SWARAGINI- Love’s journey (Intro)

Hey guys this is my first ff so plzz guide for making new twist n turns. The pairs are already decided as I am big fan of a pair but I would like it suspense.

SWARA GADODIA(shona) – A happy, cheerfull and naughty girl. She is a rockstar bcoz she singer and loves her sister more than anything in the world. She totally resembles the character of swara from serial.

RAGINI GADODIA(lado)-she is simple,innocent but sometimes get naughty. She is a born dancer but she has special interest in contempraory and kathak. She also loves her sister alot. She is little bit different from ragini from serial

Swara does not hav interest in studies whereas Ragini is a scholar. Swaragini both r modern and are daughter of Shekkar and Sumi. They both r twins but Ragini is two minutes bigger than Swara.

LAKSHMAHESHWARI – He is tall, dark, handsome, smart, business minded, and MCP(the guy who hate girls except his mother ans sister). He loves his family too much especially his brothers and sister. The other thing he likes is cricket and music.

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI- He is fair,cute and is flirt but he is big flirt. He is also dancer. And the most important persons in his life is laksh and uttara.His brother and sister. He has craze of cars is a rash driver

Laksh and Adarsh are sons of dp and ap where as Sanskar and uttara are son and daughter of rp and sp. Adarsh is 5 yrs bigger than sanskar. Sanskar is 5 months bigger than laksh and laksh is 2 yr bigger than Uttara.

GADODIA HOUSE- Gadodias live in Kolkata and live a luxury lifestyle. Dadu’s favourite is Ragini whereas Swara is Dadi’s darling. Dida died 19 yrs ago bcoz of road accident with his grandson that is Swaragini’s brother. Sumi and Shekhar still cry for the death of there kid. Wheras as Swaragini are unaware of there brother’s born and death bcoz they were just 3 that time. Shekhar hates only one person that is his childhood friend but he don’t know where he his and feel blessed that he is not with him now. Swaragini are in the last year of the college.

MAHESHWARI MANSION- Maheshwaris are mumbaikars and they also lead luxurious lifestyle. Sanskar is ap favourite and vice versa. Whereas laksh is Sp is favourite but laksh loves his dad the most. Dp is broad minded and feels that his kids can now take their own decision. He has his assistant who is working with him from 24 yrs. Uttara is dp favourite. Adarsh is rp’s favourite as he has already joined the business. Even dp and rp hate their friend bcoz he cheated him in business.

Laksh, Sanskar and Uttara are going for studies to Kolkata as they dont want to study in Mumbai due to some reasons.

Personalities of other character would be known to u soon.

Plzzz Comment guys I want to know am I good writer.

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