cheat.. it’s not in my hands.. you know you were hoping on Ansh time it will girl ???But..

Kunj: haa when docter said that its boy..
cheater.. they both went in flash back..

Twinkle was 7 months pregnant with ansh..
Kunj and twinkle laying down in each other embrace..

Kunj: Twinkle 2 months more after baby will come and play with me..

Twinkle: hmm kunj but why you brought all girls clothes even they are not Aayat size too..

Kunj: Arey I didn’t bring for Aayat it’s for our new baby girl.

Twinkle: what and how do you know it’s girl only haa..

Kunj: you promised me that you will give me girl so..

Twinkle: kunjjj you are so cute.. pagal Ho kya

Kunj: hoo Twinkle can’t you feel if is girl or boy inside you haa..

Twinkle: Nahi kunj how can I..

Kunj: but on Aayat time you were right na it’s only girl..

Twinkle: Kunj it’s just by luck.. mene too aeshe hi bola ta..

Kunj: I don’t know anything this time too give me girl bas..

Twinkle: when you love baby girl this much then why you give her to them at least think about your emotions and feelings..

Kunj: Pata Nahi.. Mujhe yeh chod na..
Flash back end…
Kunj and twinkle just look at each other face..

Twinkle: what happened..

Kunj: nothing just thinking Something.. I’ll not pressure you for baby twinkle..

Twinkle: why??. Don’t take me wrong kunj.
You know my problems. What happened last time.. Even [two ]times..

Kunj: what two times means???.. twinkle get worried how to tell kunj about that thing.. Tension Kunj can see on twinkle face.. what to you twinkle.

Twinkle: first promise me that you’ll
Not angry with me.. I didn’t want to hide that things from you but..

Kunj: okay first tell me too.. just than they heard some sound.. they heard knocked at door..

Twinkle: kunjjj Ansh..

Kunj: what.. they both get shocked.. in that stage what they will do..

Ansh: from outside mamma Papa are you there..

Twinkle: Kunj get up…

Kunj: he always come at wrong time don’t know only my own kids my moment breaker..

Twinkle: hoo think something..

Kunj: wait you go in washroom I’ll see.. Do one thing don’t say anything.. let’s take bath than let’s go out..

Twinkle: till than he will finding us that’s not good..chiii

Kunj: than what you wanted that he saw us like here haa..

Twinkle: tu se toh baat karna hi bekar hai..

Twinkle get up went in washroom.. Kunj wear his clothes and open the door and see Ansh is not there.. he come out and went in his room directly went in washroom take bath soon. He come out and find Ansh he sit on the bed.. Ansh see kunj get surprise..

Ansh: Papa aap washroom me te..

Kunj: yes Ansh.. Kunj takes his clothes and wear.. siyappa queen didn’t take her clothes. Again siyappa. Kunj get ready he takes out twinkle clothes.. and tell ansh to wait for him..

Ansh: Papa where is mamma..

Kunj: here only .. I’ll com. Kunj went in room and place twinkle clothes on bed..
And went back to his room..

Twinkle come out of the washroom wrapping towel..

Twinkle: o shit i don’t have clothes this all happened just because of Kunj uska romance always put me in awkward situations.. twinkle eyes went on clothes
She went near bed and take clothes in her hands.. Arey my clothes who brought. Hoo kunj she kissed on clothes.. soon she got ready and went in her room.. See kunj and Ansh sitting..

Ansh: mamma you come..

Twinkle: haa.. Kunj please make him ready till than I’ll prepare breakfast..

Kunj: okay.. twinkle went downstairs goes in kitchen she started making breakfast..
Kunj give bath to ansh and make him ready nicely later they both downstairs went to dinning table and sit too twinkle done with breakfast she come and place breakfast.. and served to kunj and Ansh and sit beside Ansh.. twinkle feeding Ansh with her hands..

Ansh: mamma when will Aayat come..

Twinkle: why you miss her..

Ansh: not kitni shanti hai ghar me??..
twinkle like o..

Twinkle: Kunj listen..

Kunj: hmm..

Ansh: mamma I think something..

Twinkle: what..

