Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 5

All are ready for selection .
All girls dances with every boys.then swara and ragini dances with sanskar and laksh respectively.the teachers sees the closeness between them and smiles.

Scene 2
In the classroom

All are very much nervous that whom will they pair with.
Teacher comes and says that result is with me.she announces all the pairs now only sanlak and swaragini were remaining as swaragini had dance with both sanskar and laksh they were also nervous that whom will they paired with .The teacher says that swara you are paired with……….sanskar.Swara gets happy and hug sanskar tightly he also hugs her tightly and ragini and laksh are also very much happy.

Scene 3
In rehearsal room

All the pairs are practising as everyone wants to win.swara and sanskar are also dancing romantically.ragini and laksh also dancdon’t likeh are very happy as ragini and laksh finish their first part ragini goes to drink water .laksh also goes to drink water .they both drink when they were coming back ragini’s leg slip and laksh holds her they share an eyelock ….sunn raha hain plays in BG.Here swasan are dancing and are lost in each others thought.

Precap:Teacher comes and says the pair will win this competion will represent our college in national level dance competion and those who will win in that will get a holiday trip to london.All get excited and sanskr and laksh think in their mind that their first date will be in london.Lets see who takes their princess to london for date.

Sorry for mistakes and friend i think that you don’t like my fabrication because no comments and support .
Please friends I need support.Please comment.

Credit to: Deeba

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  1. Super xcitedd …..4 nxt…episode

  2. Its fabulous

  3. Oh oh deeba so ur also a swasan fan huh??

    Jus love it yaar !! Pls if its possible I want d both swasan n raglak to go to london 4 their first date !!!

  4. Its so good….continue episode….bt pls swalak ad ragsan pls ….pls pls pls

  5. Nice ….n plz make swasan..i love them xoooo much

  6. Loads of love ❤ dr…swasan rocksss..even raglak too….who is the lucky couple..gonna gt a trip to London ?

  7. we lyk ur fan fiction sisu….cntinue dr

  8. super dear carry on plz

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