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SURILLI:Shaan you have to answer is she your girlfriend??
SHAAN: No mom she is not my girlfriend.
AMRISH: So then what is she doing here at this time. She told us that she is here to meet you.
SHAAN : Oh dad she is not my girlfriend she is well she is just an old friend.
SURILLI: Well I knew it my son would have told me if it was something like that. Shaan but you should have told her that we have a main gate to enter she don’t need to come like this.
SHAAN: Ya mom actually she is very adventureous.

AMRISH: let’s just forget what happened. It’s already very late let’s go to sleep. Shaan take Rajni to her room.
SHAAN: yes good night everyone.
Shaan takes Rajni to his room.
SHAAN: How did you come here? Definitely Dev has done something.
RAJNI: Shaan what should I do. Dev switched me on and left. I didn’t receive any command so i am here.Shaan I have a question.
SHAAN: what?
RAJNI: Am I your girlfriend?
SHAAN: (frustrated) no you are not my girlfriend. Get back to lab and charge yourself.
RAJNI leaves the room and head towards lab. She connects wire and starts charging herself.

Next day Dev come in lab and sees Rajni.
DEV: OMG!! Finally you are on.
Dev gets lost in old Hindi film song where Rajni and Dev are dancing and suddenly Shaan kills him. Dev gets awakened from his thought.
Dev rushes out and bring in some CD’s of old Hindi romantic movies and start installing it in Rajni.


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  1. Saasha123

    It was good…. Rajni is cute???

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