Hey guys….
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Let’s begin….

Twinkle said i know kunj what happened last ni8 was one of the beautifull thing of our life but the situation was not beautifull…kunj i know….


Twinj were invited for a party by kunj’s friend nd they went….kunj wore a white shirt nd denim whereas twinkle wore a black off shoulder gown….both looking hot nd se*y…..twinj look at each other nd got lost in each other….they came back in there senses nd left….

They both entered in the club hand in hand…everyone praised them…they both enjoyed a lot nd had many shot…they both were fully drunk….as they were out of senses they went in hotel room of the hotel….

Both twinj were fully drunk nd they lost there senses…kunj was standing near the window looking at the moon when kunj went to her nd circled his hand on her waist nd started placing wet kisses on her shoulder…. He then went to her neck nd placed many kisses bitting the spot creating a perfect hicky…..he then removed her hairs from side and treated her other side in the same way….he then turned her nd looked at her lips…twinkle blinked her eyes assuring him nd he captured her lips in a passionate kiss bitting nibbling on it….the kiss lasted for 15 minutes…both breathing heavily… Kunj looked at twinkle nd then her cleavage…without wasting a second he unzipped her gown nd carried her to bed….he layed her on the bed ndcame on top of her…he saw her br**st nd……. He cupped her br**St nd took in his mouth nd started ducking bitting on it giving a perfect bite… He treated her other br**St in the same way… He then move to her navel nd kissed her there….. Caressing her thigh… He then very slowly enters her nd the night was followed by moans nd groans… It was one of the passionate night of there life.. Next day…… Morning….. Sun ray peeped in their room breaking there sleep…. They we or up only to find themselves sleeping in each other embrace all naked only covered with a duvet…. They smiled for sometime then realization sticked them…. Twinkle ran in the washroom with her dress nd tears in her eyes… Whereas kunj had guilt in his eyes… Nd they started ignoring each other….. FLASHBACK ENDS….. Kunj nd twinkle thought abt this nd had an unknown smile on there face but kunj again bowed down with guilt…. Twinkle saw this nd smiled nd thought…. Babajii he is so honest nd caring…. I know jo bhi hua woh galti se hua but Yeh khud ko zimadaar bata raha h.. I m blessed to have him…. She cupped his face nd said no… Kunj smiled nd said.. Ok… Thats all……. Hope u like it….. Will be back soon…. Do give ur views….. Well guys next time i will be somewhat late ad i m busy with some function in my school…. Hope u will understand……

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LOVE U…… ?????

  1. Nishuu

    Awesome episode my dear
    Loved it
    Post soon
    Love u

  2. SidMin23

    Love twinj scene but it short can u post little longer.

  3. luved it
    romance was superb
    post next soon
    little bit longer
    luv u

  4. Beautiful episode
    Plzzz post little longer update
    It is short But love it

  5. Kiya1234

    Nice episode presha post soon

  6. Fenil

    Eyes close wala bandar.
    Aww lovely Twinj.
    Kunj was feeling guilty for that which was flown in drunken state.
    Love the Twinkie’s pov.
    Can’t wait for next.
    Mujhse koi dosti karo ?:P:P:))

    1. Presha

      Thank u for always supporting me…

      Nd yaha friendship k liye poocha nahi jaata friend ki tarah demand ki jasti h…

      Nd we r ofcourse frnd fenil jii…

  7. Twinj2000

    Awesome ?
    Romance me to aag laga diya?
    Update asap

  8. Such an awesome episode…????
    Sooooo romantic yrrr…. ????
    Kunj is soooo nice..
    Oh gosshhh the night scene was damn amzing…
    Loved it ….
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  9. Simiyy

    Really enjoyed it
    Post soon but make the epi longer please
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  10. Nice episode… Plz post soon ☺️

  11. Amazing episode
    Loved it
    Post soon
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  12. Awesome
    Continue soon.

  13. So…. hot presha…..
    Amazing. ….
    Post soon. …

  14. Ayesha51

    preshu, kya s*xy epi tha yaara
    tune apna wada nibhaya
    & SS post kiya

    jaa maafi bhi de di tujhe

    tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi

    the epi was toooo hot
    tooo romantic

    & ….ufff….ummmmm….too wild

    just loved it re meri jaan

    plz plz plz POST ASAP

  15. Ayesha51

    preshu, kya s*xy epi tha yaara
    tune apna wada nibhaya
    & SS post kiya

    jaa maafi bhi de di tujhe

    tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi

    the epi was toooo hot
    tooo romantic

    & ….ufff….ummmmm….too wild

    just loved it re meri jaan

    plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u re dher saara ♡♡♡♡♡

  16. Awesome epi
    Post soon dear

  17. Amazing episode dear
    Post soon

  18. Awesome preshu amazing
    Kunj is best
    Love you keep smiling

  19. Cheena2001Cp

    Hot!!!! Hot!!!Hot!!!! ???Super hot Preshu jii ???
    Jabardast I must say!

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