Bhootu 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Daadi Lies Anandita That Vikram Killed Anandita As He Likes Her

Bhootu 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita angrily raises raises knife to stab Vikram when Daadi stops her and drags her out. She shouts what was she doing. Anandita says Vikram kidnapped Subodh and killed hm. Daadi acts and says she is lying. Anandita says she is telling truth and saw Subodh’s blood stained clothes in store room. Daadi says she knew this would happen. Anandita asks to speak. Daadi says Vikram is a bad man and wanted to snatch Subodh’s wealth from before; when Subodh wanted to marry Anandita, Vikram warned Subodh to back off, but Subodh did not. Seeing both brother’s fight, she sent Vikram away from this house. Vikram needed money and came back during Pihu’s birthday and demanded money from Subodh, but Subodh did not and kicked him out. A few days later, Subodh went missing and now she is hearing his murder news. Anandita asks why did not she let her kill Vikram. Daadi says she should think of Pihu’s future. Anandita drops knife. Vikram opens door and says he knows everything now. Daaadi nervously asks what? Vikram says if Anandita is not in her room, she will be found here, last time he searched whole house except daadi’s room.

Avanti remembers Pihu/Shon and thinks why she is remembering her so much. Gopal plays flute and does leela. Shona’s childhood scarf falls on her. She looks at it and thinks why she is remembering her daughter so much.

Pihu sees Anandita crying holding Subodh’s pic and goes to Shona to seek help. Shona as usual arrogantly rejects her plea. Pihu continues pleading. Shona says she would never help her, but would help a mother aand asks whatg she should do. Pihu asks her to sing. Shona says never. Pihu asks to just mimic her. Pihu sings O Meri maaaa…song… Shona mimics and pampers crying Anandita. Anandita sleeps o=n her lap.

Next morning, Anandita goes down to living rroom. Daadi asks her to go and insist Vikram to marry Mohini. Anandita asks how is it related to her revenge from Subodh. Daadi says Mohini is pregnant and if Vikram does not marry Mohini, she knows what society will speak about them, Anandita is helping Mohini from humiliation instead. Avanti walks in and touches Daadi’s feet. Anandita asks who is she. Daadi says she is Avanti Sehgal who is helping Pihu in her charity work. Avni tells Anandita that her daughter is so adorable, where is she. Daadi says she is in her room. Avanti leaves with Anandita.

Daadi tells Vikram that Anandita is hell bent to see Vikram and Mohini’s marriage. Vikram asks how can it be, he will never marry Mohini. Daadi says he has to marry Mohini fakely seeing Anandita’s condition, else Anandita’s condition will worsen. Vikram leaves. Mohini asks Daadi she promised to get her married to Vikram really. Daadi says she will and asks to wait and watch her drama.

Shona is still asleep. Pihu tries to wake her up. Avanti enters. Pihu says Shona’s mother came. Shonaa opens eyes and sees Avanti standing and shouts why did she come. Avanti says she came to start a fresh and in tapori language aasks if she wants to be her friend. Shona asks Pihu what she means. Pihu says friendship and asks to say yes. Shona stands silently. Avani gives her gift and leaves, hiding. Shona checks gift and gets excitged seeing scarf. Avanti walks back and asks if she liked it? Shona returns gift. Avanti gets sad. Shona holds hand accepting her friendship. Avanti gets happy.

Precap: No precap. Jeet Gaye To Piya Morey serial’s new time slot at 6:30 pm in place of bhootu is shown.

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