Ansh: mamma I don’t want sister..

Twinkle: why??

Ansh: because mamma she too fight with me like Aayat so you give me little brother.. Kunj get shocked..

Kunj: why?. Twinkle giggles..

Ansh: mamma if she too went on Aayat always yelling at me no no sister bhai..
Ansh started thinking something..

Twinkle: kya hua ab..

Ansh: mamma tell me one thing why will my sister went on Aayat she is not my real sister not yours daughter too.. MAA baby went on her not yours m I right I’m confused.. Kunj and twinkle look each other face don’t know what to say..

Kunj: ansh Don’t think this all.. and I told you many times real kuch nahi HOTA hai..

Ansh: hmm but Papa Aayat is my real sister like danish Amira hai..

Twinkle: in her heart.. she is too yours sister Ansh. Okay forget about this all.. you father and son thinking too much..

Ansh. One and last question baby keshe HOTA hai.. Ansh this question make kunj split water..

Twinkle: anshhh. I don’t know..

Ansh:how you don’t know how I
Come and from where??? Kunj giggles to see twinkle expressions on Ansh questions..

Kunj: yeah twinkle tell him na??. Twinkle give him drastic look…

Twinkle: ansh??. Stop this.. Asked to your Papa he knows each and everything. Because he was only the one the main reason without him you can’t so asked him..

Ansh: haa Papa knows.. tell.

Kunj: ansh wohhh.. Kunj think.. I’ll tell you.
God give you in your mamma hands.. bas.

Ansh: god give to mamma me.. keshe..? I’ll
See mahi massi baby times how her baby comes.. Kunj murmured.

Kunj: acha asked Yuvi.. ??..

Twinkle: Kunj you will let for your meeting.

Kunj: hmm.. okay I’ll go you Both get ready on time I’ll come pick up you both from (here) than we will go at hospital.. Kunj get up from his seat and kissed on Ansh forehead. Takes his bag. And about to go but stop and give quick pecked on twinkle cheeks and went from there while twinkle murmured pagal in shyness.. later Twinkle give Ansh his medicines and make him seat in hall on the tv he busy in cartoons while twinkle get busy in her house chores.

Next side.. at Chandigarh..

Everyone was wake up and everywhere hustle and bustle going on.. Bebe telling to cherry to see the all arrangement..

Aayat wake up and seeing here and there.

Aayat: she smiled twinkle chachi coming.
Thanks god. She got up from bed and went out of the room. She went in her parents room. Aayat entered in room and see maya who seeing her too back..
Aayat just went washroom.. just than Anant come there and asked maya about Aayat she tells him that she is washroom..
maya went inside the washroom. She gives Aayat bath and make her ready she did this all just in front Anant eyes anything else..

Later Riya come her chuda rasham still left..
( I don’t know about this kind of ceremony what real so sorry)
Riya come and sit on wooden pata. Manohar comes and make her wear chuda while her eyes were closed, so she can’t see.. after her chuda covered them with white handkerchief.. after Riya went back to in room..

While everyone asked to usha about kunj and twinkle why they didn’t come in wedding. Usha simply tell them about Ansh. Still they all gossiping..

Usha Listen But she ignores Sheetal giving them support..

Anjali come with om niki just seeing om..
Anjali was hell happy.. Usha went towards her..

Usha: what happened beta why are so happy..

Anjali: aeshe hi MAA.

Usha: okay stay like this only.. she went from there..

Kunj attend his meeting as soon as possible.. later he message twinkle that get ready he will come to pick up them soon.

Kunj sit in his car and left for home.
Twinkle done with her all work.. she sat beside Ansh.. just than she check her phone and find kunj message twinkle read it.

Twinkle: hoo sadu done with his all work very soon.. Ansh come your Papa will come at anytime let’s go get ready.. nahi toh he will yelling at me..

Ansh: okay mamma. Twinkle and Ansh went upstairs twinkle take out their clothes. She makes Ansh ready soon she too get ready.. Kunj reached and give her car horn.. twinkle heard..

