SWASAN : the dream i ever dreamed [prologue] by neptune…..

Helloooooooooooooooo everyone am back again and this time with a story that hurt us the most….
Guys as you all must be knowing that our swasan pics are edited by some people and they are spoiling our memories I tried to request them to not use those pics but they won’t understand they are hell bent to hurt us and break our fandom you know I tried to request them in one story but just to hurt us they edited another swasan pic and kept it in their second story just to hurt us. You people will be knowing it very well how it feels to see our heavenly pair’s beautiful pics morphed this badly but never mind they just want to make us feel hurt and bad actually I was feeling very sad seeing those pics that’s why I thought to share my feelings with you people……..
Well guys we all know that few days back a plot was started from our dream track and they just wanted to make us feel hurt by starting a story from that track in that way, but guys we have learned from our swasan to make the best memories in the worst situations right so I thought to continue the story from that prologue but in my way and the pairs would obviously be our beloved swasan.
So guys I will be continuing this story only and only if you people want it and you people support it. We will not let anyone ruin our dream track so please tell me if you like it or not..

The story starts from when ragini’s truth was out swasan were not married and all the secrets are not yet unfolded. As soon as her truth was out ragini could not think of any other way to save her marriage with her laksh ji finally swara was proved not to be characterless and everybody got to know who was the real culprit.
Ragini started her drama of being the innocent marwadi girl and tried to gain sympathy by crying. But but but was it the way everybody thinks so, was it laksh for whom ragini did everything or was it for someone else, was her love and obsession with laksh? Was all this planning and plotting done for laksh or to gain someone else?
Was Sanskaar really changed or was he still upto something??
Ragini suddenly began to cry and other people were clearly confused except one person and that was? [ hmm guess who is with ragini in all this]
Ragini : daadi, dekha aapne kese laksh hum par bharosa nahi karte dekha wo abhi hum par shak karte hai daadi abhi.. [daadi did you see laksh does not trust me even now he is still doubting my love daadi still]……….

Scene 2
Ragini is meeting someone in the dark. She straightly goes and hugs that person while the other person was feeling uncomfortable and he quickly separated her from himself while she was confused with his behaviour.
Ragini : don’t worry everything is going according to our plan only and soon we will be together forever.
While she was quite happy while saying this the other person was clearly not happy and he was not understanding why because it was he who had done all this planning..

So guys please tell me whether I should continue with this or not because I am very confused about it whatever will be the answer of majority I will accept it. So please tell me all your views honestly and yeah another thing I know that in this part I just showed ragini but I had to I had no other option from the next part swasan scenes will start but their love story will not be easy it will be a ride full of love, hate, jealousy, passion, truth, rights, justice and the most important thing our VALUES AND SPIRIT.
Another question:
Do you all want ragini to turn positive or want her in a negative role? Do you people think that I am degrading her character?
Please answer all my questions honestly I would love to hear all your previews whether good or bad. Meet you all in the next part till then bubbye……….

  1. Mars

    Hey!dear concept is amazing and continue soon.
    Coming to those who r spoiling our swasan memories let them do I know it hurts but they are jealous of our fandom.And they can just make fake and imaginary things but we have real and original one which is treasure for us.I know this is fictional world but still one can imagine for something which really existed otherwise sochne ko tho kuch b soch lo.And dear make ragini negative and u won’t degrade her character as it was in serial also like this only.
    I never liked ragini but now i started hating her.even I was thinking that whether to make her negative in my story but now I will definately bcoz only they don’t have copyright to spoil our swasan .
    BTW I m waiting post soon.

    1. Mars

      Moreover dear don’t be upset actually the problem is they have nothing of their own that’s using our heavenly couple’s pics.huh!

    2. IQRA222

      Hey mars di i agree woth you and also understand that you are hurt as i am and everyone else here is .
      Di its fine if you want her negative in this ff and i also understand that you dont like her. But di hate is something which doesn’t goes by my side i felt it was too harsh of ypu even though you hate ragu dosent mean you can poat it publicly. There are some raglak fans like me who love swasan too and when they read such comments they also get hurt just as i am so please do think before you write. And yes everybody is not same not all the ragini fans pair up her with any body and i am one such please dont label every ragini fan as a ragsan fan because some do genuinely lpve raglak and cannot see anyone else other than laksh with her.
      Di i am so sorry if i hurt you but i needed to say .
      Hope you underatand me

    3. Mars

      I m extremely sorry dear I didn’t mean to hurt you.I understand you POV.

    4. Mars

      Thank you dear for forgiving me now i felt bit relaxed otherwise i was feeling bad hurting you.

    5. IQRA222

      Di its ok no ?

