Swasan – 3 shot by samaira

Lets start;-

Swara s home:-
Night time:
Swara is shown sitting on the floor and dida massaging her hair with oil and scolding her,,
dida- what is this shona u don’t take care of u hair .. see how much they have dried up..
Swara(pouts) dida yaar .. u are there na so y should I care haan..
Dida- shona one day I will go leaving this world then what would u do??
Swara(angry) stop it dida how many times shall I say don’t talk all abt this I will not let u go anywhere..
Dida(holds her ears) iam sorry shona nxt time I wont say this..
swara relaxes and gets up from her place and kisses dida s cheeks..
Swara- I love u a lot dida I cant think my life without u..
Dida- I love u too mera bacha ..

After done with all this she makes dida lay on bed and she too sleeps…
after a few minutes when she senses tht dida has slept she slowly sneaks out of the room taking her mobile…
Swara- hey did u reach the airport ..
Other side- yeah
Swara-ok so I have sended the driver and will pick u up..
Other side- oh thanks bye..
Swara- bye..

# guys iam done with the 1st part am really swara as sanskar wasn’t there but the next two shots will be only our SWASAN
# just guess and comment who might it be..

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