Swaran Ghar 17th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran and Ajit’s backup plan

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The Episode starts with Bebe asking what’s happening. Yug says mum and uncle were helping me in rehearsing me. Bebe asks Swaran to be a good bahu and good mum. Yug says mum is helping me. Swaran gets Ashish’s call. He says sorry to hear about Kanwal, I was out of India so couldn’t come, its good that his business started again, I want to give an order for 5 lakhs. She takes the order. She says Ashish is Kanwal’s old friend, Ashish gave the first order to him, he is giving an order again, I will take Kanwal’s name and work ahead. Bebe calls Nakul and Vikram. Kiran comes. Bebe says I will wake you at 5am tomorrow, you will take care of my food and medicines. Swaran says I have done everything. Bebe says Kiran will learn now. Nakul and Vikram come. Bebe says Nakul lost the job. Vikram says I took a leave for the court case. Bebe says no one will take the court’s name, this house is of my son, my grandsons and bahu Swaran, I will clear one thing and give responsibilities to everyone. She asks Vikram to leave the job, no need to go to US, call your wife and daughter here. She says Nakul and Vikram will handle the family business. She asks about the order. Swaran says 5 lakhs. Vikram thinks its good. Bebe says more orders will come if you work hard, go and get the items quickly. Swaran says they didn’t want to do this work. Bebe says Kanwal was alive that time. Ajit leaves. Yug says mumma has started this business, she should run it. Bebe says her work is to handle the house. Vikram says she ran this business to get sympathy from people. Swaran says no, I started this business to become independent, Kanwal also wanted this, let the sons help me, we will do it together, I want to do this business. Vikram asks Yug to handle his acting job.

Swaran asks what do you know about this. Bebe says everything is written in Kanwal’s old diary, don’t worry. She asks them to prove their capability that they can handle the house and business, its about their dad’s respect. Vikram says sure. Swaran thinks they can’t handle this.

She goes to buy some vegs. Ajit comes. He reminds their childhood incident. He says I know you aren’t happy. She asks what shall I do, its not the time to teach a lesson, but have patience. He says you shouldn’t lose. He jokes. She gets some idea. He asks her to say what idea she got. She says Ashish is Kanwal’s best friend, I will talk to him once. He asks will you compete with your sons. She says no, I want to save Kanwal’s business, my sons have no interest in the business, Bebe will get upset but she will not want Kanwal’s name to get bad, I will see where to complete this order, we have to do this, I have to keep Kanwal’s respect, am I saying right. He says yes, its your right, I have a right to ask your help. She says yes, say. He says take this heavy bag. She asks him not to joke. He says I m not joking, take this heavy bag. He says drop me to the dhaba. She says I have to buy the items, fine, come. She tells the items she needs. She checks the bag and sees he already got everything. She says you already got it. He says yes, I knew it, that you will do this, you will make the cream at the dhaba. Vikram follows the formula and makes the cream. Nakul stops him and asks him to ask mum. Vikram says I won’t ask mum, women can’t do business. He asks Neelima to get a big bowl.

Swaran and Ajit come to the dhaba. She sees Yug and asks what are you doing here. Yug says Dhillo and I have to be here to help you. He asks for Ajit’s story. Swaran laughs.

Yug says if Vikram and Nakul don’t fulfil the order, then we will go. Swaran says I couldn’t make the cream at home, Bebe has an allergy with rose water. She calls Nakul and tells about Bebe’s allergy. Nakul says okay. He stops Vikram. Bebe comes. She sneezes. Nakul says Bebe has an allergy with the rose water. Vikram asks Bebe to sit. Nimmo comes and asks what’s in the making. Neelu gets water. Nimmo gets a jerk. The utensil falls down. Vikram asks what did you go, you spoiled my entire hardwork. Bebe asks for medicines. She asks where is Swaran. Neelu thinks she is with Ajit, making the cream. She says she went to meet Shorvori. Swaran makes the cream. Badal pe paun hai…plays…

Ajit and Yug help her. Swaran also tells the princess’ story to Dhillo. She says one has to become strong. Ajit thinks I will never leave supporting you. Kiran is on the way. He argues with Nakul. Bebe asks her to come home and serve the food. Kiran says I m coming. Nimmo says she went to satsang. Bebe says you didn’t go. Nimmo says I came to see you. Swaran sits talking to Dhillo. Kiran is on the way. She says auto got punctured, shall I go walking. She sees Ajit’s dhaba. She sees Swaran with Ajit. She thinks she is making the cream here.

Swara falls down. Ajit saves her. Kiran records them. She clicks pics and thinks it will be fun now.

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