Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 6

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Aditya raised his head by seeing a shadow at his doorstep and footstep sound. Watchman stood there with hesitation.

“Sir, your friend went outside. He told me to inform you that he would return back around 6’O clock in evening.”Watchman said and waited for Aditya’s answer.

Aditya looked at his watch once which showed as 6:30 PM. He called Sakthi’s number which ringed from Sakthi’s room. Being worried,Aditya called rajat.

“Hello Aadi”Rajat answered the call after few rings.

“I am calling you after a while, Raj”Aditya said by seeing Sakthi at his door step.

“why did you leave the house without informing me?”Aditya asked in a suppressed anger tone.

“I went outside to have fresh air.”Sakthi said.

“How could you be this much careless, Sakthi? There are people whom wanted to kill you. even , they attempted once just before few days. You know all this still, you went out for having fresh air”Aditya lashed out at Sakthi.

“We have to face our death one day. Mr.Sengupta. We can’t sit back being scared for that. And don’t worry , even if I die, I will make sure that I would leave evidence so that you can catch the culprits”Sakthi retorted.

A long silence occupied between them while they just stared at each other. Aditya sighed then left to his room while Sakthi started to leave to his room.

At Maheshwari villa,

“why did she said that I lied in court? On what basis, she said like that?”Sanskar thought.

“yes, I lied on that day.But…”Sanskar thoughts cut by his memories.

“Then, can’t we punish my daughter’s murderer just because lack of evidence?” Shekar uncle, Ragini’s father, asked Durgaprasad angrily.

“even I am trying my best, shekar. But, there is neither eye witness not any concrete evidence to prove the truth,shekar.I am sorry.”Durgaprasad said.

“what if there is an eye witness “Sanskar asked by looking at the elders.

“Sanskar…”Durgaprasad raised his eyes in shock while shekar hold Sanskar’s hands in his palm with tearful eyes.

“hsss…”Swara hissed in pain which made Sanskar came out of his thoughts.

He held her hands slowly while She slowly opened her eyes. He made her sit and fed water. A long silence occupied in between them.

“I know you lied Sanskar. Why did you lie?”Swara asked again by breaking silence.

“How are you telling that I lied?”Sanskar asked.

“Because I am the only survivor who witnessed the murder. Even, Durgaprasad sir knows that.”Swara added.

“He is the murderer…”Durgaprasad voice ringed once again in his mind.

“I lied to get justice for my cutie’s death.. I want to punish everyone who all involved in my cutie’s death. And, Nothing wrong in that,Swara when people doesn’t ready to stand for  justice .”Sanskar said with rage. Swara looked at his eyes and the truthfulness made her keep silent.

“But, why did you keep silence?”Sanskar’s heart urged to ask but seeing her tears ,he swallowed his words.

He wiped her tears then made her sit on bed.

“we don’t need those awful memories,Swara. Leave it in the past itself.”Sanskar said in a soothing voice.

“aahh!Sanskar!”Annapurna’s scream gave jerk in both Swara and Sanskar. They ran towards hall while Annpurna’s scream turned into cry.

Sanskar and Swara entered into room while Sanskar shocked by seeing his father lay down on the floor and a rope was tightened around his neck.

“Papa…”Sanskar slowly muttered while Swara acted very fast and did first aid to durgaprasad.

“Sanskar… I am taking car from the garage and you take Mama with you”Swara said in a hurry.

At Aditya’s side,

“Come and eat your dinner,Sakthi”Aditya said to sakthi who was standing at the balcony.

“And please don’t go out for some days.”Aditya continued then started to leave.

“I am sorry, for not informing you first and also for the hard words.”Sakthi said.

Aditya just gave a nod,” I am also sorry for making you feel like a prisoner by restricting you.”Aditya said in a apologetic tone.

“And, about the doctor who tried to kill me…”Sakthi continued.

“He worked as a lecturer in Laksh’s medical college.”Sakthi added which made Aadi root in his place.

“How did you know about the doctor?”Aditya asked.

“All the news channels are flashing about that. You gave me a new mobile with internet connection. Then, why wouldn’t I know about that?”Sakthi asked in a sarcastic tone.

Aditya let out a smile.

“Let’s go.”Aditya said then both went together for their dinner.

At Hospital,

Annapurna was sobbing continuously while Swara tried her best to give confidence to Annapurna. Sanskar was looking at his family then his father’s ward door tensely.

“Your father is safe now,Mr.Maheshwari. Thankfully, his windpipe doesn’t get fractured. He is in observation now. you can see him once he wakes up” The same Doctor, who treated Swara, said then got inside again.

Sanskar took a deep breath while thanking all the gods he remembered.

“Maa, what happened?”Sanskar asked by kneeling infront of her.

“I heard weird sound in your father’s office room. I opened the door and saw that you father was strangulated by a lady.”Annapurna said while the scenario was flashing in front of her eyes.

“And your father… just clutched the chair tightly”Annapurna closed her eyes tightly while the scene was flashing in her eyes.