  2. IQRA222

    Hey Neptune di the prologue was simply superb
    Cant wait for the episodes to start
    Didu i can understand how painful it is for you as same is the condition for me as even i love swasan and am a raglak fan so these edited pics hurt me too as i cannot imagine ragu with anyone or shona with anyone
    Didu pls dont make ragu negative. You wont degrade her but it will become hard and difficult for me read the story which i really want to
    Do update soon

    1. Neptune

      okay iqra even i think its right to make ragini positive because we are not bad like those people who in their every ff make swara negative and want all the male actors to be ragini’s soulmate but the current scenario requires ragini in a negative role but i will make her positive as the story goes along i hope its okay with you and i will try to frame raglak’s love story also..

    2. IQRA222

      Jdi do call me iqu as my friends do and di thanks a lot for making ragu positive its very sweet of you and thanks for trying to make raglak too
      Love you
      Take care

  3. Sus

    its good dear, you can start
    Ragini fans think that cvs did injustic to ragini character but i don’t know WHY THEY DONT UNDERSTAND that this role offered to her and after knowing about her role tejwani accepted it becoz she become negative within 3 months of serial, so somebody tell me how this injustic to her.
    Again Helly was selected for Swara for and she grabbed and loved her role. Same goes with Sanskar and Namish i think.

    Definatly every person has right to leave the show if teja was upset with her she would have left that role and definatly she liked her role thats why she continue till last. Same goes with other character of swaragini.
    i really don’t understand what Ragini’s fans actually like means just think yaar without even seeing working with any other Hero they just pair her with anybody and somebody actually said correct
    that ragini’s fans don’t know who is her Price charming.
    I have seen every 2nd fanfiction her prince charming changes, even i just thought to read raglak ff but you know what
    i inderstand of sanskar is ragini dever they will share mother son relation and very nyc bond when when it comes to jeth, i really don’t know what they show i mean i have observed that when there come comes this type of relation then also a proper decorm is shown, even two sisters married in one house also and even in tv also how effectively they show. in this type of relation either girl uses bhaisa, bhaisheb, jeth ji, bhaiya.

    should i say one thing teja new serial in on the way, i definitely bet you guys they will again blame cvs for that

    1. Mars

      Hey! U r absolutely right ragini fans can pair her with anyone. I m eagarly waiting for that day when they will pair ragini with adarsh bcoz he is also similar as sanskar to her that is her BROTHER IN LAW.

    2. Neptune

      u r right sus tejaswi knew about her role then how is it injustice to her they are infact spoiling ragini’s image and making her character worse. they don’t have any sense of pairing and want sanskaar as he is the best but what they forgot is best deserves the best that is why sanskaar was paired with swara and not ragini…

    3. Saumya_K

      Yes! Cz if it was really injustice then why doesn’t she feels so? Why do fans feel that it is injustice, when she doesn’t? She was free to leave any time. Tej fans are just too much, those insecure rascals.

    4. IQRA222

      saumya di pls dont use such words for raglak fans as not all are same!!

    5. Saumya_K

      Sorry to hurt you IQRA! I didn’t mean that to RagLak fans, sorry again dear! I really really like n adore RagLak 🙂 Also don’t call me di, I am just 12. <3

  4. Phoniex

    These people are. Ot satisfied with what they want. I loved Ragini’s character till she was negetive as she had done fabulous job with her acting in negetive role and even begged ITA nomination for it. But her so called fans want her to destroy her best work by painting her white. And the worst part is they don’t have any imagination so they are using Sanskar’s character for reference as they don’t have any ideal for themselves. They are jealous of sanskar as his character was most well defined and multidimensional.
    They use him because they don’t have anyone of his calibre to show. They are not satisfied with lakshya’s character.

    1. Neptune

      u r right phoenix tejaswi really did a very nice role as ragini and if she is satisfied then why not her fans well its just useless to make them understand i hope you liked the track on which i am writing……..

    2. Saumya_K

      True phoniex tejasswi couldn’t get what she deserved for her hard work as ragini only bcz of her fans.

  5. IME

    I would surely love to read this……..
    But please make Ragini Positive please!!
    and yes i agree it hurts a lot
    those pics of OUR SWASAN and they edit for bro-sis pair huh
    I really feel to stop coming to this page as i cant see those images!!
    I cannot see Swara and Ragini with Laksh and Sanskaar respectively
    The original and best pairs
    leave it
    otherwise my anger will cross its limits
    update soon
    please keep ragini positive
    LOve u
    take care

    1. Neptune

      okay dear i will make ragini positive but after a few episodes as for now her role is required in a negative way but i will surely turn her positive as time passes and yeah i hope you like the story too…..

