Swaragini_A Game Of Obsession and Revenge (Chapter- 1)

Thnx guys for the immense support..Most of u were asking of pairs..Well since its a swaragini ff, ultimately the pairs will be SwaSan and RagLak..and both will have equal importance here I can assure u that..here’s the first chapter..plz do tell me how was it.. Stay blessed 🙂
Chapter 1- First Move

Maheshwari’s Food Agency, Mumbai

“Well done Sanskar..m so proud of u..” Durga Prasad Maheshwari patted Sanskar after they bagged another big contract because of him..
He then turned towards Laksh who was shamelessly checking the receptionist out-“Laksh..I hope u will learn something from Sanskar..its time u also become responsible..”

Hearing no reply from him he raised his pitch -“Lakshh..” He frowned but Laksh was too deaf to hear .

“Lakshhhh..”He fumed with a much higher notch and Laksh shivered waking up from his wild dreams-“Ye..yes..yes Dad..”

DP barged-“Enough of ur carelessness..Laksh m warning u now..be serious and become responsible or else I have to take strict actions against u.” He left fuming.

Laksh clenched his fist in anger-” f**k responsible..even if I will bag any project still he will scold me..he just needs a reason to scold me..and what responsiblity he was talking about..what does we people do rather than betraying everyone..”

Sanskar patted Laksh’s shoulder to calm him-“That’s business Lucky..nd dont feel bad of Dad’s word..He is just worried for u. And besides he is probably right..u have to join business someday..den why not today..Today we have organised an interview to select a suitable legal advisor for our company and I don’t know anything you are accompanying me in this..”

Laksh was baffled-“Today..no way..Today I owe a date to Jenny..and m damn busy..and besides what’s the need for such a hurry..I will join some other day..plz Bhai..”

Sanskar was in no mood to get convinced-“No plz..its final Lucky.. no more arguments..u better join me”

“Okay” Laksh finally surrendered..”But one question..do we have girl candidates also in the interview.”

“Luckyyyy…”Sanskar playfully punched Laksh’s shoulder..and they both chuckled.


Sitting at the edge of the Sofa, Ragini was nervously waiting for her turn. It was their first step towards justice but she was hell worried. Every ten or twenty minutes later, one or the other person was coming out of the Interview Room disappointed with the rejection and she couldn’t help but smirk. But thinking about her own rejection was making her restless. She just cant afford a rejection. Taking a deep breath she headed towards the Convocation hall when her name was announced.

Classic Heritage Resort, Kandivali, Mumbai

Dressed in a perfectly body hugging swimming costume, Swara glanced the
delectating blue lagoon of the resort. She knew she don’t know swimming and would be drowning in a couple of minutes if she jumped inside but that’s what she wanted. Without giving a second thought she jumped inside the pool and as expected withing a blink of eye she started asphyxiating while trying to swim..

“Help..somebody Help” she bawled loudly struggling amid those water which was overpowering her..

Hearing her scream, people gathered there whispering who should jump inside the pool to save her while Swara was still struggling in the pool and finally loses her consiousness. They turned towards the direction of splashing sound of water which echoed from the other side of the pool..

A masculine creature reached towards her, lifted her up and brought her towards the shore of the pool. “Pump the water out of her body else it can be fatal” stated an middle aged women.

He squished her stomach and after oozing out some water from her mouth Swara finally opened her eyes.. “Hey..Are u fine” the person asked out of concern. Swara nodded and whispered a gentle thanks while he helped her in getting up.

Crowd disappeared sensing the situation was now under control. “By the way May I know what were u doing inside the swimming pool if u don’t know how to swim” asked the Man out of curiosity.

“Well..maybe I wanted u to save me.” She curtly replied but then chuckled when his brow cocked up in confusion. “Joking” she chuckled again and he too joined her a second later.

“Sahil..Sahil Sengupta..”he extended his hand and she shook it with hers smirking wide at the success of her first move -“Swara..Swara Bose..”

Need to stop it here..else it would become too long..plz do share ur reviews and thnx for reading.. 🙂


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