Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi doubts on Lakshmi’s pregnancy

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma calling Lakshmi as characterless, cheap etc. Lakshmi goes to her room and recalls Malishka’s accusations. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi tries to go. Rishi holds her hand and says you are leaving without answering me. Lakshmi says you can’t ask me. She says she knows well what he is going to ask, after whatever happened downstairs. She says if you wanted to ask me, then would have asked me before discussing our personal life with Malishka, I would have tell you then, but not now. Rishi says I tried. Lakshmi says when? When you was drunk, or when I was busy all day. She says until she is here with him for 2 months, she is bahu and bhabhi and I have some responsibilities towards it. Rishi says when you was not here, everything was going on here, and when you will not be here, everything will be fine too. She says it doesn’t like, everyone is busy in their lives or busy to know about our lives. He asks her to answer, how did she get pregnant? He says I am asking something, answer me. Lakshmi tries to go. Rishi holds her hand and asks her not to go. Lakshmi asks him to leave her hand and says it is paining badly. He leaves her hand and asks her to tell truth. Lakshmi says I will not tell and says I am very upset with you for discussing our life with Malishka. Rishi asks what about me and gets angry. He hits on his leg and goes. Lakshmi thinks she has no other way to handle everything.

Gautam and his family are happy to have Ahana at home. They meet some friends. Gautam;s family tells that Ahana is his choice. Gautam’s mother calls Karishma and says some guests have come to meet Ahana, and she will be late. Karishma says you have all the rights on her. She ends the call. Neelam says it is good that they don’t know about Lakshmi, else don’t know what they would have thought. Karishma says it is good that Ahana will come late. Neelam says they have to bear Lakshmi. Malishka tells Sonia that Lakshmi wanted to trap Rishi and is staying here even after the truth is out. Ayush and Rishi come there. Malishka says sorry to Rishi. She asks if there anything which I shall know. Ayush says Rishi is worried and is standing even after getting tortured. Sonia says Bhai supports Lakshmi and behaves well with her, but she is going to have someone else’s child. Rishi goes. Ayush asks Malishka to give some time and space to Rishi. He goes out and sees Lakshmi. He scolds her for stooping to this level to stay here. Malishka says what do you think that Rishi will not insult you and will accept your sin. Sonia says she wanted to have luxury life. Malishka says my love is Rishi’s strength and he told the truth to everyone. She says if you are so shameless then tell whose baby is this, take driver’s name or anything. Lakshmi says when a person’s bad time comes, then it is known how that person and his character is. She says it is good that this time came, and says about the baby’s father, I don’t want to say. She goes. Malishka says Lakshmi is our life’s markesh dosh and tells that she needs to go home.

Next day, Lakshmi asks Sonia to come and have her favorite breakfast. Sonia says don’t try to be my bhabhi and says I never regarded you as my bhabhi. She says I will say and do, and tells that Malishka will be my bhabhi as she has character and you are characterless. Lakshmi asks why are you upset? She says I regard you as my sister in law and loves you. Sonia asks what are you saying. She complains Neelam about Lakshmi. Neelam asks her if she wants to be part of them and says you are burden and helplessness, says she will get the divorce done. Lakshmi says Mummy ji. Neelam says how can you come infront of me, and asks her to hide in room, else she will say something bad. She says I don’t want any clarification, and says you are a liar. She says the person who don’t have character are liars, and asks her to go and not to question her daughter. She says she don’t want a characterless girl to be near her daughter. Ahana hears them and feels bad.

She comes to Lakshmi and asks what do you get by doing this? Lakshmi asks how are you and Gautam? Ahana says she is fine and says the family is taunting you for your pregnancy, but they didn’t know that I am pregnant and not you. She says all those bad things are for me. She says I really don’t wish you was there at that time in the hospital. A fb is shown, Lakshmi tells Shiv that she will take Dadi’s report. Shiv says it will take time and he will bring report home. Lakshmi is leaving and sees Ahana in the doctor’s cabin, and asking Nurse if she shall write her name. Nurse says yes. Ahana calls her boyfriend, but he didn’t pick her call. She turns and sees Lakshmi. She asks if she heard her and tells that she had break up with her boyfriend last month, and says she messaged him and he blocked her number. She says if everyone comes to know about her pregnancy then? Lakshmi writes her name in the form and says nobody shall know. She asks if the pregnancy report comes positive, then? Ahana says I will keep the baby and wants to marry Gautam. Lakshmi asks her to tell the truth to Gautam and talk to him. Ahana hugs her and cries. Fb ends.