  6. Sumayyah

    yaa Neptune you are right
    i really didn’t understand that why are they using our pics for their work we didn’t use their pixs then why
    I really felt pity and disgust on them
    your track is nice
    looking forward

    1. Neptune

      thank you suma for liking the track because i was going to write depending on the response i get hope you will like the story as it progresses and about those people they really hurt us very much but we are swasan fans just like them we love someone who hurts us too so from now we won’t bother much about them so we are friends right?? and if you like then please read my other stories too i would like to have your preview in them too…

    2. Sumayyah

      of course Neptune now we are friends hi5
      and I will surely read your other stories too
      I hope u are a female
      so age batao then I will call u dii or just your nick name
      thank u so much for your sweet proposal

    3. Raina

      Their pics??? ROFL…… I can’t control my laugh.. What does they have to call as THEIR PICS?? They have nothing and that’s why they are using our swasan pics!!
      Don’t take tension sumu!! Pity them! They have nothing!!

    4. Sumayyah

      he here Rainuuuuu I really don’t care about them
      they just can’t do anything so they just hurt us but instead of hurting I fell to laugh on them

    5. Pramudi

      Completely agree with raina. They have nothing called as their’s. Those all are SWASAN’S pics. That’s the reality & the truth.
      They aren’t satisfy with their pair. That’s why those fellows want complete SWASAN to satisfy their selves, Sanskaar as prince charming & swara as ultimate villain ?
      Tch tch.. Feeling pity for them.

    6. Neptune

      yes i am female and i am soon going to turn 18 on 1st june what about you dear

    7. Sumayyah

      again hi5 I’m also turning to 18 this 26 October

  7. Nikhila

    Yes dear you are right…. They are writing on rag__san it’s upto them… but they are editing our swasan pics and it really hurts …. bt ignore them dear…. We have seen our swasan really… continue your story dear loved it ? ❤

  8. Saumya_K

    I loved it awesome!!! And I completely support you. Yes it hurts but I stopped caring. No more for those jobless Bhai-behan fans. Let them die for their ‘non-existent’ jodis. About Ragini being negative, while one hand, I want u to take revenge from them by making her negative, but secondly I realize, why should we stoop so low like those dogs? So it is your decision if u wanna make ragini -ve or +ve. Just 1 suggestion that if Raglak are also the lead here then don’t make rag -ve cz it will hurt loyal n true RagLak fans, on the other hand, if it is only our heavnly couple swasan, I don’t mind ragini -ve but just make sure she repents for her deeds in any way, cz I felt that in sr she wasn’t punished properly..
    Thanks and waiting for your update. 🙂

  9. Raina

    Hey Neptune!!
    I don’t know about the prologue you are talking..
    Was it and raglak story or any of bhai behen’s fan’s story?? Bhai behen matlab that rag—————————- ——————- —————————— —————— San fans? Because I read only swasan stories, that’s why I don’t know about the dream prologue you are talking.. Coming to the morphings.. Yes I have seen them, but why did you request such people?? I just feel disgusting whenever I see it but if they are morphing, they also know the reality that who is the couple in the serial.. They can just do this morphings and write and read FFs! Let them live in their imagination world, we can go and watch our swasan scenes online, but they can only imagine. No one can change the truth, right? However they go with their morphing tricks, don’t think about those things..
    Coming to your story,
    I can’t understand, swasan are not married but ragini’s truth is out? When did this happen in serial?
    And then the character of ragini.. The way you have planned the story, it depends on it! If she has to be in a grey shade, fine! Or positive also fine!!
    But I really can’t guess the story with these two scenes..
    Still an interesting start!!

  10. AIRA

    Beautiful concept yaar… Do continue soon… ?

  11. Neptune

    actually raina it was a story of those bhai behen fans but the title was swaragini and it was from our dream track but i read it and in that story swasan were not married and ragini’s truth was out they wanted to show bhai behen’s love story and that track hurt most of us and even we told them not to insult marriage but they continued their story just to hurt us and relations and yeah it is not from the real concept of swaragini..
    i will clear all the things as the story progresses and if you want you can read the prologue of that story it was swaragini- my side story by shrilatha..
    and i will clear the storyline as it progresses further hope you like it dear…

    1. Hey just leave dat. what to do rashmi mam makes the character of sanskar dat much good ki every one want sanskar for their lead.our sanky is soo awsm na.and we know sanskar made only for swara.
      But i dont like varun kapoor.his attitude towards fans

    2. That girl is crazy. she supports incest and fights with everyone who says it right what you can expect from her. there are few people who will do anything to see their Ragini ffs. don’t take those people in account yaar. she should be invisible for us as all her work is to provoke us.

    3. Saumya_K

      @Ria- I agree.