Twinkle: Kunj is come Ansh let’s go..
She took her wallet and hold Ansh hand they both went down and twinkle lock the main door and they both come out of the mansion.See kunj was waiting for them..
Kunj see them..twinkle come and open the door and sit beside him.. while Ansh sit at back seat..

Kunj: today you get ready on time good.

Twinkle: let’s go we will get late..

Kunj:hmm.. Kunj start the car. They left for hospital while in the way..

Twinkle: Kunj what will come in his reports. I’m tensed.. Kunj see Ansh through mirror he sit quietly and seeing outside views.

Kunj: what happened to him now did you tell him that we are going hospital.

Twinkle: no.. he maybe got scared. Kunj see tension on twinkle face for Ansh reports. Kunj take her hand in his hands..

Kunj: don’t worry nothing will come in his reports twinkle okay.. think positive.

Twinkle: hmm.. soon they reached hospital. Kunj stop the car and twinkle and Kunj come out of the car. While Ansh not..

Kunj see this he still inside the car..
Kunj went and open the car door..

Kunj: ansh come baby..

Ansh: no..

Kunj: why??

Ansh: you take me here for injections ??. Slightly started crying.. Kunj takes him in his arms..

Kunj: no Ansh we are just come here for your reports only.. let’s go.. they all went in hospital. Kunj asked receptionist about Ansh reports.

Receptionist: sir his reports come you went to doctor cabin he waiting for you only I’ll send your reports there only.

Kunj: thanks.. twinkle come.. they went to doctor cabin.. Kunj knocks the door..

Doctor: come in.. they went inside..
Arey Mr Sarna come.. Sit.. they take their’s you ansh now..

Kunj: good.. hope fully.. just than boy come with reports he places reports in front of doctor table and left..

Twinkle and Kunj was hell nervous they just hoping anything has comes in his reports.

Doctor: I’ll check what come in ansh reports okay.. doctor read the reports.. Kunj and twinkle just looking at each other face..

Kunj: what comes docter..
Doctor give smile which make kunj and twinkle confused..

Doctor: stop doing tension thanks to god nothing has come in ansh reports everything is positive.. he is fine it’s just due to weakness you just take care of him.. after listing this twinkle and Kunj happiness has no boundaries..

Twinkle: really twinkle thanks babaji..

Kunj: yes doctor we are worried about him..

Doctor: I can understand your emotions..
They talk to doctor for sometime later they come out of the hospital.. smile just seal on twinkle and Kunj face..

Ansh: mamma now no more medicines and injections na..

Twinkle: yes..

Kunj: hmmm let’s go out twinkle..

Ansh: yes.. gaming..

Kunj: okay.. they sit in car and left for mall.. they come out and went in mall. Ansh just ran in gaming section. he gets busy in games while Kunj and twinkle sit in side and just admire him.. after games they went in food court Kunj Oder all Ansh favourite things.. soon Their food comes and they feeding each other’s having fun..
Unfortunately twinkle was missing Aayat hell..

Next side.. at night..
Riya get ready in her wedding dress looking beautiful.. Bebe comes and hugged her cry too. While niki handle her..

Everyone all set for wedding.. all looking beautiful..

Maya: Anant please come i m going down.

Aayat: where is my shoes..
Maya: I don’t know.. and please don’t wasted my time too Aayat.

Aayat: mamma why you doing this..

Maya: I’m not your nothing you just love twinkle not me so go to hers.. she said and left.. Aayat wiped her tears..

Aayat: when you will come chachi.. she too went down..

Later Riya comes down.. Shaan see her get freeze to see her beauty..
Riya come in mandap and sit beside Shaan. Pandit ji started mantars.. they both changed garlands.. all clapped for them later Bebe did there kaniya Dhan tie Riya clothes knot with Shaan clothes.. they stand for 7 vows.. they take vows. While all others showering flowers on them. After they down with vows again sit.
Bebe give mangalsutra to Shaan he makes riya wear it and after filled her hairlines with sindoor..
pandit ji: Vivah shamapat hua aaj se you both are officially husband and wife..

Aayat just finding twinkle and Kunj she get angry.. she went near sheetal and asked her about twinkle..