Lakshmi asks did you talk to Gautam, tell me. Ayush asks Rishi to come and says lets go, else you will sit here and think about Malishka. He says I can feel your dilemma, that you want to marry Malishka and wants this 2 months to get over. He says may be Judge will free you from 2 months. Rishi says he is not thinking about Malishka, but Lakshmi. He says Lakshmi can’t do this and says I doubt her pregnancy. Ayush asks what, if she is pregnant or not. Malishka hears them. Rishi says I feel that Lakshmi can’t do this, she is not like this. Ayush says why you trust her so much. Rishi says I am her husband and tells that they stay in the same room and he knows her. He says she can’t do this, when we are going to meet Judge. Malishka thinks she is like this, I will prove that she can do this.

Precap: Ahana says to Lakshmi, let’s go and tell everyone in family that it’s not your report it’s mine.
Malishka says to herself tomorrow you will get separated with Rishi.
Rishi says to Balvinder Sood, what are you doing in my house? go out from here. Balvinder says I came here to take Lakshmi with me and tell everyone it’s my kid inside Lakshmi, not yours Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. No wonder why Rishi didn’t say anything….LOL. Still, why would Lakshmi put herself through that esp when Rishi is denying it……SO STUPID

  2. What a disgusting show and disgusting characters. This show giving very bad messages to people. It shows indian culture very bad. male lead has 2 woman in the same house and henis cheatşng his wife by everyone. wife is very shameless and has no any self respect. Husband and wife ara very bad example for humanity. All Husband’s family members are so disgusting. Rishi insults lakshmi every second but he is very nice with malishka and sporting her all bad dramas and wrongs. Very bad male lead character.

  3. This track has became similar like kasam serial When smiley was preg tanuja Used her name to save smiley

    1. Same pregrancy drama happened in Tapki show. 😅😅😅 writers has no brain. They are not creative.

  4. All Indian dramas why like this. Male has two wives or girls. Mother-in-law very stupid.

    1. Absolutely! They’re all the same. I once watched a series on Sony about a lady. She was a boss. The series had nothing to do with her being poor or her mother in law. It was about her loved. She was modern and wasn’t rude like they portray all modern girls. So why can’t lakshmi just leave, build her life and run into rishi again. They should have some self respect atleast. They keep being yelled at, insulted and berated and they still say “meta parivar” nonsense. Family doesn’t treat you like trash.

  5. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 brainless rishi and his bad family members. There is nothing possitive in this show.

    1. Isn’t it sad that even the ones that were nice are now real jerks!! It went from a negative show to a show deep down in the depths of a black hole……no light, not even a twinkle.

    2. Yes this hurts the most. The nice characters are now pretending they didn’t know how good lakshmi was just because she signed divorce papers. Imagine

  6. Yep same negative, cheating husband, abusive family stories… depressing. Glad I don’t waste braincells watching this garbage….

    1. Exactly, like can we leave this useless negativity behind. Why can’t she leave like the family wants. She should stand up for herself, work and maybe later run into him later on in her life. Why do they enjoy mental abuse of daughter in laws. It’s disgusting. And the men in these shows are always spineless.

  7. Laxmi deserves this pain.Now laxmi’s pain doesn’t matter. Actually I want to see laxmi’s more cry. Neelam said right she is characterless otherwise no one tolerate husband and in-laws bulsheet. I am sure when they new the truth of Ahana’s pregnancy they will all blame laxmi why she didn’t tell them bla bla

    1. They would blame that lakshmi is the fault Ahana is pregnant and maliska would come with some story to have everyone blame and abuse lakshmi and stupid Rishi wouldn’t say anything but I love maliska 😂

  8. Such a nonsense show..Arey even if you are staying there for rishi’s sake fine but dude atlst dnt tolerate anything.. Ok fine a girls character is evrything, you are protecting it but what about you?

  9. So useless this Lakshmi has no self-respect rubbish show

  10. Mysterious Person

    This show should be renamed as Abhagya Lakshmi as there is nothing Bhagya happening in her life or much better title would be Bhagya RishKa(Rishi+Malishka).

  11. This show is so stupid,need to get rid of this b*t*h maliskha,an karishma expose maliskha for god sakes.Lakshmi grow some brains.boring boring show.

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