Tashan e ishq (Gossip)

Hello everyone and i am back with another intresting gossip of tashan e ishq.
And i thank star di,rakshita,sanam,bidu,yukku,natasha,chandra,meenatand harna for commenting . Hope u all comment in same way . And silent readers please do comment as it just energize me. Now stopping all this non sense lets move to the gossip..

Yuvi and Anita feels happy to see Twinj separated. They plan to celebrate for this victory. So Yuvi drinks wine and looses his control . Mahi gets shocked to see Yuvi in such a state. He talk very rudely to Mahi. Mahi is supriced to such rude and different face of Yuvi. She feels something suspicious and wierd about Yuvi.

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  1. wat ever the problem is twinj will solve it & at the end they must reunite so let’s c wat happens……ff reader do continue with giving us ur gossip & all d best for ur exams

    1. Thans a lot for ur comments and wishes.

  2. This stupid uv.what does he want?

  3. This time it was a lil bit intrstng

    1. Thank u so much next time i will make it more better.

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Hope Mahi realises but it would not happen soon.
    If twinj get back together, Yuvi definitely blinds Mahi with his fake love.
    Let’s hope for the best.
    Keep up the good work Ff reader.

    1. Thanks a lot star di and i too hope for the same.

  5. well I believe mahi is gonna know uv’s true face and will sort out misunderstandings btwn twinj
    well very nice gossip ff reader .. keep going

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Hope your ff too go well.

  6. I hope dis mahi will c d true face of UV soon

    1. I too hope for the same…thanks a lot for commenting.

  7. yes n i hope from that suspecious,she wil take some steps to beleive her sister n saves her marriage life n become unite again…finger cross..hihi

    1. Thank s for commenting.

  8. hope that mahi and yuvi got separated ,,btw your gossips i like too much,…

    1. Nice to know that u like my gossips.

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