!! SwaSan – Addicted To Love !! { Episode-2}

Hi Tanu here with the character sketch and next epi of my new ff … Hope u guys will like and comment below ?… So here we go


°°°°°° Character Sketch °°°°°°°

Sanskar Maheswari – a person who’s life is just like a dark night…. As he lost everyone he loved … His dad who were killed by someone … His sis who was kidnapped by someone .. and just after 3years his mom also died …. He is totally lifeless colourless person…. Bt achieved a alot in his life … He was the youngest best business tycoon ..

Swara Gadodia : she is happiness …. A bubbly crazy girl …. Who loves her mom and dad …… Shomi Gadodia and shekar Gadodia …. And sis… Ragini Gadodia !! …

Well they were a childhood besties bt destiny makes them a soulmate with many twist and turns …

It contains misunderstanding hate enemy killer kidnapper fight love


Sanskar- oh my God kis troublemaker Kai saath phasa dia

Swara – ? how dare u!! It’s only coz of u I’m in trouble!! And uu.. Addressing me as troublemaker … wah wah …It looks like a theif blaming a cop…and….

Sanskar- ? (cuts off) just shut up …
Swara- y should…

Her words left incomplete as he holds her hand and pulls her closer to him…. And glares her angrily

Sanskar – ? u go ur way and I go mine!! Get tat

Swara gupls seeing his anger… While he frees her from his hold and started to leave … While swara who scans the place and gets scared thinking abt recent incident….

Swara – ( thinks) swara it’s dangerous to be here all alone … Jab Tak Mumbai nahi pahuchte …. Be with him u will stay safe … Bt wat abt this fellow will he listen to me … Kuch tho sochna padega

She think something and
Holds sanskar’s hand

Swara-Noooooo !! 1st of all just coz of u I missed my bus so it’s ur duty to take care of it tat I’m safe to my home

Sanskar ignores her words… And steps forward bt stop hearing her

Swara – so u r running from ur duty … U r Coward

Her words hurts his ego …he turns and looks at her angily

Sanskar- ?come …

Swara simply nodes …

Both leaves from there


°°°°° Forest °°°°°

Swara – where r we going ?
Sanskar – actually there is a short cut to another bus stand which is nearby Mumbai
Swara – ohhkk !! ( Thinks something and gets confused) waise ek baath puchun ? (Can I ask u something)

Sanskar- hmm
Swara – were u a jungle boy…
Sanskar – (confused) wat?
Swara- I mean u know the short cuts and all of the Forest…. And also u look more like monkey Na..?

Sanskar – (looks at her) and u know wat u look more like a mentally unstable person ? mental asylum sai bhagaya tha ya kudh bhag kai ayi hu ?!

Swara – oh hello…
Sanskar – (interrupts) ? don’t u dare to open ur mouth … Or else I will leave u here all alone

Swara immediately shuts her mouth

Swara – ( consoles her mind ) calm down swara calm down…. Once u reach Mumbai then will see him ?

While she was calming herself … She didn’t noticed a stone near her leg … As she stepped forward … Her leg hits the stone ….

” Ahhhhh ” swara screams closing her eyes …. hearing her scream Sanskar who was walking before her Turned …. And swara loses her balance and falls on him…. As a consequence both falls on the ground….

her lips touched near his lips … she was fully laying on him …
Both shivers under each other’s touch and looks on shocked…. swara immediately gets up from him …. While sanskar stands up

Swara-(awkward) woh actually…
Sanskar – ( avoids the topic ) let’s move

Swara simply nodes

SwaSan walks from there

After sometime

Swara -(tired) I’m hungry … Not able walk now … I want something to eat … I can’t walk more
Sanskar – oh u r hungry….Do one thing … Think these leafs as chicken… And these grasses as biriyani and these mud as gravy ….Have all these things … Bt forsake don’t u dare eat my head !!

Swara – ( murmures) khadus …
Sanskar – what?
Swara – nothing ?

Sanskar rolls his eyes and walks … While swara walks behind him



Swara – ( damn tried) plzzz I can’t walk more …

She sits on the ground and takes out the water bottle from her bag … And sips the water …

Sanskar was abt to shout on her… Bt Now he was also damn tired …

He shakes his head and Sits laying his back on the tree

He looked at swara … Who was drinking the water … He too felt thirsty….As he was walking continuously …. Without a drop of water in his mouth …

Swara who realises this … Forward the water bottle to him

Swara – take it …

Sanskar simply nodes taking it from her and drinks the water from the bottle

Swara – r we going to sleep here ?

Sanskar nodes finishing the water

Swara – okay

Swara takes out her clothes from her bag and arranges it on the ground making her bed …. While sanskar drowns in a deep sleep

Swara – thank god!!

She throws herself on her clothes made bed and closes her eyes



SwaSan were in a deep sleep … they were looking peaceful after a tired day

Just then swara eyes opens all of a sudden hearing some sound …

Swara – ( scared ) wats tat !!

She immediately sits and looks here and there

And yet again hears the same sound

Swara – (scared) ? is tat lion !!

It was rouring of lion

Swara – ? oh my god it’s lion … Abb mai kya karub !! If he comes here and eats me …. No no no lion ji tussi nah aao ?

As the sound gets more audible … She jumps in fear … Just then her eyes falls on sanskar … She immediately runs towards him and sits beside him …. Bt soon sleep took over her…. as she was damn tired


°°°°° Morning °°°°°

A beautiful morning …. SwaSan were still sleeping peacefully …..

Bt soon sanskar’s sleep got disturb as the sunrise falls on his eyes ….. He slowly opens his eyes and was abt to get up …. Bt as he feels a grip on him… He looks down only to see swara sleeping peacefully on his chest … Hugging him tightly …

Sanskar gets angry and pushes her ……Which leads her to open her eyes …

” Wat happen ” she said wiping her eyes …

Sanskar – ? how dare u came here?
Swara – woh actually I was….
Sanskar -(cuts off) just shut up… Shut ur blo*dy mouth … I’m just so irritated by ur voice …..

Swara – lemme me explain…

Sanskar – ?I don’t need ur explanation I know wat type of girl u r … U..
Swara – ? ( interrupts) stop it…. Just stop it and go to hell …. Hypocrite idiot …

Just then swasan hears some sounds … they looks in the direction and finds a bus stand

Swara – ? now u go ur way and I go mine …
Sanskar – ? tats better

Both shoots the glares on each other and walks out from there


Precap : boy – I love u sweetheart
Girl – I love u more baby


Guess who ??

Bubye ?

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