“maa…”Swara placed her hands on Annapurna’s shoulder.

Sanskar phone ringed with an unknown number.

“Hello…”Sanskar said.

“Is this Sanskar Maheshwari?”other end asked.

“yes…”Sanskar said.

“Sir, I am Mr.Shekhar Sengupta’s lawyer from Mumbai. Actually, He passed away on this evening because of heart attack. Can you please come here to complete the last rites?”The other end said.

Sanskar looked at his father’s ward.

“I will be there by next morning.”Sanskar said then he took Abhijit and Ronit in a conference call.

“Both come to xxx hospital now itself.”He ordered then dialed to Aditya after moving away from Annapurna and Swara.

“Hello Sanskar… seems like finally ACP remembered me”Aditya answered on the other end.

” bhai… uncle passed away.”Sanskar said .

Aditya closed his eyes in pain. By seeing traces of pain in Aditya’s face,Sakthi came near to him.

“Thanks for letting me know, Sanskar…”Aditya muttered then cut the call.

“Sakthi, we have to leave now.”Aditya said.

“Ok…”Sakthi agreed without questions by seeing Aditya’s painful face.

At Hospital,

Sanskar was signing Swara to come while Annapurna was already slept in the sitting position itself inside the ward in a sofa as Durgaprasad shifted to normal ward.

“Swara… Have this. Don’t hesitate to use if needed.”Sanskar said by keeping a gun on her palm.

“I am leaving to Mumbai. I will come back as soon as possible.”Sanskar said in a hesitating voice.

Swara assured by her eyes while Ronit and Abhijit reported about the arrival to Sanskar .

Sanskar turned towards them while Swara left by giving privacy.

“Ronit and Abhijit, you be with parents always. Don’t let any stranger to go inside my father’s card. Even , check twice before allowing staffs. I am going to Mumbai and will be back by tomorrow.”Sanskar said.

“Have you got Any threat calls ,sir?”Abhijit asked.

“Murder attempt on my father.”Sanskar said in a hardened tone.

Ronit and Abhijit looked at each other with a bit shock then nodded at Sanskar.

Back to the ward, Swara made Annapurna lay on the sofa properly then sat on a chair. Her hands clutched the gun tightly by hearing footsteps.

“Mrs. Maheshwari, can you please come outside?”Doctor asked in a low voice.

Swara looked at Annapurna and Durgaprasad once then came outside.

“Mrs.Maheshwari… you discharged on this evening only. You should take medications and rest properly.”Doctor said.

“I am also a junior doctor…”Swara stopped as she stuck how to address him.

“I am Lakshya Sharma. you can call me, Laksh…”Doctor said.

An unknown feeling filled her heart by hearing the name while she composed herself in moment.

“I have arranged another sofa in your father-in-law’s ward. So, take rest otherwise I fear that I have to admit you again as a patient.”Lakshya sharma muttered in a friendly tone but with strictness in his voice.

While the warmness in his tone was creating a storm in her heart by making her remember past memories, she looked at his eyes then obliged to his words.

“And don’t worry about security, Mrs.Maheshwari. Already, your husband put two officers for safety. Moreover, our security is not easy to break.”Laksh sharma continued.

Swara returned a thanking smile then entered into the ward. Laksh Sharma entered into another ward to check his other patient.

The next day morning,

Aditya was standing before his father’s body in a mortuary while Sakthi was standing a bit far from him.

The ward boy revealed shekar’s face while Aditya’s hand trembled while moving his hand towards his father’s face. The memories of meeting his father last time revived in his memories.

“Papa, you did wrong by making Sanskar to give false statement.”Aditya said angrily.

“Nothing is wrong. I did to punish the culprit who killed my daughter.”Shekar said in firm tone.

“How are you sure that Laksh was the murderer? There is not any concrete evidence.”Aditya asked.

“How are you sure that he was not the murderer? He even killed his own parents.”Shekar retorted.

“He is my friend, Papa. I know about him. He never do such a thing .”Aditya blurted out what was in his heart.

Shekar looked at him like a worm.

“Here, you sister is murdered. And, you are supporting the murderer. I am ashamed to have a son like you,Aadi.”Shekar said in a broken tone.

“One day, I will prove the truth to you. I will make sure that my rago get justice for her death. At that day, you won’t feel the same as now.”Aditya muttered.

“Then, till that day comes, don’t show me your face. Leave my house now itself.”Shekar said.

“Ok, Papa…”Aditya said then left the house.

“papa…”Aditya called in a breaking voice while his hands held Shekar’s hand.

“Aadi, you should held papa hands tightly.”Shekar’s voice to his little son while seeing a crowd in market place , ringed in Aditya’s ear.

The chillness instead of warm in Shekar’s hand forced Aditya to understand the truth while Sanskar entered the mortuary.

“Papa…”Aditya broken out in tears while Sanskar stared them with tearful eyes. Aditya put his head on his father’s cold chest while Sanskar stepped before to console Aditya but Sakthi came out from his place and side hugged Aditya.

