A strange mental asylum Part 4(ShreNal version)

A strange mental asylum Part 4(ShreNal version)



Reyaansh was in his bedroom.To his shock,Swetlana came inside.

Reyaansh:Why are you here at midnight Swetlana?

Swetlana:I realized that you have not slept yet.Guess you have a sleepless night.So I thought to give you a company.

Swetlana went very close to him in a seductive manner pulling him closer to her.

Swetlana:I am willing to do anything for you.But in return just write a good report about our service in this mental asylum.

Reyaansh smiled at her.She smiled in a seductive manner taking his smile as a ‘yes’ to her demand.

Suddenly his smile turned into anger and pushed her.

Reyaansh:Do you think that I will melt in your seductive smile?I am not evil like you.You should be ashamed of trying to seduce me even though you are married.Your shameless husband should be be blamed for letting you do such dirty things.So get out.

Swetlana felt insulted.

Reyaansh:I will prepare only a honest report whatever you try to do.

Swetlana:Don’t think that you won.Before you also,some doctors had come here.They did not go back alive.You may also meet with the same fate.Be careful.

Reyaansh did not care.Swetlana walked out angrily.



Moloy made a painting.In the painting,some dogs were trying to attack a man.

Reyaansh looked at the painting.

Reyaansh:This is a nice painting.But who is this man?

Moloy just stared at Reyaansh.


Moloy:I don’t know.But I feel that a man is going to get attacked by dogs.

Reyaansh became dull.



Reyaansh went for a walk.Suddenly some scary dogs surrounded him.Reyaansh got scared.Those dogs tried to attack him.Reyaansh remembered seeing a similar scene in Moloy’s painting.

Reyaansh:Oh God!That man in the painting was me.

Reyaansh started running and the dogs chased him.But somehow Reyaansh escaped from the dogs by hiding in a hut from the dogs.He returned to the mental asylum after making sure that the dogs have gone.

Reyaansh:Again a murder attempt.I am sure that those dogs were sent by Tej and Swetlana.But God is with me.That’s why I got saved.

Tej-Swetlana were shocked to see Reyaansh alive.

Swetlana:He has a good life time.See how he escaped from the dangerous dogs.

Tej got angry:No.His life time is short.His last day is near.How long will he save himself?

Swetlana smiled.



All were called for having food.

Jeev was looking at Nitya lovingly.

Reyaansh noticed it.



Another day…

While walking Nitya slipped,but Jeev held her preventing her from falling down.

Reyaansh saw that too.



Reyaansh let Nitya go to the compound like other inmates.

Tej did not like it.

Tej:Why did you let Nitya go out?She could be dangerous.

Reyaansh:She needs fresh air.If she is confined to the 4 walls of this mental asylum she will never get cured.

Tej got irritated,but he controlled his anger.

Jeev plucked a flower from the garden and gave it to Nitya.

Jeev:I know that you love flowers.This is for you.

Nitya smiled.

She took the flower from him.

Reyaansh and Tej watched it.

Tej:Jeev is very hyperactive.He can go to any extent to get what he wants.His passion is Nitya.He likes her very much.She also likes him a lot.

Reyaansh did not mind it.

Reyaansh:Dr.Tej..actually why have you kept Nitya here?Is it because of the murders which happened in her house?

Tej was stunned.

Reyaansh:You may be wondering how I came to know about that.I had enquired about her and came to know this.Do you think that Nitya murdered those people?

Tej:I don’t know.

Reyaansh:Then why have you been keeping her for years in the name of treatment?

Tej:Sorry Dr.Reyaansh.I can’t disclose the medical history of my mental patients.

Tej walked away.Reyaansh was irritated.




Nitya was standing near the window.Reyaansh stood near her.


Hearing him call her,she smiled.

She looked at him.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Jeev came that way.He could not tolerate Nitya standing close to Reyaansh.

Jeev called her:Nitya!

Nitya turned back.She looked at Reyaansh and ran away blushing.Reyaansh smiled.

Reyaansh:Guess seeing Jeev watch us,she became shy and went away.

Jeev:Doctor…Nitya is mine..only mine.

Reyaansh kept quiet and Jeev walked away.

Reyaansh thought:I hope his obsession for Nitya does’nt lead his mental illness to the next level.


Reyaansh went to Moloy’s room.

Reyaansh:Any new painting?After all your paintings depict future.

Moloy showed him his latest painting.

Reyaansh could not believe his eyes.

  1. Kifu

    Wow..it’s really so so amazing πŸ’–. I have read the past episodes but couldn’t comment but it’s really thrilling. Jeev and nitya spending time was Lovely πŸ’– but i think nitya will love reyaansh..hope jeev doesn’t get affected😟. Swetlana is so cheap to do seductive drama 😠. Thank god she got nice insult from reyaansh. Shocked to know that moloy paints depicting future..shocked that those dogs were sent by swetlana and Tej to kill him. Nitya blushing on reyaansh was cuteπŸ’–πŸ’–. Why is reyaansh suprised seeing the next moloy painting? Did he draw him and nitya together? Waiting eagerly for next episode.. awesome 😘

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  2. Ishana_stories

    Awesome as always!! Cant believe svetlana is so cheap to do all this, reyaansh insulting her was good. Jeev and Nithya spending time with eachother is good but it will be bad if he comes between reyaansh and nithya, i hope his obsession doesnt harm him or anyone else. Moloy and his painting skills are really good, i like you added that from the movie. nithya blushing after the romantic eyelock was so cute. eager to know what the next painting of moloy is about…

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

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