Aayat: sheetal aunty when will twinkle chachi comes.

Sheetal: in roughly way she will not come.

Aayat: she promised me.

Sheetal: she makes you fool Aayat heheh. Started laughing on her.. Aayat went from there she started sobbing wildly.

Maya see her went towards her..

Maya: what happened to you haa..

Aayat: nothing.. Leave me alone.. maya hold her hands tightly try to pull.. while Aayat telling her to leave her but she didn’t.. Aayat standing slightly edge of staircase.. maya leave her hand with jerk due to this Aayat falls down on the staircase maya just shocked what she done.. Aayat rolling down on the staircase.
Just she hit with side wall. Maya screamed loudly Aayat name all turned and get shocked to see the view.. Anant see Aayat and ran towards her.. Aayat stop And falls on the floor while blood oozing from her head and nose like water..

Anant: Aayat?????… i hate you twinkle Chachi.
maya come down.. Anant takes her head in his lap patting on her cheeks to make her open her eyes.. Aayatttttt.. maya sit beside her.

Maya: Anant Aayat ?????…

Yuvi: Anant bhaiya take her hospital before it’s too late…

Anant: yes he just in dilemma..

Manohar: Yuvi go get car.. Anant lifted her and ran from there.. Yuvi get car Anant sit in car they left for hospital..

Usha and other’s consoling to maya.. Mahi and Leela too..

Maya: I too want to go.. they all left for hospital…

Yuvi and Anant reached hospital.. they went in hospital. Yuvi went and calling doctor.. Anant make Aayat lay down on the stretcher.. doctor comes..

Anant: Doctor please see her..
doctor: wait first calm down.he called nurse tell her to take her in icu..
Nurse take Aayat in icu room.. Anant sit in side with sad face yuvi too sit beside her.

Yuvi: Anant bhaiya don’t worry nothing will happen to her.. he didn’t say anything..

Later all family members reached hospital.maya went near to Anant and asked her about Aayat..

Maya: Anant where is Aayat just crying..

Anant: Aayat is in icu all get shocked..
Maya sits on the floor..

Anjali: maya don’t worry she will fine..

Twinkle and Kunj alone with ansh they had lot of fun today.. they went for dinner..

Twinkle: Kunj I’m not getting good feeling.

Kunj: why?? Its normal leave it..

Twinkle: hmm. Kunj let’s go home..

Kunj: hmm.. after dinner they left.. soon they reached Sarna Mansion. They went in their room back.. Kunj sit he get tired today..

Twinkle:I don’t know baba ji but something really happened bad.hope everything is fine.twinkle just walking here and there..

In hospital doctor come out of the icu room. Anant just ran to doctor..

Anant: Doctor how is my daughter.

Doctor: operation is going on wait please he left from there..

Mahi and Leela sitting in side..

Mahi: maa what about di..

Leela: we can’t inform them Mahi..

Usha: Manohar ji we should call kunj tell him about Aayat..

Manohar: hmm right.. Yuvi can you call to kunj and tell him about Aayat..

Yuvi: yeah I’ll. He went from there..

Leela: don’t know kya hoga Meri beti ka when she come to know about her..

Kunj: Twinkle sit down please..

Twinkle: Kunj please why I get bad feeling my heart just stop down.. just than Kunj got call from Yuvi.. he received..

Kunj: hi Yuvi..

Yuvi: in pain voice kunj..

Kunj: Yuvi What happens why you sounding sad.. twinkle went near kunj..

Yuvi: kunj first listen to me don’t get panic okay..

Kunj: first tell me na..

Yuvi: kunjj woh Aayat falls down from stairs and right now she is icu.. Kunj floor slip after listening this…

Kunj: what??????? After seeing kunj expression twinkle is more in tension…

Twinkle: Kunj tell me na.. phone calls from kunj hands…

Kunj: Twinkleeee woh…

Twinkle: woh kya kunj….. Batao na Meri jaan nikhali jaa rahi hai… Kunj cupped twinkle face.. first he makes himself calm down..

Kunj: Twinkle Aayat falls down and she is in icu… twinkle shocked after listing this.. tears escaping from her eyes.. her words choking..

