Swaran Ghar 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajit breaks the promise to Divi

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The Episode starts with Micky taking Nakul to the auto. She asks what bad has happened with you. Nakul says ask again. She asks again. He says my mum used to ask so and care for me a lot. She says she still cares for you three a lot, she is worried. He says I m also worried, I can’t tell any family member about my problem, but I can tell you, I lost my job, I m unemployed, I got ruined. Ajit sees Micky with Nakul. He doubts Swaran’s sons. He comes home and asks Ankita to sit and have the parathas. Divi says I m your daughter, Ankita is like your daughter. Ankita says Ajit loves everyone equally. Divi says I m done, drop me home, I have to go shopping with Param, I will take the laddoos and remind you every day that you don’t have to go to Swaran ghar. He says I will drop you and then go to dhaba. He thinks how will Swaran manage the new business. Amber asks Swaran to choose her dupatta. Swaran asks him to ask Ajit. They all look at her.

Nakul drinks water. He recalls talking to Micky. He says oh no, I have told everything to mum’s tenant, she will tell mummy. Amber says you have to go to Jalandhar. Neelu says Ajit didn’t come. Amber says maybe he has come. They go out and see Ajit. Ajit asks where is Micky. Amber says she went for her appointment. Swaran comes and sees him.

She says you… Amber says I m taking your taxi. Swaran says but… Everyone makes excuses and goes. Ajit says we have to reach the market in time. He asks her to come. Swaran and Ajit are on the way to Jalandhar. They have a talk. He asks what am I hiding. She says I know it. He says I m driving, I follow the rules. She asks him to look in front then. Divya calls him. He doesn’t answer. She asks how did she let you come. Ajit says I have raised her as mum and dad. Divya is with Param. She says dad lost, he gets happy making me win. Ajit says I can’t answer when I m driving. She asks when will we reach Jalandhar, maybe dad is on radio. Swaran says I have packed your stuff. Ajit says I know. She asks how. He plays the radio. They both start laughing hearing the song. Divya says dad didn’t call back, I will call at the dhaba. She messages Ajit and asks him not to break the promise. Param asks Divya to finish her shopping and come at chat corner. She goes.

Ajit calls Divya. She asks were you at dhaba. He says yes. She says I m busy in shopping. Ajit doesn’t see her. He goes to Swaran. They go to buy the herbal cream ingredients. Divya selects a kurta for Ajit. She says shall I make a video call to show him or give him a surprise. She gets shocked seeing him with Swaran. Param comes. Divya gets angry. He says I got your aloo chat. He asks why are you angry, what are you seeing there. She says I wanted to have the chaat. Divya thinks just I have a right on you, I hate this Swaran Bedi. Ajit says I wish the day doesn’t end today. Swaran asks what. Ajit says you spoke to me well and smiled, I wished the day was long. The car breaks down. He jokes on her. He says the engine got hot, the car got angry, we have to wait for the engine to cool down, we will have food at the dhaba, my car is sensible than you, so it broke down here, come.

Swaran calls Neelu and says I will get late, you make the food, I will have food and come. Ajit says I will also have food and come. She says you will go home, right. He orders the food. She asks why so much food. He says I asked my heart, you also order. She says you are coming to Swaran ghar. He says yes. She says you will go to your family, to Divi. He says she went to Sasural. Divi asks Ankita where is Ajit. Ankita says he went to dhaba, how did you come back. Divi says I came to give the gifts. Swaran asks does she have no objection. She asks him to answer. He gets silent.

Precap: Divi enters Swaran Ghar, and asks where is Ajit and says she won’t leave until she finds him. Divi asks girls who they are, they tell they are tenant’s here. Divi says I am calling police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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