Swaragini-Some Unspoken Things Episode 8 By Aditi Ayansh

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Hi !!! How are you all hope my squad is doing well…so as promised here goes the next update..Thank u for all your comments
Adi 🙂
“Stay Strong and make them wonder how you are still smiling.”
Recap: Ragini tricks Sanskar.
Next day Ragini reaches college and looks for Sanskar she was happy as she didn’t see Sanskar waiting for her at the front gate.
Ragini happily went to her class.
She was hell Shocked seeing Sanskar sitting inside her class.
Ragini eyes him angrily.
Sanskar looks at her lovingly.
Ragini: what are you doing here?
Sanskar; is this your seat?
Ragini nodes her head in no.
Sanskar: then what?
Ragini: i know all your cheap tricks.
Sanskar laughs.
Sanskar: no you don’t.
Ragini:Then why are you here?
Sanskar: you very well know that.
Ragini: don’t act smart with me
Sanskar: ok i’ll not try to act smart with u?
Ragini: And stay away from me.
Sanskar: not at all
Ragini: what is your problem
Sanskar: u are my problem.
Ragini: what you mean?
Sanskar: i meant what i said.
Ragini: you are wasting your time.
Sanskar; exactly we are wasting our time..so hurry up come with me.
Ragini; no way.
Sanskar: there is always a way.
Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand.
Ragini: leave my hand
Sanskar: ok but first come with me.
But at that time teacher comes.
Teacher: who are u?
Sanskar: good morning sir I am Rithu’s brother.
Teacher: so what are you doing here? And where is Rithu?
Sanskar: that’s why na sir Rithu is not well. So she cant attend today’s class. And exams are coming near so no one will give their book for sister to copy the notes. So i thought i’ll attend her class and take down all the notes.
Teacher: nice try but for that you will have to get permission from the prinicipal.
Sanskar: please sir you know na principal will never agree for this ..please sir please
Teacher: ok but you can sit in this class till lunch break.
Sanskar: thank u so much sir Thank you.
Teacher : ok now students settle down fast.
Sanskar sits near Ragini.
Teacher starts teaching.
Sanskar disturbs Ragini.
Ragini: stop irritating me or else i’ll complain about you.
Sanskar shows a scared face.
Ragini looks him angrily.
Sanskar draws lines on her book.
Ragini: Sanskar!!!
Teacher: what is it Ragini?
Ragini: sir woh he..
Teacher: what he? You are disturbing the whole class. Out.
Ragini: sorry sir.
Teacher: no ..get out.
Ragini looks at Sanskar.
Sanskar tries not to laugh.
Ragini is very irritated seeing it.
She goes out.
After the class is over Sanskar goes to Ragini.
REagini: now what you want.
Sanskar: this is called tit for tat.
Ragini: what?
Sanskar: for the past 2 weeks you were fooling me na.
Ragini: i didn’t do anything.
Sanskar: you know the truth i know the truth ..now you know that i also know the truth. Then why are you pretending that you don’t know the truth.
Ragini looks at him wide eyed.
Sanskar: tit for tat Ragu baby.
He smirks.
Ragini: you will pay for this.
Sanskar: no you are going to pay for this.
Ragini: lets see who will pay.
Sanskar: by the way i am ready
Ragini: you will loose.
Sanskar: Sanskar Maheshwari never looses.
Ragini: yh thats because Sanskar Maheshwari has never faced Ragini Rathore.
Sanskar: then lets see
Ragini: we will.
Sanskar: ok then bye.
Ragini: get lost.
Sanskar: i love you.
Ragini looks on angrily.
Precap: Sanskar Maheshwari vs Ragini Rathore
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