His Venture : Slot 5

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Recap: Twinkle do not get to know where the disc is n walks away pissed off from he’s room..Kunj assures himself dat he wud walk away alive without answering any of her questions…

Slot 5;

As the Indian Airways took off from the Mumbai airport ,UV sat inside feeling calm for the first tym following kunjs kidnap

“Something is always better than nothing” he thought munching on the donuts

The first thing he did today morning was catching the first flight to Mumbai, some information which remembered now,  may lead to kunj was he’s hope

Kunj was walking in he’s room, he cud feel the pain in he’s arms and legs, he twisted turned he’s body followed by bending he’s hips hoping to release the ‘caught up’ muscles

Lucy walked in ,a bit startled to find kunj awake and surprisingly in a very good mood on an otherwise impassive face

“Good Morning Mr Sarna” lucy greeted him formally

“A very Good morning Miss Lucy”,he said smiling

“Well ,u seem to have adjusted here in less time” lucy spoke

“Hmm, yep I’m not new to ur treatments anyway, its just a warm morning ” kunj spoke

Now lucy was shocked, ‘how was he awake?
And not new to our treatments?” Lucys mind went on thinking

“Ur fine?” Kunj asked her, an impassive look this time

How early does he’s expression change!, lucy noted

“Absolutely, u should be the one to be not OK” she shrugged

Kunj passed her an half smile nodding he’s head

Once UV walked in to check in a  hotel, he looked towards he’s cell phone
The message at top of the inbox read:
“Stellar Hotel , 216, grand venue, Mumbai”

He walked in to the Stellar Hotel, towards a well furnished table of the receptionist

She flashed him a robotic smile
“Welcum sir, how can I help u?” She asked in a chirpy voice

“Well”, he looked over her batch to read her name printed on it
“Miss Tia ryt?” He asked her looking back into her big brown eyes, tilting he’s head slightly towards he’s ryt, giving one of those charming smiles, girls found hard to resist

“Yes ” she said, watching over he’s smile

“Can I get a room plz” he asked softly
helding her gaze

“Sure sir” she said looking back into the monitor which lay between them

“Well ,can I get my room anywhere between 212-218, I have my friends  their so I need to catch up with them” he asked her

“Well sir, “she paused for a moment and looked back into the monitor and her gaze shifted back to UV
“Would 214 be okay ?” She asked sweetly

“Yep, that would be fyn” “thanks ” he muttered as she handed him the room keys

“Have a good tym sir” she added

“Ya ty beautiful lady,  see u around ” he wisphered and looked at her cheeks slowly Turing crimson

He smiled , “The play boy ? UV” he nodded to himself ,getting he’s first step ryt, slipping into the elevator

Twinkle looked from her cabin as her superior, Vardhan walked into her room

“Good morning sir” she greeted him
As both of them settled in d cosy chairs
“Good morning agent” he wished her

“How’s it gng twinkle?” He asked her

“No luck yet” she answered

“Its impt for us to know abt dat disc” he spoke softly ,weighing he’s words

“I’m aware of dat sir” “but as u know he won’t give it away dat easily” she replied

“Things aren’t dat easy twinkle, u know he wudnt gave away information he’s had, hes very efficient” he spoke

Twinkle looked unmoved, she had got herself coustmed to these situations by now, she sat their thinking about how challenging her job was, and a way more challenging task at hand

“Try something new agent, we need that information” he spoke softly

“And don’t push urself of the limits” he added

Twinkle smiled weekly, “yes sir” she said

Once he was gone, twinkle sat their resting her head at the back of the chair
She closed her eyes, the week has been tirey , from the tym she had sent her subordinates ,Aoarn n lucy to follow kunjs movements, hoping dat they wud eventually stamp on something impt, but disappointingly they didn’t…
Considering the tym left, twinkle had no better option then kidnapping kunj and even after four days having him in her custody she cudnt get what she wanted…

The disc had an important information, personally twinkle was more curious abt it…By now she had tried every means to have satisfactory answers from kunj…
But he wasn’t giving away..
“Smart!!” She muttered to herself still eyes closed

But some questions were haunting her at the back of her mind, for which she had no answers.

Kidnapping kunj from the basement of some apartment were he had headed wasn’t difficult, chloroform had shown its action n soon he laid their unconscious… She took he’s cell away, and went back to he’s isolated penthouse to keep it back..

The main door was locked and unfortunately she cudnt find the door keys in kunjs denim pockets..
Once kunj was taken away , she cautiously removed the screws of window door of he’s room and walked in to place he’s cell der ,near the bed lamp…she searched the whole room for the disc, but she didn’t find it…
Desperate to find it she had walked towards the bedroom door only to find it locked from outside..which meant she had no access to any rooms accept than the room(kunjs bedroom) she had sneaked into..
Frustrated she moved out through the same window he had come in a while ago, she fitted the nuts n screws precisely n had walked off
The only reason for placing his cell phone back at he’s house was to confuse ppl wen they wud find abt kunjs kidnap which aid buy her more tym to get her answers from kunj

Had she found he’s keys that day, she wud have access to every room of that house n wud have probably found the disc

Holding kunj captive was proving to be tenuous job! He behaved as untamed soul, not giving away any information n pissing her off with he’s worthless comments n comebacks…

She opened her eyes, she sighed heavily, “I vl take what I want, come what may”she muttered b4 walking into the corridor n turning towards the high built walled room where kunj was kept

As UV came out of the elevator, he walked straight to Room 214…he glanced at the opposite side, beside which lay Room 216..

216 wasn’t locked ,hence some one was inside…
He wanted that room, for he believed he would find something impt n which may probably lead to kunj…But asking for dat room directly wud be suspicious to the receptionist so choose to anywhere close to it

He wasn’t sure of what he wud find der, but it was worth giving a try. .
Once he was inside his hotel room, he jumped into the cosy bed…

He started @ the ceiling…

If the sources were to be believed, who said him dat kunj was followed sometyms on d streets, by a blonde n male with pitch dark hair n they were believed to be resting in Room 216…
But they had checked out of the hotel few days back…
UV thought  ,he wud be lucky if he can find  some lead to where kunj was been taken to…

He remember that back @ kunjs penthouse the only place which was not under CCTV surveillance was he’s bedroom..n kunj cell phone was found der, so UV was suspicious abt that…
“Probably it was placed der deliberately once kunj was kidnapped” was he’s conclusions knowing kunjs habit of carrying he’s phone wid him always

He had to sneak into that room soon, for tym was ticking…….


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