swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 1)

Hey guys my name is tanu thanks for ur support yaar so lets start with episode1 of my ff . It was fine morning the droplets of rain r evidence of there pain which there were going through thz 2years . . . …. Gadodia manshion . . In a room is seen facing her back she was sobbing so that no one can hear her sound girl- 2year passed but i can’t stop loving u i can’t (she cried) why god why i can’t stop loving him why(she turned ya guys shes our beautiful swara) and sobbed ……. . In another room a girl is seen sitting on the bed thinking something she was emotionless . .girl- 2years passed but i can’t forget that day the day when i lost my feelings im just .living for the sake of my swaru (ya shes our cute ragini) she stood and said firm tone -no no i should be strong ….. Maheswari mashion

. .In a room a boy is seen who is crying miserbly boy-2years passed but i love more than anything even now i can’t forget u i can’t (he was sitting on floor he got up we can see him ya he is our hero laksh) … in another room a boy is seen who standing near the window with a pic boy- 2years passed but i just hate i just hate a droplet of fall from hiseyes) he looked into to mirror and said- i should be strong for my bro lucky
.so guys how was my ff plz comment plz yaar

  1. make it swasan plzzz yaar….

  2. Make it raglak please

  3. Nice yaar.. thanks for swalak and ragsan.. pls don’t change the pairs

  4. awesome…..make it ragsan n swalak…..

  5. Swalak ragsan plz

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