Love and emotions Season4 Ishra Arshi FS (Part 4)

Raman:It’s Riddhima.

Arnav:He is a stranger.He wants to meet us for an important matter.
Khushi:Nonsense.How can a stranger call you like that?How did he expect you go and meet him?
Arnav:But he sounded strange.He said he wants to meet both of us.
Khushi:Both of us?I thought he wants to talk to you regarding business.But why dies he want to meet me?
Arn:Khushi…he said he needs to say some dark secret regarding Kasturi and Raman.
Khushi was shocked:What?Now what more is to be revealed?Leave it Arnavji.

Arn:No Khushi.We both need to go and meet him.It’s related to Kasturi.Our Kastu..I can’t ignore anything related to our Kastu.

Khushi could’nt utter a word as she knew about Arnav’s stubbornness.
She thought:Now Arnavji and Raman’s fight will strengthen.Hey Devi Maiyya..why things are happening like this?

Raman:Riddhima wants to meet us.Even Armaan is with her.
Ishita was surprised:Wow…We should go and meet them Raman,After so many years…we are going to meet them.

After those problems Armaan left India.We did’nt even attend their wedding.
Raman:I am shy to meet them.Because of our fight Armaan got angry with us and left.Knowing that Arnav and I are still not on good terms with each other he stopped contacting us.We lost touch with him.
Ishi:It’s ok Raman.Now everything is clear.That’s why Armaan and Riddhima want to meet us.
Raman:But I doubt if they have invited Arnav and Khushi too.I don’t want to see them.
Ishita’s face became dull.
Ishita thought:How will Raman and Arnav react when they come face to face?No idea how Armaan and Riddhima will react seeing us fight now also.

Ishi:Raman…we are going to meet Armaan and Riddhima.Why should we bother whether Arnav and Khushi are there or not?It should’nt affect us at all.Understand?

Raman:Ok…get ready Ishita.I am excited to meet them.

Raman went inside.
Ruhi was relieved.
Ishita:Ruhi…we are going to meet our friends who came from abroad.After we come back I will inform your papa about Aarav.
Ruhi got tensed again.

Raman Ishita reached a place.Arnav Khushi too reached there.They were shocked to see each other.
Seeing Raman Arnav’s face became red due to anger.Khushi held his hand:Control yourself Arnavji.
Arn:But why have they also come here?
Khushi:That stranger might have called them also.
Raman was shivering with anger:This ASR is here also to spoil the happy occasion.

Ishita:Raman…don’t spoil our beautiful moments with anger.We are here to meet Armaan and Riddhima.Not to fight with Arnav and Khushi.

Suddenly a car reached.
A man came out of the car.
Raman:It’s not Armaan.So Armaan and Riddhima are yet to come.
Ishi:Be patient Raman.They will come now.
Raman:But I am too excited.
Ishi:I am also excited.But we have to wait.
That man looked at Arnav Khushi:I also called you.
Raman smiled:So ASR is here with his wife to meet this guy.Not because Armaan invited them.Armaan has realized that the truth is on my part.So he supports me.That’s why he wants to meet us now.He does’nt care about Arnav now.
Ishita was silent.
Arn:Why did you call me?What truth you have to say about Raman and Kasturi?
Raman Ishita were shocked.
Raman:This guy came to badmouth me?How do you know about me and Kasturi?I have not even seen you before.
Arnav:Shut up Raman Kumar Bhalla.
Raman:You shut up ASR.
That man:Stop it guys.I am not here to badmouth anyone.I am here to disclose some truth.

Arn:Tell the truth.What unknown truth you are going to spill?
He:If I tell you the truth you will regret a lot Arnav Singh Raizada.
Arnav and Khushi were stunned.
Arnav:First you tell the truth.
Khushi:Why did you call us though we are strangers?How does this truth bother you?

He:Let me introduce myself first.I am Dr.Saraswatichandra.
Saras looked at Raman Ishita:You guys are waiting for Riddhima and Armaan.Right?
Raman Ishita were surprised.
Raman:How do you know that?
Saras smiled at him and looked at his car.Riddhima got out of the car.
They all were surprised:Riddhima!
They all were very happy.
Riddhima smiled:How are you all?
Khushi:Seeing you after many years.
Riddhima:I feel happy to meet you all after a long time.

