Swaragini – A new era (Chapter – 1)

Chapter – 1

Hii i am new and my name is evie and i love to write , i am a big fan of swaragini but unfortunately it ended and now its more than a month πŸ™

Anyways lets countinue ….

So the story starts when ragini pushed swara is the river and went to the Marriage.
As ragini walked through the streets to home , her eyes filled with tears she was remembering moments with swara but suddenly one painful memory came when swara and laksh were dancing close and when they were kissing , her eyes were filled with more tears , she ran back to home from back door and got ready , she touched the dress that swara was goung to wear and now she will be a smile appered on her face thinking her life with laksh , but it disappered when she saw laksh and swara hugging after she returns
Ragini- NOOOOO , i can’t afford to loose him , i love him so much and i ….i shall be happy in his happiness not mine , love mean sacrifices and i …… i .OH NO what have i done , i have to save swara Oh shit .
She ran downstairs and heard dadi ma saying – where is shara , its time for her to come from temple with ragini now

Ragini knew if she tell dadi ishe won’t help her anyways she ran through the back door , images of her and swara dancing and playing came , when swara was scarec and she hugged her came , it was getting dark , the barat was going to come and she has to find swara some where , she fell down hurt her hand but diesn’t matter she has to scarifies herself not someone else .


Sanskar entered in ragini room and checked if something is mischievous , he looked at swara lehenga and thought she is not here yet and so not ragini , he was going to go when he started to cough badly and fainted .

Ragini went near the bridge and saw some folwers floating , she didn’t know how to swim nor did swara , But she jumped and tried to find she found a bangle of swara – ragini thought – i guess i lost her i am so bad i am not , her thinking distracted her when suddenly she went too deep when she thougvht something was at her back she turned and fell and sank…….. in the river .

Swara was running to the home , she was angry and sad , she thought ragini beyrayed her , she ran through halls ahouting ragini ? WHERE ARE YOU ? , you are so mean for your love ypu tried to kill your sister , Why ? she shouted . Laksh heard that he got of the horse and ran to swara , dadi ma and baba and ma also came , they tried to calm her and everyone start to find ragini .
Laksh sat with swar a forwhile
Swara – laksh its , i can’y explain . Ragini loves you alot an d she pushed me in river so that she can marry you
Laksh – i can’t belive it i thought she is my bff
Swara – she is , but not bff , she loved you truely
Laksh – love doesn’t mean sacrifice on someone else

Suddenly a guy running and breathing heavily – Ragini madam dead body is floating in the river …………………………………….

Dadi ma – What hay my ladoo , how can you say she is dead , did you bought her out
Man – sorry but her body is floating on river
Dadi ma – we have to save her , she is not dead
Swara – kaka thank you please lead us there
Dadi ma – shut up swara , you ***** , you killed her and saying that she did it
Swara – i swear she pushed me ut we don’t have time
Dadi ma – stay here i don’t want you to see
swara – but –
Shomi – just stay here shona
Swara – you are against me ?
Shomi – i don’t know we need to see ragini now
Laksh – i will stay with her

And they all went away with maheshwaris

Suddenly swara rememered – Where is sanskaar ?

They ran through ragini room and saw him fainted
Laksh – bhai ?
swara – sanskaar what happened

They threw water on him
He wakes up

Sanskar – save ragini
Laksh – you knew everything?
Sanskar – she was really emotional from last night , she came to me

Ragini came to sanskar – sanskar i want laksh , i love him so much
sanskar – don’t be mean swara and laksh love each other
ragini – what about my love
sanskar – sometime we need to do sacrifies
ragini – what can i do ?
sanskar – let them be together
ragini – but i love him
sanskar – i know but thats not a choice they love each other alot
Ragini – if i came inbetween them they will be seperated right ?
Sanskar – yes
Ragini – if i am not there , they will be happy ?
Sanskar – yes
Ragini – if i die they will have happily ever after right ?
Sanskar – yes i mean no
But she ran already
He tried to ran after her but he lost her


Sanskar – today in the room when i came ,i saw the water on swara dress and a glass bottle on which it was written do or die , i was sure she was going to do something ? where is it ? swara rae you ok ? she pushed you in river ?
Swara nodes but then gets angry – you dumb fool why didn’t you old me about this
Sanskar – i don’t wanna ruin ur relation with her i tried to stop her
Swara – but she is dead now , what relation now ? what ?
Sanskar shocked – no it can’t happen I LOVED HER ….

