Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 11

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Hello everyone.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments. Please continue commenting about the best dialogue also.

With all your encouraging comments I started another Raglak ff Tere bin nahi lage jiya. I already posted the prologue yesterday.

Now with the next chapter of Benaam Rishta Woh


Raglak were shocked that the bus was nowhere to be found.

Ragini: Where is the bus?

Laksh: I have no idea. The driver also got down right. Then how?

Ragini: Maybe the bus driver came back and drove away.

Laksh: What to do now?

Ragini: Why don’t we call someone in the family and tell them to stop the bus?

Laksh: Yeah.

He takes out his phone from his pocket and tries to switch it on.

Laksh: What’s wrong with this phone? Oh god!!

Ragini: What happened Laksh?

Laksh: My phone got completely discharged. So it got switched off. Give me your phone.

Ragini: My phone is in my bag which is in the bus.

Laksh: What are we going to do now? Chalo we will ask for lift.

Laksh was trying to stop cars but none of them were actually stopping. He got irritated. Ragini sensed this. She came forward.

Ragini: Laksh, you go and stand there. I will stop the cars.

Laksh: No Ragini. I will stop the cars.

Ragini: Please Laksh. Let me give it a try. Everyone will be tensed if they see that we are not there in the bus. We need to stop a car as soon as possible.

Ragini tries stopping cars. After few minutes a car stops. They are a few boys in the car who are drunk.

Ragini: Hello can you please give us lift?

Boy1: Yes sure. Come in. But who is that person who comes along with you in the category of WE.

Laksh(coming from back): It’s me. Thank you but we don’t require your help.

Boy2: Why so much anger? Madam you please come. Get in.

Laksh caught Ragini’s hand tightly and pulled her to his back. He stood protectively in front of her.

Laksh: I said that we don’t need your help.

Boy1: Dekh, get lost from here leaving her to us.

Laksh: Never even in your wildest dreams.

With this he starts fighting with those boys.

Ragini: Laksh leave them. Laksh.

Laksh: How can you ask me to leave them. How dare these people??

He hit both the boys and they fell down. Just then Ragini saw a man taking out a knife.

Ragini: Laksh, let’s go. I said let’s leave.

Ragini caught his hand and shook him. He nodded his head and held her hand. Both of them ran into the jungle behind them.

Laksh saw a small hut and pulled her into the hut. The hut was a small one and it was really dark.

Laksh left her hand and started searching for some source of light. Ragini started panicking.

Ragini( with a shiver in her voice): Laksh aap kahan hain?

Laksh came do her sensing the fear in her voice. He held her hand and said “Ragini”.
The next thing he knew was that she was I his arms. She was hugging him tightly and was clutching his shirt tightly in her hands.

For a moment Laksh felt his life coming back to him.

Ragini(still hugging him): Please don’t leave me Laksh. I am scared of darkness.

Laksh: I know Ragini. Main hoon naa. Don’t worry.

Slowly Ragini left his shirt and broke the hug.

Ragini: Sorry Laksh.

Laksh: It’s ok. You don’t worry. I am there na. Saying so he collected a few pieces of wood present in that hut and lighted them.

Both of them sat on the opposite sides of the fire.

Sab tera plays in the background.

Slowly they dozed off.

Next morning

Laksh was the first one to wake up. He
saw that Ragini was sleeping but her hair flicks were falling on her face disturbing her sleep. He was mesmerized seeing her.

He went to her and slowly removed the hair flicks falling on her face and tucked them behind her ear.

Laksh(in mind): I love you Ragini.

Other side the families were worried that Raglak have been missing. Laksh’s phone has been switched off and Ragini’s phone was found ringing in the bus. So there was no way to contact them.

Sahil(in mind): This Laksh is not even picking up the phone. It is switched off. Where did he take my Ragini?

Suddenly Sanskar’s phone started ringing.

Sanky: Hello

Laksh: Bhai, it’s me.

Sanky: Lucky where are you? Are you ok? Is Ragini alright?

Laksh: Yes Bhai. We are ok. We are speaking from a public telephone booth. There is a milestone here which reads 45km to Pratapgarh.

Sanky: Well don’t worry then because Pratapgarh is the place where Raheja Haveli is. I am coming to pick you guys.

After few hours

Raheja Haveli

Daadi was taking the evil eye off Ragini.

Daadi: Don’t know whose evil eye fell on your life Laado.

Dida: Aye Marwaran move. Let my Ragu eat something. She might be hungry after all.

Daadi: Aye Bangalan. Just shut up. Laado you go and fresh up.

Ragini nodded her head and went into the room which was allotted for her. She saw her reflection in the mirror. She remembers Raglak’s hug.

Ragini: Even after what all happened in our lives, I stay without any fear only in your arms Laksh.

Other side

Laksh: Yesterday when you hugged me I felt that I got back my life Ragini. But it’s true that my life will soon go away from me forever and ever.

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