“my papa…”Aditya sobbed by putting his head on Sakthi’s shoulders while Sakthi patted his shoulders. Sanskar shocked to see them together but still went towards Aditya to console him.

Sakthi looked at Sanskar once then concentrated on to console Aditya.

Few hours later,

Aditya cremated Shekar’s body then waited in the lawyer’s house along with Sakthi and Sanskar as lawyer requested. Sanskar and Sakthi avoided each other as much as they can. Sanskar enquired his subordinates in a regular interval about his family but the restlessness didn’t leave his heart after seeing his father in the verge of losing.

“Mr.Aditya Sengupta, your father wrote this will before five years. He gave half of his properties to you including his business and house, remaining half to Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari. And, he told me to give you this letter.”Lawyer said then turned towards Sanskar.

“Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari, Mr.Shekar Sengupta requested you to take care of his relative who is admitted in xxx hospital. Here, the details are. By evening, I will complete all the documents. Then, you both can sign.”Lawyer finished, gave a paper then left .

“Patient Name:Nandini Agrawal”Sanskar read the name then looked at Aditya who lost in his thoughts.

“bhai…”Sanskar touched Aditya’s shoulders.

“Why did he resent me this much,Sanskar?”Aditya asked then wiped his tears.

“Uncle loved you very much,bhai. you know that. You are his world. Please read the letter. He might be forgiven you. I’m going to see the relative whom uncle mentioned”Sanskar said.

Aditya opened the letter.

“I am proud of you,Aadi… please forgive your papa…”The words ended with a smiley while tear marks could be easily seen in the paper. By remembering that the format which he used to apologize to his father,Aditya held the letter tightly.

“Sanskar wait, I am also coming.”Aditya said and joined with Sanskar.

The trio went towards the hospital .

At Kolkata,

Swara and Annapurna was informed that Durgaprasad would get conscious by evening. Swara forced Annapurna to go home and fresh up and sent Ronit with her for safety.

“Abhijit da, take care of uncle. I will return in few minutes.”Swara said while Abhijit hesitated.

“Mam… can you please wait until Ronit returns? “Abhijit asked.

“Don’t worry,Abhijit da. I am not going outside the hospital. I am just going to take hot water from canteen.”Swara said and left.

A Lady who came from opposite side to Swara ,collided with her.

“Sorry…”the lady muttered.

“we have waited for five years. Wait for some more days.”Swara said in a very low voice .

“It’s ok.”Swara continued in a normal voice. Both left after giving a friendly smile to each other.

In Mumbai hospital,

A nurse directed the trio to a ward, opened the door and then left.

“who would be papa’s relative ?”Aditya entered into the ward with a question in his mind while Sanskar went to ask about the procedure to transfer the patient.

A slim young lady with a pale skin was sleeping on the bed while the graph in the ECG machine was evidence that she was alive.

Aditya went near to see her face while Sakthi also entered the ward.

“Rago…”Tears left Aditya’s eyes by seeing his sister alive . While doubting on his own mental condition, Aditya blinked his eyes.

“Ragini is alive,Aditya. To save her from her enemies, your father isolated himself and her in this place.”Sakthi added while Sanskar rooted at the door step of the ward by hearing the statement.

Aditya looked at Sakthi with a questioning look.

“She is the second reason for my statement in court.”Sakthi added further.

“You have to stay away from her Aditya to keep her safe in this dark. Because, Light of world is dangerous to her now. By keeping me in your side, you already attracted our enemies to you. “Sakthi continued while Aditya looked at him with disapproval.

“Otherwise how they killed my family one after another, in the same way they will kill her , all the persons relate to her survival and their even before they realize which trap laid for them “Sakthi finished.

Aditya looked at his sister’s face while Sanskar looked at his cutie’s face from door. He left by wiping his tears.

“I’m doing this for you only rago… Forgive me.”Aditya said by kissing her forehead and then started to leave the ward.

“bhai, Doctors were telling that transferring your relative to Kolkata might be bit risky. It will be better if she stays here only. We can come once in a while.”Sanskar lied.

“What is her medical condition?”Aditya asked by suppressing all his emotion.

“In an accident, her brain was affected badly and she fallen in coma. Doctors were saying that her survival rate is less and only life support machines are keeping her alive.”Sanskar said.

Aditya bit his lips to control not to lose his control, gave a nod to Sanskar then left the hospital along with Sakthi.

Sanskar dialed to swara .

“Hello Sanskar…”Swara said.

“Swara, Can you take care of a coma patient secretly?”Sanskar asked over the call.

“yeah, I can”Swara assured.

Sanskar cut the call then entered into Ragini’s ward.

“I am going to take you from this darkness, cutie. And, I promise I won’t let the light to harm you …never ever.”Sanskar promised to his friend.

Meanwhile,Sakthi and Aditya were travelling in a car while Aditya ordered to turn the car towards hospital.

“I am not going to let my rago alone there. whatever comes, I will face it and will keep my rago also safe.”Aditya decided then told the driver to drive fast .


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