Swasan- destiny made me meet you (shot 2) by samaira

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heyy guyss samaira here! thanks a lot for ur response on the last shot it really means a lot to me!!!
Lets continue-
It was the wedding night swara was hell nervous…
Swa-hil room:-
Swara is sitting on the center of the bed with veil on her head(but its not covering her face)
Just then sahil enters the room making swara more nervous..
Sahil comes and sits beside her ..
Sahil- everything happened so fast tht we didnt get to know abt each other.. but now as we r married and ur my wife so now its ur duty to always keep me happy .. nd satisfied..
Swara feels disgusted by his talks but she dosent say anything and nods..
Sahil removes his turban and holds swara s hands.. making her shocked.
Swara slowly removes her hand making sahil confused..
Swara ( not looking a t him) iam feeling very odd right now.. nd we dont know anything abt each other…
Sahil- hmm its ok its new for every couple .. we will get used to it..
He switches off the lights.. nd sleeps ..
swara reliefs a breath..

Next day:
After getting up swara fresh n ups and does the household chores…
Sahil is happy seeing it..
All the rituals take place..
Between all this sahil tries to come close to swara,..
Swara wanted to know abt him as they r going to spend their entire life with each other.. but sahil always tries to be physical..

After 10 days:-
Swara s day would start and end while doing the household chores,.. but she never complained..
Just as eveyone were sitting in hall..
There s a knock at the door:-
Swara goes to open it .. to see a delivery boy there..
Swara- yess what do u need..
Delivery boy- mam this is the post for mr sahil shekhawath
Sahil gets up and goes to them…
He gets ANGRY seeing swara talking at a man.. nd he signals swara to go from there..
Delivery boy:- sir this is for u..
Sahil signs on a paper and the boy goes..
Sahil comes and opens the post .. and reads it..
While everyone r eager to know what is in it?
Sujata- sahil wht is it?/
Sahil- mom i have to go for the duty.. some terrorist has attacked and they r calling me.. my holidays have been cancelled..
Sujata(dissapointed) wht is this! only 10 days to ur marraige and ur going??
Sahil- maa it is important.. pls try to understand..
Sahil fastly goes to his room and packs his luggage,,
Swara is also quite dissapointed and sad..
Sujata notices this…
Sujata- swara dear u dont worry he will come soon..
To this swara just nods..

After some time:-
Swara and sahil gets down ,.. sahil is in his army uniform..
Sujata rp and uttara r standing there..
Sahil – maa u dont worry i will be back soon..
He takes blessings of rp and sujji and side hugs uttara..
Sahil passes a smile to swara and goes…

Leap of 6 months:-
Six months has been passed.. and sahil didnt return till now.. Before 3 months they used to be in contact but now the have no news abt him..
Swara s life is just going on always taking carefor HIS family.. She is damn sad..

Guys no matter how sahil was but still every girl wants some support of her husband and same was with swara..

Whenever she used to be with uttara or sujjji she used to laugh.. she just went to herhome 2-3 times thts it!

Every day she had a hope tht she would get a call from sahil.. everyday she used to be near telephone waiting for his call but no use cause it never came/..

A usual day:-
As usual swara woke up early and was doing household chores,…
everyone were present in the hall..
Sujata- how many days have passed we dont have any news abt sahil..
Rp- dont worry sujata i will call the army department ..
he calls them but as usal he gets the same response saying tht they r trying to contact them but as his duty was near a hilly area there was no network or any way to contact them..
Sujata was hopefully looking at him but he sighs..
Uttara consoles swara..
While swara just gives a fake smile..

Next day :
As everyone were having their bf.. just then the telephone rings,.
Swara hurreidly goes and pick it up..
Swara- hello
Caller- is this mr sahil shekhawath s home??
Swara- yess
Hearing the reply she drops the phone and sits with thud!!
Uttara sees it and hurriedly comes towards her..
Uttara- bhabhi what happened!
Uttara takes the phone!1
Uttara- hello what happend who is it?
Caller- hello iam from the army department we got a news tht there was a bomb blast where sahil was on his duty .. two soldiers who were with him has died!! almost everyone r dead or in serious condition but we r not able to find sahil s body!! At this moment we cant say anything…we r sorry..
Uttara starts crying miserably sujata nd rp also comes there and everyone r deeply shocked by the reply..

After 2 days!!
Everyone r still in a deep shock nd not able to believe what has happened.. swara is just like a lifeless body!!
Uttara and sujata tried to console her but it was of no used.. uttara was damn hurted seeing her bhabhi s condition!!

After some days the rituals were done! of sahil being dead
# but sahil s body is not found..

now what will happen of swara?/ how is she gonna live her life!!

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    hajahaha……..sahil wapis aayega jb Sank ke saath khushi hokar rehjayengeu……. Swara….

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    Feeling so sad for Swara. Now waiting for Sanskar entry. Nice update

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