Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-54

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Recap: Nairan moment.. Nirmala and Karan’s chat!


Episode 54

The ladies had been tired.. after all they had to stay empty stomach for the whole day..
All of them had come back home early.. NK and Sandhya reached home a little later than the rest..
All went in to change their dresses..Few family friends had also arrived for doing all the rituals..
All women had assembled, wearing red Saris and lehengas..
All of them sat down in a circle..

One of the oldest lady among them narrated the story behind KarvaChauth..
Men had gathered to watch this.. NK was busy talking.. Dadu was happily watching all his bahus. Kunal was watching Meghna.. And Karan was watching Naina.. and they all exchanged glances..
Sandhya hadn’t come down. She locked her room and stayed in there..she opened a cupboard, and took out a picture placed in the drawer.
She sat down on her rocking chair watching the moon shining bright, outside her window.
She stared at the moon and then looked at the picture..
Tears of anger and failure started pouring out as she continued to stare at the picture..
She then hugged the picture, closed her eyes tightly and let her tears flow down..
Sakshi had made a call to Varun.

Sakshi: hi Varun..
She said with a lot of positivity in her voice! He felt happy hearing her voice.
Varun: Hi Sakshi..
He said gently and smiled.. she felt that smile in his talk.
Sakshi: At last, you are smiling now!
Varun(giggled): yeah
Sakshi: Arey now you are giggling also?! Wah! This is amazing.
Varun: Thank you!
Sakshi: For what?

Varun: for being so caring, for being there for me always.. for taking care of me and supporting me.. thank you for being so sweet and adding some light into my life.. I lo…
He stopped there.. he didn’t notice that he was about to say something to her that he never expected at all.. He went with the flow always when he spoke to her and she always listened carefully.. He hid only few things from her.. his mistakes that may lead to a problem in Nairan’s life.. and 2nd that he loved her, somewhere deep in his heart!
There was an awkward silence! Sakshi always caught up with every word he said to understand him.. the last two words were completed in her mind! So to break the silence and embarrassment..
Sakshi: Varun? I think we will talk later. I might have to go down.
Varun: ok.. bye.. take care!

She cut the phone.. and started jumping with happiness.. she wanted to tell this to someone.. But who?… Anyways she thought of going down and checking the rest of them.
The ladies had there puja thalis in their hand.. The old lady narrated a paragraph from the story and paused..
The rest in the circle passed their thalis around sang: ……Veero kudiye Karvara, Sarv suhagan Karvara, Aye katti naya teri naa, Kumbh chrakhra feri naa, Aar pair payeen naa, Ruthda maniyen naa, Suthra jagayeen naa, Ve veero kuriye Karvara, Ve sarv suhagan Karvara…

Sandhya opened her eyes when she heard them sing that song.. her anger increased and reminded her off her motive. She picked up her phone and called to number..
Sandhya: I will send them out after all this drama.. you should follow them and do what is required, ok? Bye!

Sakshi was walking past the Sandhya’s room when she heard her talk over the phone. She could connect with the tiny bit she heard yesterday.. Immediately after the concert,when they all where walking to the green room.
She had heard Sandhya utter Naina’s name twice. She had turned to look if Sandhya had seen Naina. But found Sandhya looking out of the window and talking to herself. She went to call her, and managed to hear her faint voice say..

will have to sacrifice… life for my….

She connected all that together.. she summed up that someone’s life was in danger. And probably it might be Naina!
Oh no! She whispered to herself. And walked downstairs lost..
She wasn’t sure if whatever she understood from those tiny bits were correct or not. She couldn’t stop anything and anyone without strong proof.

..Veero kudiye Karvara, Sarv suhagan Karvara, Aye katti naya teri nee, Kumbh chrakhra feri bhee, Aar pair payeen bhee, Ruthda maniyen bhee, Suthra jagayeen bhee, Ve veero kuriye Karvara, Ve sarv suhagan Karvara…

With this the ladies ended up with the particular ritual.
Sakshi was tensed. She forgot about the phone call with Varun in a jiffy!
She had to do something and save her family from Sandhya!

Her heart told her that it was a trap for Naina! And her brain said that she couldn’t conclude just like that, that she needed strong proof to understand what was going on and who Sandhya is planning to harm and how!

She didn’t even know if they where connected. The only option left in her hand was to see if Sandhya was planning to send someone out tonight! So she sat down in a corner waiting..

All the women lined up outside.. facing their husbands with thalis in their hand. The moon was clearly visible. The raised the veiled plate and saw the moon through it and then brought in front of their husbands’ faces.

Nirmala looked at NK while he wasn’t bothered. He looked somewhere beyond her.
Sandhya saw this and walked down smiling happily.
Meghna had a wide smile on her face, slowly blushed and felt conscious when Kunal winked at her. She rolled her eyes at him, warning him from acting like a child in front of everyone.
Sandhya’s smile slowly faded.

Naina’s beautiful eyes flashed open to she the love of her life! Karan looked straight into her eyes. Sandhya’s anger increased, but she covered it all up with a fake smile!
Nairan stood like that, staring straight into each other’s eyes lost in their own thoughts, until Meghnal tapped their shoulders.. they looked at their siblings, who looked at them teasingly.
Meghna: Devar ji please feed some water to cheeku before she faints.
Karan felt embarrassed and smiled at Meghna. Then turned to Naina, picked up the small pot of water and forwarded it to her.

She drank the water as he held the pot, up for her. He then fed her the prasad kept in the small plate inside the thali..
(I’m not sure if all the rituals are correct… if not then please do correct me!)
She then waved her hand over the flame on the thali and pushed the heat up towards Karan’s face!
Then applied a small thilak on his forehead.

The ladies who had arrived for the pooja and ritual bid bye and left, soon after they were done chatting a little.

Sakshi’s heart started beating faster and faster. She sat there, worried. She prayed to god.
Sakshi: I just wish she doesn’t send anyone out after all this! I hope, all that I heard isn’t for anyone in the family!

Precap: Sakshi tells Nairan and Meghnal something...??

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    1. Resh

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