Raman:I am happy that you all called us only here,
Arnav became dull:Why did’nt you call us here after coming back from abroad.
Riddhima:First of all Raman…it’s not that I called only you and Ishita here.We did’nt ignore Arnav and Khushi.
Saras:Actually I called Arnav and Khushi on Armaan’s behalf.
They were stunned.
Arnav:You called me on Armaan’s behalf?
Khushi:How come Riddhima and Saras in the same car?
Saras:I am Armaan’s friend.
Riddhima:Also my husband.
All were shocked.
Ishita:What?Dr.Saraswatichandra is your husband?
Raman:Then Armaan?
Riddhima:We never got married.
All were shocked.
Arnav:How did you both get separated?
Riddhima:After you all got separated Armaan met me.He decided to leave India.

Flash back…
Riddhima was shocked about his decision.
Rid:Armaan…how can you take such a big decision just because your friends are in a tug?Then what about our relationship?
Armaan removed his engagement ring and gave it to Riddhima.
Arm:I am sorry Riddhima.Let us break up.
Riddhima was shocked:Armaan…
Arm:If you marry me you will get only pain from me,not love. had confessed to me that you were in a relationship,but you had a break up.After that only we got engaged.
Arm:Yes.But our break up was’nt the end of everything..I mean..we did’nt want to break up.
Arm:We both were deeply in love with each other.But my parents were against our relationship.They wanted me to marry you as you were my dad’s best friend’s daughter.But I objected.So they pressurized my beloved to leave me.She sacrificed me and requested me to obey my parents.For her sake I got engaged to you.
Riddhima was shocked:Did you decide to get back to her?
Armaan cried:Even if I wish for that it would’nt be possible as she passed away.If I was with her this would’nt have happened.
Riddhima was shocked.
Riddi:Armaan…don’t cry…
Armaan wiped her tears,
Arm:I did’nt get my love.But atleast you should get your love.
Riddhima:My love?I had confessed you that I used to love my colleague secretly.But there was no such feelings from his side.So I decided to move on.My love ended before it started.

Arm:No Riddhima…not like you think.He too loves you.He too was shy like you to express his feelings.But when he decided to confess his feelings we got engaged.So he backed out.
Riddi:What are you saying Armaan?How do you know all these things?
Arm:I made mistakes in my life because of which I lost my beloved.I can’t correct my mistakes.But I can do good things.So I want you to get your love.So I went to meet the person you loved.Dr.Saraswatichandra.I talked to him and he confessed that he too loves you.
Riddhima was stunned.Her eyes became wet.
Arm:I have brought him for you.
Saras came from behind.Riddhima could’nt believe her eyes..
He too was very emotional:Riddhima…

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein


Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

Saras:We are working together.Still you did’nt say anything to me and hid everything in your mind?

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

Riddhi:What about you?You too did’nt tell me anything.

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

Saras:I thought you don’t love me.

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan

Riddhi:Even I thought the same.

Mitey yeh saari duriyaan

Saras held her hand:I love you Riddhima

Milke bhi hain adhuri si,

Riddhima:I love you too Saras.

Yeh daastaan…

They looked at Armaan:Thank you so much for uniting us Armaan.You don’t know what you have done for us.
Arm:Don’t thank me.You guys were meant for each other.
They smiled.

Armaan left India.Later Saras Kumud got married and shifted to the same place(London) and started working there.


Raman:I can’t believe that Armaan loved someone.
Ishita:Right.We did’nt have any idea about it though we all were good friends.
Khushi:Why did Armaan hide it from us?
Arnav:Whom did Armaan love?
Saras:To unhold that mystery only I called you here ASR.
Arnav:Where is Armaan?
Saras opened the dikki of the car and took out a wheel chair.Riddhima opened the car and pulled Armaan out.Saras and Riddhima helped him to sit on the wheel chair.
All were shocked.
Arnav:How come you are in this condition?
Armaan wept:It is God’s punishment.
Raman:What are you saying Armaan?
Ishita:You have always done good things.Then why do you say that it’s God’s punishment?
Armaan:My one sin spoiled a lot of relationships.Our friendship too got broken.
Arnav:You are not responsible for the breakage of our friendship.It’s all because of Raman Kumar Bhalla.
Raman got angry:ASR…
Armaan:Stop blaming each other please.Before that try to know the truth.You all heard my tragic love story.But won’t you ask me who is the girl I loved and lost?
Everyone stared at him eagerly.
Armaan wept:It’s Kastu.I was Kasturi’s boy friend.Her baby’s father too.
All were shocked.

