Love Is Beautiful Emotion SEASON 4 (EPISODE 32) BY ZAIMAL

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Swara was laying on her bed while starring at ceiling,smiling ear to ear.she quickly gets,opens her drawer,takes out a small velvet black square box and opens it and takes out a KING(chess) which was made of gold.


“yey!??….i won”swara claps her hand after giving check and mate to sanskar.

“i told you she is good…don’t play with her”ram said while clapping for swara.she bends her head a little to take applause from ram and looks at sanskar.he was looking at ram and swara with amused look in his eyes.

“sir some of your friends came to meet you.”one servant comes there and said to ram in obedient.ram nodded pats her swara’s and leaves.

“what happened?…can’t believe it that you lose game to me,if you want we can go another match?”swara said while keeping her face in right hand palm.sanskar chuckled and shook his head.

“i accept that you won…here is your wining gift”sanskar said and put a small black colored velvet box in front of her.

“wining gift…really”swara gets happy,quickly picks it up,opens it and takes out king.

“you asked for the reason why i didn’t wanted to get marry?…and why all of sudden i agreed for you”sanskar asked in composed tone.swara looks at him and nodded slowly.

“it was because of my mother….”sanskar said and gulps a little,thinking about it again.swara stares at his face,first time she was able to see pain in his eyes.he had always covered every emotion but now she was able to see pain in his eyes.

“she had a affair even after she was married and had a kid and just because her husband was going through financial crises.when my father confronted her about her affair instead of apologizing,she left because she thought she is wasting her time with a person who can’t handle business.Neither The strong bond of marriage stopped her nor the mother’s love.”sanskar hit his fist on arm of chair.

“what’s the need of these stupid relationships which anyone can break when they feel…..therefore i never wanted myself to get entangle in any kind of such relations then you came….i tried so hard to keep myself in control but even after i trying so hard to not fall for you….you won to make me fall SO THIS KING IS YOURS.”sanskar said while starring at her face.swara looks at him after registering his each word in her brain,she smiles,quickly gets up and hugs him.sanskar hugs her back and closed her eyes.


“i will never do anything which will make you remember your mother….i promise”swara said and kissed the king with closed her eyes.



Swara knocks at door and enter inside.shomi stands on her feet after seeing her.

“swara!…”shomi said with bright smile.swara goes and hugs her.

“happy marriage anniversary…”swara said after hugging her.shomi looks back and saw shekhar standing at door with smile.shomi mouthed him something which made his smile grew bigger.

shomi breaks hug and kiss her on frehead.

“look like my threat to your father worked…”shomi said while caressing her hair.swara nodded while giggling.she forward a beautifully packed square box.

“what is this?..”

“anniversary gift..”

“its not needed you came that is more than enough for me….and let me tell you you are not going back.”shomi said last sentence while looking at shekhar.he nodded in assurance.

“i came it was dad’s surprise for you but this is from my side.”swara explain her in such way that shomi laughed a little and took box from her and opens it.

There was beautiful diamond bracelet in it and a triple S was hanging down from it which was merged together in a beautiful way.

“one S for sheknar,one for sharmishta and one for swara…”swara tells her after keeping her index finger on each S of bracelet.

“do you like it?…”swara asked while fidgeting her fingers.shomi nodded with smile.swara gets happy and makes her wear it.

“we should go down now…everyone is waiting for us.”shekhar said and opens door for them.Mother and daughter wipes there tears from corner of eyes and walks outside with shekhar.

“where is my gift?…”shekhar asked from swara while they were climbing down the stairs.

“i have special gift for you…”swara said and looks in whole hall and her eyes met with sanskar.her heart fluttered,seeing him starring at her without a blink.she blushed a little and quickly moves her gaze.

“special gift?…what is it?”

“you will come to know…”swara giggled.sheknar looked at her in suspicious way but before he could have said something.waiters brings anniversary cake for them to cut.

swara make shekhar and shomi stand together and both cut the cake while whole hall echoed with clapping sound.


Swara was starring at her parents who was dancing in center of hall.she turns back and was going to take a quick shot when sanskar take shot glass from her hand and put it back on counter.swara looks at him with open mouth.sanskar keeps his index finger under her chin and make her close her mouth and chuckled.swara removes his hand quickly,turns forward and mutter something under her breath.

“are you cursing on me?”sanskar asked while turning back.

“no i am cursing on my faith….all i wanted about my life partner that he shouldn’t be overprotective like my father but my bad i got just like him or maybe more protective”swara said last thing under her breath.

