SWARAGINI Rishta Khatta Mittha (Chapter 6)

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Swara recalls sanskar and her eye lock. Sanskar call her in his cabin. He tells her to arrange the meeting for him and says’ this meeting is really important for me’. Swara says OK. She leaves for home. Some boys tease her in the way. She takes out her pepper spray but it slips from her hand. She get frightened. Boys tries to get closer to her sanskar comes and saves her. Swara sees him. Darmiyaan plays. Sanskar leaves her to her house he reminds her about meeting. She tells Don’t worry.
Scene 2.
Laksh’s friend challenge him to convince a girl for going to party with . laksh sees Ragini. Laksh request Ragini for going to party with him. Ragini refuses and slaps him. She leaves. Laksh’s friend asks him why did you let her go she slapped you and you should take revenge . laksh : no yaar she was a simple Indian girl. Leave her.
Scene 3.
Next day. In morning. Swara call the client to arrange meeting for sanskar. But her mobile falls and get damaged. She get depressed.
Scene 4.
She reaches office and sees sanskar tensed in his cabin. She goes there and says. Swara: sir(her voice trembled). Sanskar sees her with anger. Sanskar: why are you here now. Because of you we have lost our important client. Just get lost from my cabin. Swara: but . sanskar: shut up. Go go from here. Get lost. She runs to her table and start crying . she tries not to cry but tears start rolling down her eyes. Laksh reaches there listing music. He sees swara crying. He goes to her and ask her what happen? He hold her shoulder and tell.Laksh: swara what happen swara. Please tell I am getting tensed swara. Swara hugs him and tell”laksh ,Sanskar sir.I can’t see him tensed because of me. I cannot even think of hurting him. He is my.. She stops. And goes from there.

Precap: laksh think why I couldn’t think of any other girl other than swara. Why I feel sad when she cries. Why I cannot see her crying . why. Why she is special for me?

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. Please don’t make swalak make it swasan yaar and raglak.
    Always why everyone is taking swaragini and leaving ragini
    If u felt bad I am sorry has aditi 🙂

  2. Omg aditi yaar ur just confusing us yaar so ur making a gud story huh ??

    Pls yaar yeh kya locha hai !! R u gonna put a fight btw …

  3. I want to clear that it’s a swasan fan fiction . and you will see this in next chapter. And I am a swalak fan so it’s difficult for me to make it swasan but I am doing this only for you all. by seeing your comments I made it swasan and really sorry if you don’t like my story. I hope you wil understand guys. And ended this suspense only for you all . sorry if you don’t like it. And I may discontinue it because of lack of time but if you wil support me then I will surely continue it. Waiting for the comments.

  4. Plzzz continue yar….its really nice…all the best

  5. cntineu aditi..its ur story so dicision will be urs dr..

  6. aditi if u wish to make swalak also no pbm. but just inform in the beginning itself. its nice. keep going

  7. sruthi robin

    swasan plsssssssss

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