Flash back…

Armaan caressed Kasturi’s face sensually:I love you Kasturi.
Kasturi blushed:I love you too Armaan.
He moved closer to her passionately and she closed her eyes.

They drowned in love crossing all boundaries.
Kasturi was lying on his chest:Armaan…when our gang comes to know about us they will so happy.
Armaan:Yes.But they will tease us a lot.
Kasturi:Right.They will keep on teasing me.But when will we tell them about it?
Arm:Very soon at the right time.

Later because of Armaan’s mother’s pressure Kasturi requested Armaan:Please Armaan..forget me and obey your parents.
Armaan held her tightly:Can you leave me that easily Kasturi?Can we forget the beautiful moments we spent together?

She cried thinking:Even if I wish I can’t forget those beautiful memories Armaan.
Kas:Now what is more important is your parents.Armaan…I don’t have parents.So I know their value.Since you have parents you don’t know their value.
Arm:Whatever you say I can’t obey them leaving you.
Kas:You love me.Right?
Arm:I love you more than myself.
Kasturi asked him painfully:Won’t you obey your parents at least for my sake?

Armaan became silent crying.

For Kasturi Armaan got engaged with Kasturi.During the engagement party when Armaan danced with Riddhima his heart pained.Kasturi suppressed her pain.They exchanged painful glances secretly.

After Kasturi’s suicide only Armaan realized that she was pregnant.


Armaan:I did’nt know that Kasturi was pregnant.My biggest sin was even when you all were fighting with each other I did’nt have the courage to reveal that the real culprit was me.Because of me poor Raman was accused by Arnav for something which he never did.Because of me Arnav hated Raman.Because of me even Khushi and Ishita’s friendship got broken.But still I was coward to run away.

All were shocked.Their eyes were filled with tears.
Raman:Because of you I got a bad name.
Arnav lost his control and raised his hand against Armaan.But Saras held his hand.
Saras:Can’t you see his condition?He is paralysed.How can you beat a suck person?
Arn:Because of him my sister lost her life and I lost my sister.Because of me I hurt my most trustful friend Raman.
Arnav was crying.
Saras:But Armaan got his punishment.Since many years he was in coma.When Riddhima and I joined the London hospital shockingly we saw the coma patient Armaan.He got out of coma.But he has been paralysed .He lost his parents too.He lived with a guilt of spoiling many lives.This is the worst punishment he could get.
Riddhima:And we know Armaan well.He has a big heart.He is the one who united me and Saras.He gave us the life we thought to be lost.He did’nt cheat Kasturi.It’s Kasturi who forced him to get into a relationship with me.She could have told him about the pregnancy.But she chose to finish herself and the baby as she feared if her pregnancy would break our relationship.

All were in tears.
Armaan wept:Don’t forgive me Arnav.I don’t deserve it because of the big sin I did.

But please you and Raman should patch up.Ishita and Khushi too.
Arnav looked at Raman tearfully:Raman…
Arnav cried and fell at his feet.Raman made him get up tearfully:What is this yaar?
Arn:I did’nt trust my best friend.You slap me.You shout at me.
Raman:No Arnav…I won’t slap you.But I will…
Raman hugged Arnav:hug you like this.
All smiled tearfully.
Arn:You forgave me so fast Raman,
Ishita:This is called friendship. Ravan Kumar became calm in just one minute for his best friend.
Everyone smiled.
Raman:Because of us Ishita and Khushi’s friendship got spoiled.
Arn:Yes..we want you both to patch up.

Ishita and Khushi looked at each other.
Ishi:It’s not that easy Raman.

Ishi:Because a lot happened without your knowledge Raman.
Khushi:It’s true Raman.Ishita as a mother can’t forgive us that easily.Ishita is right.She can’t be blamed.

Raman:What are you both saying?

Khushi wept:Our son Aarav and your son Ruhi were in a relationship.

Raman:I know.Like a stupid guy I opposed it.
Khushi:After that a lot happened.
Raman:What happened?
Ishita told him how Aarav cheated Ruhi.
Raman was shocked.

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