“i am not overprotective…”sanskar said in defensive way.

“then let me drink this shot and cover me so that dad shouldn’t see…”swara said while quickly turning back.

“no you are not drinking from now on…its injurious to health”sanskar said after taking small glass from her hand again.swara through daggers at him then turns back and crossed her over chest.

“do you know so many people are suffering from liver cancer just because they consumed too much alcohol”sanskar said calmly but swara huffed in anger.

“by the way i was right about your size..”sanskar muttered in her ear.swara looks at him and both share a small romantic eye lock.

“are you trying to say i am looking beautiful in this dress?”swara asked with knowing smile.sanskar smiles after hearing her.

“you will never compliment me…”swara said,shook her head and looked forward.

“will this beautiful lady dance with me?…”sanskar asked while offering his hand.

“didn’t you notice two persons are digging holes in your head just because you are talking with me and still you are asking me for dance?”swara looked at him with one raised eye brow.

“two?…one is your father,i can tell without looking at him.who is other?”

“your ex-fiancee…”swara said through greeted teeth while looking at kavya who was throwing daggers at them.

“she was not my fiancee,who gives this wrong information?….how many times i should tell you this?”sanskar said in annoyed tone.Swara looks at him then smiles.

“Good evening uncle…how are you?”swara said with bright smile,walk passes sanskar and hugs ram.

“she got such a wrong informer…”sanskar muttered while starring at swara and ram talking nonstop.

“will you two stop behaving like sisters…”sanskar said in pissed voice as they were ignoring him completely.

“he got this sense of humor from me….”ram said to swara while swara nodded while laughing a little and they again ignored him.

“sanskar you know today i was going to talk to swara’s parents about you two…but i will not do it now.”ram said as he winked at swara.

“but why?…”sanskar asked in shocked tone.

“what do you mean by why?….swara told me everything.”

“what did she say to you?…”sanskar asked while looking at swara with squint eyes.

“why did you blackmail this poor girl.”ram said and looks at swara,she makes sad face

“i blackmailed her?…”sanskar points at himself

“don’t lie now….she told me that you are blackmailing her to marry you,just because i am forcing you to get should have told me you need more time.”

“yes sir!…i made uncle agree to give you time until you find a girl to whom you love….don’t worry”swara said with sweet smile.

“have you lost your mind today…why are you saying all this?”sanskar said in shocked voice and takes step toward her.

“uncle i will leave now…don’t talk with my parents about anything.”swara quickly said and walks out from there,scared from sanskar’a anger.sabskar quickly goes after her.

“its mean talk to her parents as soon as possible…”ram said shook his head.

“swara stop….listen to me”sanskar runs after her and stops her outside the house.

“what do you want to say now?…”

“why did you stop dad from talking to your parents?…”

“because i think you are marrying me because of your father.”

“this plan is not good at all…”swara thought and bites her inner cheek after looking at his face.

“don’t say this…don’t you know i…”

“i what?…”swara said with hopefull eyes that he will say those words for which she did so much drama.

“i…”sanskar gulped,feeling it hard to confess.

“when you have to give presentations for hours then you don’t stammer but for saying these simple words you are stammering…i am leaving.”swara said through greeted teeth,frees her arms and walks away from him.

“Geez!…giving presentation is much more easy than this….”sanskar muttered to himself while passing his fingers through hair and looks at her.Her car was parked to other side of the road therefore she was crossing the road when sanskar saw a car coming toward her.

“swara stop!….”sanskar shouted and run toward her.

“go to hell!…”swara shouted without turning back.At that time she got hit by the car and rolled over rough road while went and hit a tree.

“SWARA!!!!…”sanskar screamed,run toward her and held her blood covered face in both hands

“i…i am sorry but brakes were failed….i..i didn’t do it intentionally”driver comes there running but sanskar didn’t hear anything what he was saying to him.


“what do you wanted to talk to us?…”shekhar asked while looking at ram.shomi also looks at him.

“i came with a marriage proposal….”

“marriage proposal?…”shekhar and shomi looked at each other.

“i am asking of your daughter’s hand for my son sanskar…and i think swara didn’t told you about this but its children wish also”

“we are very sorry if this had happened a little earlier then we would have been really happy but this not possible now….”

“did i do something…”

“no…no mr.maheswari you didn’t do anything wrong.”shomi said quickly.

“its just swara is already married…”shekhar said with stone face.


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    love d epi dr awsm.

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