Swaragini : my side story (episode 10) ragsan

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Hello everyone this is your shri back again..Sorry I could not update yesterday as there was no light.
So without delay I will start .Here goes.

Ragini goes to her room crying .sshe takes out her mother’s photo.
Ragini : why ma..why does love have to be so complicated.I loved laksh but he said he loves swara.Swara Loves sanskar but he doesn’t love her.and now sanskar says he loves me..I always thought boys play with me.why ma…Laksh said I am his type but sanskar says I am his everything..What am I supposed to do.I need u ma.Please come back. Your kid needs you.Please answer my question.
Sumi: Can I answer it beta?
Ragini turns to find sumi.
Ragini: Sumi ma?
Sumi: haa beta .I am in mother’s place now .so can I answer it.
Ragini bends her head.
Sumi: don’t you think of me as your mother.
Ragini could hear the hurt in her voice.
Ragini: its not that ma..but.
Sumi: I know beta..sanskar loves you a lot.
Ragini: but ma I can’t accept his love for me.
Sumi: why not beta.
Ragini: because swara still loves sanskar.
Sumi: but ragu she is married to laksh.
Ragini: I know ma . buut she still loves sanskar .and now if I marry sanskar swara will feel bad.we both have been through it ma.I don’t want to go through the same thing again.
Sumi: I understand it beta but please think about it. Sanskar truly loves you. Accept him before anyone else comes your way.
She pats ragini’s back and goes leaving ragini in her thoughts.

Here sanskar returns with sad face. Pari runs to him with excitement and swara observes this from the stairs..
Pari: Kya hua sanskar ..what did ragini say.
Sanskar hugs her..pari understands and even swara understands it..unknowingly she feels happy.
Pari: koi nahi sanskar ..I know one day you both will be ragsan.together.
Sanskar : thanks bhabhi.but now I don’t think she will even meet me.
Pari: I have a plan .Dont worry. You will get your surprise.
Sanskar smiles and goes to his rroom.
Swara: I am happy for ragu but I can’t imagine ragu with my sanskar.
Sanskar: I am not yours swara.
Startled swara turns back and sees sanskar infront of her.
Swara: sanskar wo..
Sanskar: please swara Understand I don’t love you besides you rae married now.get that clear.
Swara: ok sanskar but tell me onething.isn’t ragu married too.
Sanskar closes his eyes.
Sanskar: No swara she was married.laksh and ragu are divorced.
Swara:.I am ready to get divorced with laksh.I don’t love him.why don’t u understand I love you.I never got my father’s love and laksh ragu snatched him from me I know she was not aware but still I lost my love and now I haave to lose you again.This is not fair sanskar.
Sanskar: stop it swara.I don’t love you .I love ragini and only ragini.,she is my everything.

He leaves angrily.

Swara breaks down and laksh who was listening to everything was totally broken.

Here at GM
Whole maheshwari family was present ..
Ragini comes to swara happily.
Ragini hugs her.
Ragini: how r u swara.I missed you.
Swara breaks the hug looking at sanskar.
Swara: I am fine.
She says cooly.
Ragini is about ask something but she ignores her and goes to sumi.
Ragini feels bad but ignores it.
They have a chit chat . whole time swara was looking at ragsan .sanskar was looking at HIS ragu and ragini was trying her best to avoid him.finally it was time for them to leave.
Pari: acha sumi ji. wo I wanted to say that ki abhi karwa chaut is coming and for swara it is the first one ..u know na she doesn’t know the rituals properly.I think its good if ragini stays with us for few days.We are also missing her.
AP and sujatha looks at pari.she winks at them they understand.
Sanskar grins ..
Sumi also understands and she nods in yes.
Ragini also gets ready to go to MM as she was missing them .sanskar becomes happy.
Swara gets suspicious.
All come out swara makes place for ragini in her car.as ragini is about to get in her car pari stops her.
Pari: ragu could you please come in sanskar’s car .I will sit with adarsh her.
Ragini hesitates but nods in a yes .
Pari: ragu u talk with swara ,meanwhile I will get my bag.
she goes towards sanskar’s car.
Sanskar: thank u so much bhabhi.
Pari: its ok.I am doing this for myself .I want ragu as my devrani that is why I am doing this ok.
Sanskar: bhabhi ur great.
Pari: I know acha listen.I have removed oil from your car After sometime it will stop stay somewhere and open your heart to her atleast spend some some time with her

nskar blushes. Pari goes smiling.

Epi ends

Precap: ragsan moments.

I know u guys want to know about new entry whether she is good or bad but guys your excitement made me evil now her character will be surprise.
Take care bye.

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    1. Shrilatha

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      Thanks polly but dear I already said either it’s going to be long or regular…u know na I don’t have time yaar

      1. Ok ok di I want it to be regular
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