SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story…

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So guys… Here I am… Back with another swaragini ff…. So here is a short description of my story….

it’s loosely based on Harry Potter…. You can say Harry Potter in India… Some spells,and other things will be from HP and some plots as well… And some definitely will be original…

Ragini Gadodia… A brave cheerful and Lively girl who is about to turn 18 finds it weird that her parents, though being professors never took them to their college… She tried to follow them but something or other happens and she she looses their track… Her step sister Swara who is more like her own sister is a year elder to her… after she turns 18,she also joins Her parents’ college for higher studies… Initially she tried to gather some info from her but then she was made to shift in collegeโ€‹ hostel making her even more suspicious…

things take a turn when she herself turns 18 and the mystery is solved… not only that… her life turn adventurous and she eventually realizes her worth,aim and importance… She meets the love of her life and like other love stories here is a villain too…

The Characters of the play are:
Ragini Gadodia
Female lead… 17 years 11 months old…
Brave cheerful and Lively… Beauty with brains… Feminist as well as a strong personality… Has some weakness of her but she knows how to overcome them… Believes in herself and her works… Never afraid of keeping her point in front of others… Loves her step sister and family… Has a specialtyโ€‹ which is to be revealed later…

Swara Gadodia
Second lead… A year older than Ragini… Loves Ragini very much… She is mischievous cheerful bold and beautiful… Another beauty with brains… She is naughty but is really sharp and intelligent… Has a secret which will be revealed later…

Shekhar and Sharmishtha Gadodia
Parents ofย  SwaRagini… Professors in a college… Swaragini inherited their bravery and boldness from them only… What they teach will be revealed later…

Lakshya Maheshwari
Similar age as Ragini… A hot, handsome,brave and arrogant boy… But a philanthropist by nature… Cannot see anyone in problem (rivals are an exception) Loves his elder brother and agrees to his every word… Has some annoyance towards his father but shares almost everything with his mother and brother… Posseses something special which is to be revealed later…

Sanskar Maheshwari
Swara’s classmate and Lakshya’s elder brother… A very jolly and flirty type of a person… But brave and courageous… Posseses a secret as well which is to be revealed later… Mischievous in nature but studious and is a topper…

Durgaprasad and Annapurna Maheshwari
Parents of Lakshya and Sanskar… Also professors in the same college as Gadodias… Very supportive and helpful… DP being little strict but Annapurna balances it with her sweetness…. What they teach will be revealed later…

Parvati Gadodia
Principal of The College… Swaragini’s Dadi… But is strictly against favouritism and takes a stand for what is right and what is wrong… Seems really strict but is secretly really helpful and a soft hearted person…

Other characters if added, will be introduced later…

So guys plz do tell me whether i should progress with it or not… And yes… I am warning you guys before hand… I am going to be damn irregular with this story coz i am too much occupied with other stuffs but i cannot survive without writing so i am here… Read and express your views…

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    Plot seems interesting as many people tried twilight but not on HP.so I am interested

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  17. Omg..let’s nacvho???? kuki I jst love love love supernatural stories!!! Th ku so much for writng on such plot..dat too wid ofcourse mera baccha ragini as a lead???????m super eagerly waitng for dis story!!! Jst loved d CS…hehehe dadi principle ….Maza aagaya???? plz try to post frst part soon!!keep rockng n stay blessed..?? umaah! Much love

  18. Jiyani

    Amazing dear and do continue

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    Wonderful didu and can’t wait for next episode di

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    Thank You for another story…

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