Twinkle: what??? Are you kidding with me..

Kunj: no twinkle..

Twinkle:I told you ha see that’s why I’m not feeling good.. Aayat… twinkle started act like made person..

Kunj: twinkle please Handel yourself…

Twinkle: I can’t ??????… Meri bet….::I

Kunj: twinkle please Ansh will listen..

Twinkle:I don’t care kunj I want to see her once please take me to her.. Kunj..

Kunj:tu aeshe mat kar see we will go..
Kunj call his pa tell her to booked their tickets immediately.twinkel just crying none stop.they left for airport later they reached Chandigarh.. they come out of the airport. Twinkle make herself like lifeless within few hours… Kunj call cab they about to sit in cab.. Kunj cupped twinkle face.

Kunj:twinkle first promised to me that you will not cry….. twinkle nodded her head in yes.. hum rohye ge Nahi twinkle..
Kunj wiped her tears.. all the way Ansh was sleeping just.. they sit in car and left for hospital

At hospital.everyone sitting in tension..
tears just dropping from everyone eyes..
Twinkle and Kunj reached the hospital.. they come out of the car.twinkle about to ran while Kunj held her hand gestures her in no.they went in hospital together..

Kunj asked receptionist about Aayat she tell him 2 second floor..they went twinkle and Kunj see all family members and went near them.Yuvi eyes went on kunj and twinkle.

Yuvi: kunj and twinkle all turned and see them.Leela see twinkle face her eyes swallow.Yuvi take Ansh from kunj hands..
maya see twinkle and get angry at her.. Kunj didn’t say anything just controlling on his emotional he can’t cry in front of anyone specially on his brother bhabhi they take him wrong.. Kunj went near Anant keep his hand on his shoulder Anant turned and see kunj he immediately hugged him tightly while twinkle stand in side.. all others looking at twinkle just..

Anant: Kunj see what happens to Aayat.
Kunj: don’t worry Anant Bhaiya nothing will happened to her handle your self think about Maya Bhabhi.they break the hug Kunj wiped Anant tears..Just than Docter
come there..

Docter: we needed blood.. but

Anant: but what Docter..

Doctor: patient lost her blood very much. And we try to find her same blood group.
Not in any blood bank her blood is not there.. now it’s very big problem.. she is critical condition after listen to Docter
Tears just dropping from her eyes like rain.she stand in corner and crying quietly.
Doctor:her blood is find very rarely.Now only her parents blood can Anant you can give blood to Aayat..
Anant looking at Kunj face..

Anant:Doctor I can’t give her blood.. Anant look at Kunj.
Kunj you can give blood to Aayat yours and her is same blood na so go and save my daughter please..

Kunj:hmm sure.Kunj went with nurse.
Kunj entered in icu room see Aayat she connect with machines.tears fall from kunj eyes.Kunj lay down he started giving Blood to Aayat. He just looking at Aayat..

Kunj: I know what going on twinkle.she is not strong but in front of others she becomes.

Maya just looking at Aayat angrily Sheetal filling maya ears against.. maya get up went near to twinkle.. maya held twinkle hand tightly all others just shocked..

Maya:now don’t garnering attention.this all happened just because of you.Twinkle shocked to listen this..

Twinkle: what ???.. Meri wajshe. Yeh aap kya bol rahi hai bhabhi..

Episode freezes on twinkle crying face..
Pre-cape: maya yelling on twinkle telling her rubbish things.on Aayat just blaming her whatever happened this just because of her she was the reason.. twinkle just crying she is not in that stage she explain herself.. Kunj come after giving blood to Aayat. Kunj see maya holding twinkle hand tightly shouting on her..

Let’s see what comes in next…

I hope you all like the episode..
sorry if you don’t find episode good..
i try my level best.. try to post soon..

I can’t believe that i completed 90 episodes yeh Allah.. ?????.. without you all I can’t thanks for your support and love keep doing it..
without you all I’m nothing..
Please ignores any grammatical mistakes no proofs reading.. thanks ssk.. this episode for her and others too.. ???.
Love you all.. bye

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