Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 8

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Hey guys….I really happy that u r liking my ff so much…in fact I wouldnt say like i would say ur loving it…And yes I am trying to update Asap so that u all can read it.

Recap:Engagement, sangeet and Haldi of Ragsan.

Its marriage day,Ragini gets dressed a bride.She looks beautiful.Swara comes and sees her.

Swara:Ragini, I am really happy that we are going to stay in the same house. U will be with me and I will not be alone….

She stops saying.


Swara:Uhh I mean in new house.

Ragini:Swara….since u married I noticed that u r not happy at all.U didnt smile once.

Swara could not control her feelings and cries.She breakdowns on the floor.Ragini is shocked and says Shona.She holds her in her arms.

Swara:Now what do I tell u? Where to start? I love Laksh…..(she tells her everything).But he said that he asked Sanskaar to propose u and if I leave this house then he will ask Sanskaar to leave u.

Ragini is shocked and looks on.

Ragini wipes Swara’s tears and gets angry.

Ragini:Now its time to reply Laksh.

Swara looks on.

Sanlak see Swaragini coming downstairs.Sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing Ragini and keeps looking at her.Swara comes to Laksh.

Swara:I told u that I cant stay with a man like u…I am feeling the house.Do what u want.

Laksh holds her hand.

Laksh:Do u want to see ur sister left in mandap.

Swara ignores him and walks out of the house.Laksh shouts Swara.She thinks what I feared has come true.She prays to God not to ruin Ragini’s life.She remembers Ragini taking her promise.She turns and sees Laksh.Everyone look.Laksh goes to Sanskaar and asks him not to marry Ragini.Everyone is shocked and look on.Ragini looks at Swara and signs her to wait.

Sanskaar:Lucky! What r u saying?

Laksh:If u marry her then forget that u had any brother.

Annapurna shouts Laksh.Sujata and Parineeta smirk and enjoy the drama.Swara cries and looks on.Sanskaar looks at Ragini and cries.He closes his eyes and says he will not marry.Ragini gets super shocked and looks at him.She cries being shocked.Swara is also shocked.Swara runs to Ragini.

Swara:Swara I will bear all the tortures but plzz dont break this marriage.

Ragini stands like an statue and says if Sanskaar itself broke the marriage then what she will do.Shekhar gets angry and grabs Sanskaar collar.Ragini shouts giving everyone her promise of not stopping her today.Shekhar cups Ragini’s face and cries hugging her.Swara angrily looks at Laksh.She shouts she will not let her ruin Ragini’s life like this.Sanskaar holds Ragini’s hand and takes her to the door.She gets shocked and looks at him.They have an eyelock.They are both hurt.Sad music plays…..Swara tries to stop Sanskaar but he shuts the door on her face.Ragini sits there and cries badly.She touches the door and remembers Sanskaar.She runs from there.Shekhar warns Sanskar he will not spare him.They leave.Swara tries to go but Laksh drags her to room.She shouts leave me.He pushes her.She falls.

Swara:How dare u? Why did u ruin her life? U idiot!!!!

He shuts her mouth and clutches her hands.They have an eyelock.She says enough is enough and packs her bag.He stops her.She slaps him and pushes him.She gets angry.

Swara points him finger.

Swara: Dont ever think of stopping me from meeting Ragini.Nobody can stop Swaragini from being one.Remember that….understand? U better understand Mr Laksh Maheshwari.

Laksh is shocked seeing her bolness.

Swara:I was quite not because i am pampered bur because i loved u…I though not to break this marriage for a small issue.I thought to give it a try damn it!!! 

She shouts.She packs her bags and goes.She stops at the door and turns to look at him.Banjara…plays…..She cries and says maybe then u will value my presence and hope u know that I did not do anything.She goes.

Annapurna and everyone are shocked seeing Swara with her bags.

Annapurna:Swara, one lakshmi left and now u also!

Laksh comes there and looks on.

Sujata:Dont u know its not good for DIL to leave like this? Ragini already ruined our respect by going and now u!!

Swara:So what do u expect me to do? Sit there and cry in a corner like u? Should I not support my sister who was right? And yes Ur son pushed my sister from here and should I still support this famil who wronged my sister? Let me tell u Chachiji that Ragini is my sister and I will neither wrong her not let anyonr wrong her even if I have to leave this house.

She looks at Laksh and takes only Annapurna and Dp blessings and comes to Sanskaar’s room.She says why did u break the marriage.U could have sorted the problem naa…U lost her forever now Sanskaar….u will never get her and walks out of the house.Sujata fumes and badmouths about Swara.Laksh says Chachiji plzzz.

Precap:Sanskaar meets Ragini.

Hey guys plzzzz comment how it was….love u so much…..

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