Swaragini- The soul sisters by Kukku. (Part-5)

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A beautiful house (nalukettu. is shown.
The house is decorated beautifully. It shows that there a wedding ceremony is going to be held. A lady of age 50 is shown walking here and there and instructing workers to do the job fast. The lady is Janaki.
Janaki is a headmaster of a govt. high school in Cherthala (Alappuzha). She is wearing a orange color silk saree. And just a small chain. She don’t have any sindhoor or bindi. She is shown speaking to a picture of a man of 50.

Janaki : Today our daughter Swara is getting married Shekar. I wish you could have been with us. Y did u leave us Shekar? I hope Swara will be happy after in her life.
Keshav ( Janaki’s brother, still unmarried) : Chechi (Di), Did Swara got ready? The groom and family have already left to our house.
Janaki : Let me check Keshav. You go and call Kavya. (Swara’s younger sister studying engineering at Trivandrum).
Keshav : Ok. And he left the place.
Janaki goes to check the work in the mandapam. Like this

Keshav enter a room and see a girl is putting flowers in her hair. She is wearing a silk saree of Magenta color with small zari work
With traditional Kerala jewelers Palakka Mala (Like this and matching jimukki (Like this and bangles Like this

She is looking extremely gorgeous in the traditional attire.
Keshav : Kavya, Did Swara not yet ready?
Kavya : Let me check Keshav mama.
Keshav : God. The groom must be confused to see who the bride is.
Kavya : If he is confused, let him. Anyways my sister is a beauty queen. So no need to be confused. Let me go and check Swara chechi and she run from there.

Here in a room a girl is shown getting ready with the help of beautician. She is wearing a red color Kanchipuram saree. Her hair is nicely pleated and decorated with Jasmine flowers. She is wearing a lot of ornaments. (In Kerala either it is Muslim, Hindu or Christian wedding brides have wear a lot of gold, like a jewelry add) The smile in her face is adding more beauty to her.
Like this

She is looking breath taking in that attire. (Guys Helly Shah will look like a fairy).

Kavya : Chechi, U got ready? God you looking gorgeous…. Groom family is here now.
Swara just give a sweet smile. Suddenly her phone rings. She pick up the call.

Swara : Hello, Who is this?
OP : Hello Dear, how r u? I heard u r getting married today?
Swara : Sanskaaaaar (tensed). What you want now? Everything is finished between us, and then Y you are calling me?
Sanskar : Not soon Swara. I have the pictures of our relation. If I give those pictures to your would be husband ,Can I? (Laughs)
Swara : Pls Sanskar… Just leave me for God Sake.
Sanskar : How can I leave you Swara? We loved each other deeply for 3 years.
Swara : Yes we loved each other. But I don’t want to spend my life with a Womanizer like you Sanskar. And she cut the call.
Kavya : R u alright? What happened? Tensed about the marriage? Don’t worry everything will be fine.

Swara (monologue) : How can Sanskar threaten me like this? He is so cheap. No I will not bend in front of him.

Someone shouts that the groom and family are here. Call the bride.

Janaki & Keshav welcome the groom and family. A woman of age 60 (grooms mother) call Laksh come and sit in the mandap.

Laksh is wearing a dhothi and off white silk shirt. He is looking handsome in that attire.

Keshav come and make Laksh sit in the mandap. The pandit ask to call the bride. Janaki went to call Swara and sees she is coming out along with her sister and friends.

Soon they get married and Swara left to Laksh’s house.

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  1. Is this swalak?????

  2. is this swa___lak?

  3. is this swasan ff or swalak confusing me….. can u plz reveal the actual pair is?

    1. Kukku

      Anu, Go through the promo, U will get a hint of the story.

  4. Seebu_s

    nice…and i’m sure it is swasan?

  5. there is nothing about ragini whole story is about swara i have read all 5 episodes better you change the name soul sisters or it will give wrong impression to readers because it waste the time of the readers who want to read it for ragini i am not making negative comment but try to understand other point of view too after i read all parts in the impression that story have something about ragini but i wasted my time so plz its a request dont fool readers like you invest your time in writting likewise we readers are also read it because of our favrotes

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