Swalak shocked
The bell rang everyone entered , With ha dead bosy which wore same dress as ragini , same hair length , same skin tone but everypart with blood , face was just , no one can see it , looked like river animal attacked …

Everyone started to cry

Precap – 5 years later leap , Swara wearing maang tika and saree preparing food and laksh going to office , he kisses a girl at office thinking someone else , back in gadodiya – shomi doing the clothes and dadi sitting near god and ragini photo with a garland on it .

  1. Awesome
    It’s interesting

  2. How can sanskar love ragini in this point becoz if your story is continued from ragini pushed swara in river then ragini is sister to sanskar becoz she had called her brother already dear when she took sanskar in mandir
    So srry to say it should be brother’s love
    Otherwise change the storyline

    1. Evie

      Well ragini called him brother but sanskar never called her sister did he ? nope he didn’t . If ragini hasn’t married laksh and all the drama it would be ragsan . The plot is somwthing i can’t tell sorry . There are loads of twist ahead and anyways its Fan fiction.

    2. Its never dear ragsan becoz varun himself confirmed it his interview also
      But no matter watever your story yout pov
      I m just saying wat is shown in tv and regarding broyher thing if sanskar not even said to ragini then even he hadn’t objected

    3. Evie

      Dear it’s a fan fiction, where we can imagine things and make a story – in this story let’s just forget the fact that they were like brother – sister, there are loads of ragsan fan too including raglak

  3. Fairy

    Hii dear…a warm welcome to TU ….Gr8 start yaaar…loved itttt….??? hope rags will b f9 …waitng eagerly for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed sweety

    1. Evie

      Thanks a lot, a big thank you fairy, you shall be fine too

  4. Nice. Continue dr

  5. ragini agar mar gayi toh ilzaam swara par kyun…
    marte marte bhi swara ki jaan azaab mei dal gayi
    jabke usne swara ko dhaka dia tha
    evil ragini
    i just haaaaaaaate her character.

    1. Evie

      She was evil but she sacrificed herself for her sake, she tried to save swara ?

  6. Make it Raglak plz.Sanskar & Ragini were always like bro sis.

    1. Evie

      Plot can turn also and can come back too

  7. Just hate this chipku Swara.Everything happened coz of her.Puri duniya me sirf usko apni behn ke hone wala pati hi mila tha.Ghatiya Ladki.

    1. Evie

      Lol, actually it’s true but both swaragini has own faults

  8. Wow ragsan story after a long time … Thank u !!!

    1. Evie

      Ur welcome

  9. Aasthu

    Evie its interesting….but I’m confused…..the body that was brought to MM was not Ragini’s right? was it dadima who swapped the bodies? is she acting to be sad saying Ragini is dead? so is this a swalak and ragsan ff?????? plzzz reply……..

    1. Evie

      Will see it, no one knows anything about body ?

  10. Suprrrb lve it

  11. aww next part soon plzz give ragsan scene more actually I love raglak but its OK for tejesswi favorite

    1. Evie

      Thank you I will add scene for both raglak and ragsan

  12. Asra

    awesome dear….

  13. A.xx

    Fab but I don’t think she’s dead and love ragsan wonder who lakshya kisses xx

    1. Evie

      mystery is mystery and part 2 is released , can check now

  14. Thanks for ragsan and please Continue…. Story is good

  15. Wow this is ragsan ff…. Awesome…tqsm for ragsan…..And plz give more scenes to ragini

  16. Asw

    NICE good start keep going

  17. Super interesting

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