Swaragini : my side story (episode 17)

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Hai everyone..so long I know ..But I was kind of busy.. January assignments ,submissions,projects I was very busy.So I thought of posting my side story first..

Ragini goes to her room crying and here sanskar comes out of baadi with heavy heart …He collides with swara on the way.

Swara: tum?

Sanskar: I came to meet ragini.

Swara: look sanskar I think you are wasting your time on her.She doesn’t love you so just leave her alone.

Sanskar look on while she leaves..

Swara comes to ragini’s room

Swara: what was sanskar doing here?

Ragini looks at swara.

Ragini: he just came to see me.

SWara: look ragini ur decision is right ..You know people will say a lot of things if you marry sanskar .you know after your marriage with laksh .Also It will affect my married life ..Ragini I know u have taken decision . just follow your heart don’t let sanskar or anyone affect your decision.

Ragini nods.

Next day..

Sanskar comes to take ragini to airport swalak were also in baadi.

Ragini was taking everyone’s aashirwad ..

Sanskar looks at her with teary eyes.

Laksh notices him.

Laksh puts his hand on his shoulder.

Laksh: weird na bhai ..both of us have same fate.The girl you love doesn’t accept it and the girl I love don’t even consider my love.May be this is because we r brothers,

Sanskar: I am sorry laksh.If I didn’t make ragini negative that day swara would have married you long back and she would have still loved you.

Laksh: no bhai I understand .when I came to know that ragini was responsible for breaking my marriage I became so mad on her that I threw her out at midnight ..I can understand what you went through when kavita died.

Sanskar looks at him.

Laksh: I really wish ragini changes her mind soon.

Sanskar nods.

Ragini comes and gets into sanksar’s car.

Sanskar avoids looking at sanskar..

Ragini looks at him.


Sanskar: mujhe bhook lagi hai(I am hungry)

Ragini: hum aapko khane denge but please give the knife back…

He gives her the knife back but immediately holds her duppatta…


Sanskar gets scared and holds ragini tightly..

Sanskar : dont come near me..dont touch me..

Ragini: sanskar dekhiye he is ur brother.

Sanskar: nahi… only u stay with me. Only u can touch me.

He tries to eat food but spills it.

As he was clutching her duppatta.ragini takes a morsel and brings it close to his lips.

He drags her hand tightly and puts it in his mouth.

Fb ends.

A tear escapes ragini’s eyes.


Sanskar was jumping in the room.it was late night ..

Ragini: sanskar its late please sleep..

Sanskar: no. no. no..I will not sleep.

Ragini: why?

Sanskar:because if I sleep you will go and I want you to stay with me forever.

Ragini: acha atleast after some time you will sleep then I will go na..

Sanskar thinks holding her duppata.

Sanskar: then I will never sleep.I will do anything to make you stay with me.See what I will do.

He ties her duppatta to his kurta..

Sanskar: now you cannot leave me…

He smirks.

Ragini smiles.

Ragini: ok baba I will not leave you now go to sleep.

Sanskar: pakka promise.

Ragini pakka promise.

He lies down holding her hand in one hand and holding her duppatta in other..

Ragini: now sleep peacefully.

Sanskar: of course my dost is with me.I don’t have any fear now as long as your hand is with me.I will sleep nicely.

Fb ends.

She remembers all the moments spent with him…

Finally they reach airport and ragini gets down.

He sees her going..Both don’t have words to bid each other good bye..

Ragini goes for checking her boarding pass..her thoughts were still revolving around sanskar..

She remembered the time when her own family went against her and he was the only one standing for her.she couldn’t stop herself anymore.the more far she was moving from him the more it hurt her.She dropped her bags down and ran for sanskar..Sanskar was leaving .She runs and hugs him from behind.

Ragini: I am sorry sanskar..I cannot leave you .I cant go.

He turns around and cups her face.

He couldn’t believe it .

Sanskar: ragini ..Oh god..I knew it you wont leave me..I lov…

She stops him. She puts her finger on his lips.

Ragini: you said that many times ..Its my turn now.

Sanskar looks at her lovingly..

Ragini kneels infront of him on her knees.

Sanskar clasps his mouth unable to believe it…Everyone in the airport stops to look at this heavenly couple …One small girl comes to ragini and gives her a rose from her bouquet ..

Girl: say with this.

Ragsan smile at that girl.

Ragini: everyone look at him.standing infront me is the most most not only handsome but the person with loads of love within him.Sanskar you stood with me in every problem. My own family left me but you were always there for me.But I was stupid not to tell you this earlier.You wanted me to give you a chance to share every pain of mine and every smile of yours know I ask you infront of everyone will you stay with me forever .Will you give me a chance to love you.Will you let me grow old with you.

Sanskar immediately grabs her and hugs her tightly..

Sanskar: I will..but I think roles are reversed.

Ragini looks at him and gently hits him on the chest.

He hugs her tightly everyone in the airport claps for them…

Here at baadi all the maheshwari’s were present.

Swara was very happy.

Swara(in mind): now ragini wnet away.Sanskar will forget her eventually .I will have to tell everyone now that I cant stay with laksh..

Swara: papa I want to speak about something.

DP looks at her.

DP: haa bolo.

Sujatha: bhai saab. I am worried about sanskar..He didn’t come from airport yet..He would be heart broken.

Swara rolls her eyes.

Sujatha : I wish ragini had accepted his love.

Swara: why ..so that you could get her married to sanskar..Everyone, get this clear ragini left and will never come back. And also ragini and sanskar will never be one.They..

She turns around but stops seeing the sight infront of her.

Ragsan were standing there with smiling faces holding eachothers hands.

Epi ends..

Uff finally done with confession.Hope you liked it..Acha tell me if you liked the picture that I used..Bashers out please…Hope to see u guys soon.

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