Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 7

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Recap:Swara got to know that Ragini truly loved Sanskaar.Uttara went to stay in Nirbhay’s house.

Its morning, Ragini wakes up.She gets a phone call from Annapurna.
Annapurna:Ragini I called to say today is the auspicious day for the wedding.
Ragini:But today!??
Annapurna:I have a plan.We will do all rasams(rituals) today itself if u dnt mind.
Ragini smiles:How can I not be happy maa.I am soo eager to come and stay at ur house.
They smiles and end the call.Ragini inforns the same to Sumi and Shekhar.

Uttara( in a sleeveless saree) gets a call from Sujata.She cries and cuts it.Annapurna then calls her.
Uttara:Haan badi maa, kya baat hain?(Yes Badima what is the matter?)
Sujata cries and says its me.
Sujata:Wont u talk to ur mother?
Uttara:Whats there to talk? The mother who didnt even ask her daughter once if she will marry the guy and got her married forcefully what will I talk to such mother.The mother who made big promises to his child that she will get married with her wish etc….Luckily I love him otherwise my whole life would have been ruined naa.Anyways I am going for an interview and I dont have time to talk bye.
Sujata cries and gives the phone to Annapurna and runs.Annapurna tells Uttara about the marriage.Uttara gets glad and says she will come there after her interview.
Annapurna:why interview? U r also the owner of Maheshwari industries and u have right on it.Come there dressed as a boss from tomorrow okay and this is the order from big boss.
They both laugh and end the call.Uttara smiles and goes to her room.She gets shocked seeing goons(nirbhay’s friends) there.They come closer to her.She looks on.
Later Nirbhay come there and gets shocked seeing his friends badly beaten up.He shouts who did this.Uttara says I have and smiles.She goes from there.Nirbhay looks on.

Ragini gets ready for her engagement and sangeet together.Swara comes there dressed in a red lehenga and looks beautiful.Ragini hugs her.Swaragini plays……
Ragini:Dekho na Swara,kaunsi dress pehenoun?(look Swara, which dress I wear?)
Swara smiles and says dont worry….She selects a beautiful blue lehenga and gives her.Ragini gets ready and looks beautiful.Ragini goes downstairs.Sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.Her hair gets on his face.He smiles.
Laksh pulls Swara to a room.
Swara:Laksh what r u doing!!? Everyone is waiting for us….if anyone sees us…. U r so carefree no….
She talks a lot.He tries to stop her but in vain.He finally kisses her to make her stop.She gets shocked.Music plays…..
She gets shy and turns away.He holds her from behind and kisses her neck.
Laksh:I have copyright to romance with my wife….
Swara:yeah but u r afraid of romancing in open.
They both shake hands.

Sanskaar whispers to Ragini that she is looking stunning.She smiles.Sanskaar takes Ragini on pretext of meeting his friend.He brings her to a room He closes the door.
He comes closer to her.She steps back.Wind blows.He comes nearer to her and says he wants to kiss her.She smiles and asks him to kiss her infront of all if he has courage.She goes.He smiles and looks on.

The engagment starts.Uttara comes there and smiles seeing everyone.She does not meet Sujata and sits with Ragini.Ragsan exchange rings.The sangeet starts.Parineeta and Adarsh dance on Channa mereya….plays……Whole family dance on soniye ……plays…..Swalak then dance on the break up song….plays…..He pulls her at the end of the song and kisses her hand.She gets shy and smiles.He whispers I won the challenge.Ragsan then dance on Ae dil hain mushkil.He whispers at the end i will kiss u.She gets shocked and ask werent u joking.He nods no and turns her around.When the dance ends she rushes to go but he holds her hand and pulls her closer infront of all.They all smile.He kisses her cheek.She gets impressed with him as he didnt kiss her on the lips and looks at him emotionally.She hugs him.

Swara then makes Ragini ready in a yellow lehenga while she wears a yellow and white salwar kameez.They come downstairs and see Sanskaar in a white kurta.They both sit opposite to each other and family members apply haldi to them.Swara puts some in Laksh’s face.She smiles.He comes closer to her and rubs his cheek with her.She gets shy.

Its night, Ragini gets mehendi applied on her hands.A servant informs her that her friend wants to meet her outside.She comes outside and doesnt see anyone.Someone pulls her and pins her to wall.Its Sanskaar.He shuts her mouth.They have an eyelock.
Ragini:Sanskaar bride and groom dont meet before wedding coz it is considered as bad omen.
Sanskaar:Dont u dare call our meeting a bad omen.Since morning we havent been able to meet and talk well.And u was looking so beautiful and cute together(while pulling her cheeks).Why r u not saying anything.
She laughs.
Ragini:Only when u let me talk na…
Even i missed u very much but we are going to be one in a few hour’s time right.
He tries to find his name in her mehendi but she says on our wedding night.
Sanskaar:How will I get time on wedding night when…..
She stops him and calls him naughty.She goes from there.He smiles.

Its wedding time, Ragini gets ready in golden bridal dress(which she wore on her wedding first time with Laksh).Sumi comes and gets emotional seeing her.She puts black dot behind her ears.Ragini gets up and holds Sumi’s hand.
Sumi:U know Rago,when u married Sanskaar…we were very worried about ur future and ur happiness if u will be at peace there.But now I thank God that u love Sanskaar.He is a such nice guy.
Ragini hugs her.Swara asks may I join.They all three hug.Swaragini plays…..Shekhar comes and also joins them.

Swara and Sumi Shekhar bring Ragini downstairs.Sanskaar smiles and is mesmerized with her beauty.Laksh is also mesmerized with Swara’s beauty.
Uttara;Bhai!! Now stop staring my two beautiful bhabhis ok….
They all laugh.Ragini looks at Sanskaar and smiles.They sit for the wedding.Swara does their ghat pandan.They stand up for pheras.They take pheras.Sanskaar then fills Ragini’s maang with sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra.Ragini smiles and cries happily.

Ragini’s bidaai is done and she is taken to Maheshwari Mansion.Her grah pravesh is done and the ring finding ceremony takes place.All then disperse to their room.Ragini enters her room.Sanskaar holds her from behind and says welcome Mrs Maheshwari She smiles.She starts taking her jewelleries.He comes to her and removes her jewelleries romantically.He kisses her.Music plays…..He brings her to bed.He kisses her neck and hand.They consummate their marriage.

Precap: None

Hey guys hope u liked it….plzz comment how it was….love u lots….keep smiling and stay blessed dear…..

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