  12. Rosey

    You did a great job yaar..,in so happy…you know I also hate them when they edit our heavenly couple so much beautiful memories with there fake ones…I can’t express how I feel…but you did right…
    And about story on this track in more than happy…you know a girl also started story on this track in which Swara says I love you Sanskaar…I think those stupid Rag_San fans complain and they delete that story…I can’t all how much angry was I…now I’m so happy that you give them a tight slap…
    And about about your question to turn positive to that Ragini then don’t do that…she didn’t deserve this after what she did with Swara…may be in serial Swara was mahaan but here I want her to be selfish and give a good lesson to that Naagin…
    And one more thing a small request please don’t show that Shekar and Shomi together…I hate that cheap person…always behave as double face…but this tiny mint request…hope you will fullfill it…and Swara should give good lesson to that Dadi and Shekar
    Thank you???

  13. see dear..write for our couple…it will be good….but don’t write bcs some one hurted us and we too have to do same..just don’t give damn to some morons…if we react,they will do more…so better stop giving them damn…n concentrate only on our couple…!swaragini serial viewers fans wellwishers…all knows that only SWASAN n raglak are couples…but some obessed fans are living in their imaginary shell…shipping their female fav. with everyone…it is so irritating to us…bcs this is swaragini page n have to bear who are not even existed and couple bcs of them?and swasan fd is more active in wattpad,indiaforums… so they don’t give damn to these all…and from now we should also follow same…and coming to morphing????they will say they hate swara…bla..bla..and they will make morphed pics of swara replacing their fav.’s??can’t stop laughing..but truth is sanskar only loves swara and romanced with swara…and even sanskar kissed swara…see how despirate they are making those morphing pics..?they want our swara’s place….but poor them…reality is SWASAN????so don’t give damn…do u remember…sanskar even tried to kill ragini;for his swara?whenever ppl write their ff…i remember that scene and ragini calling sanskar as bhai scene…and will laugh like anything????from now u also do same like me…

  14. Simi

    I agree.. I acnt tolerate those pics.. Am Swasan fan but i like raglak too.. But i read only Swasan ffs..
    I too read that ff seeing title swaragini… Now I regret it… When swasan fans told her that sanskar n Ragini shared brother-sister bond she said that then Swara is also sister of sanskar.. Can u imagine that.. Most of us have brothers other than our real brother,, like rakhi brother or our best friends we whom we treat us brothers n that doesn’t mean he is brother to our sister..
    After raglak’s first marriage there was an episode in which ragini called sanskar as sanskar bhaiyya.. Someone mentioned about that but she didnt accept that.. If i had that episodes link i would definitely send that link to her…
    About Ragini’s character do as u planned… If possible make her positive after sone episode

    1. Simi

      *after some chapter

    2. Sus

      yaar just after marriage night sanskar brought laksh home when laksh told swara cheater and chatacterless in that episode ragini told sanskar as sanskar bhaiya

    3. Simi

      Yes i remember..

    4. Saumya_K

      I think that part where ragini called sanky her bro is edited from voot, dunno why 🙁

    5. Arshaanya

      Nope saumya its still dere…
      Vyshu shared it wid us on WA n we all enjyd…
      If u r not gettin it dan open kakali z swasan the ultimate winners… dere u wil get dat link

  15. When a girl marries n calls her mil as “”ma”” that dosent mean she’s(mil) girls dad’s wife……after mrg avry rlationship changes….v c our sil as sis that dosnt mean her bro is our bro…who dsnt no the value of relation they vll talk any rubbish thing dont give any heed to them

  16. I dont blame any swalak fans coz in start they dd magic vd their chemestry….. My sis was mad at them her fon was full of their pix….. But after mrg n his mistrust she also said he dsnt deserve swara….. Then comes swasan i cant explain wht sans did to us….his perfection n his love,care…a perfect hubby which evry girl dream to get….loved their bond,understandings,trust,care….n many more they r perfect….. O

  17. M irritated vd their edited pix….they intentionaly name their stry as swaragini….to show us n hurt us…… “””N PROLOG WAS GOOD DEAR CONTINUE SOON”” love u tk cre…..i also love dhoni….not love m mad at him….his helicoptr shot….love that vry much

  18. Moon

    i really felt hurt and disguisting when i saw those pics but never mind* taking deep breath*let them live in their imaginary world of their ragsan which is just a joke as we all know. when we request them to do not change pics they show us attitude like we have said them to stop fanfictions and talk to us rudely which shows us that they are true ragini fans who have learned to hurt others like ragini but they didn’t learned from ragini how to speak politely with others and understand their feelings

    when i read that prologue na seriously i felt bad that they used swasan track. i mean to say they can frame any story but to hurt us they take from track*taking deep breath*.

    we didn’t stopped them but they take topic to another level but atlast we all know reality that it was swasan and will be swasan which can’t be erased by some pics.

    coming to your story . it is awesome and i am looking forward for it

    and sorry for taking my frustration out.

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