Raglak my mad wife ts (shot 3) [the last shot]

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Thank u for ur wonderful comments. I am sorry because I could not drag this anymore. Sorry if I had hurt anyone by finishing this. I promise that I won’t stop writing Raglak ff or os or ts. Here is ur last shot.

After 1 year,
Swara and Sanskar had become parents to two cute twin boys. One was copy of Swasan and another is copy of Raglak. They both were the best friends of Ragini next to Laksh. She named them as chotu (like Swasan) and motu (like Raglak).

One day both Ragini and Laksh went for a movie (night show). There was a lip lock scene which made Ragini’s eyes wider (because she didn’t have seen like this scene after her memory loss. So it was quite shocking for her). She then turned towards Laksh. He was looking at the movie like other audience. She called Laksh and asked ‘baby, what they were doing?’ Laksh stumbled to explain to her so he said ‘nothing. Just watch the movie’ saying this he turned and continued watching movie. But Ragini was not convinced and asked him continuously but Laksh tried to convince her. Finally Laksh got irritated and shouted ‘shut up Ragini. Keep quiet and watch movie.’ Ragini’s eyes got blurred because she saw him first time with such irritation on his face. So she started to cry silently bending her head down. Laksh noticed her crying and felt guilt. He called her name but she didn’t look at him. He asked ‘shall we go?’ She didn’t respond him but Laksh took her outside. Then they went to the car and he took chocolate and said ‘sorry baby’. Ragini looked at the chocolates then at him. To his surprise she didn’t take chocolates and turned her head to other side. Laksh thought that she was very much angry on him. So he must do something to bring back her charming smile in her worried face.

They both reached MM, to Laksh’s surprise she went directly to her room and lied on the bed looking the other side. (After reaching the house, she would always go and meet both chotu and motu first). Laksh thought how to make her laugh. So he sat on the bed and whispered on her ears ’sorry baby’. But she took a pillow and closed her ears. Laksh thought that she was showing attitude so he must do anything trickily and make her laugh. So he tickled on her belly. Ragini could not control her laugh so laughed but he didn’t stop and Ragini shouted ‘no baby please. Please stop it’ saying this she threw that pillow on his facing him. But Laksh catches the pillow and threw it another side. Now they both were looking each other smiling. She then started to punch him asking ‘why u did scared me and scold me’. Laksh does not stop her thinking he deserves it. But it does not seem to be stopped and Laksh started to feel pain so he catches her hand bend down his face towards her keeping the hands on either sides. Now they were so close that they could feel each other’s breath. Laksh then whispered ‘finally u have forgiven me baby’. But Ragini turned her head and said ‘no’. Laksh was little surprised and asked ‘what should I do for forgiveness’. Then she looked straight to his eyes and asked him ‘what did they do’. Laksh did not know how to tell her just then he felt soft lips on his lips. His eyes widened because it was their first kiss after their marriage. Then he came to the reality. He didn’t reciprocate to the kiss at the same time he didn’t resist her. It was just a gentle kiss and broke it and asked him ‘they were doing this naa’. Laksh shook his head positively and said to him that it was good. After hearing this he just wanted to make Ragini his completely. But he controlled and started get down of the bed just then Ragini held his hand and asked him ‘baby, why r u sleeping on that couch?’ Laksh didn’t know what to say but he gathered something in his mind and said ‘Because baby u r rolling here and there so could not sleep with u on the bed’. But Ragini said that ‘Ok baby I will sleep in this corner only so u sleep in the bed. Please baby. I am feeling lonely’ showing her puppy face. Laksh then smiled and accepted then he went to washroom. After coming out he saw Ragini sleeping in one corner and pillows arranged in the middle. Laksh didn’t like those pillows in the middle of them. So he threw away them and made that sleeping beauty to sleep on his chest and his hands covered her.
Next day morning Swara came to Laksh’s room to take Ragini for bath. But she saw them sleeping so cutely and safely in each other embrace. Swara felt so happy for them and to make Laksh wake up she knocked on the door. Laksh then slowly opened his eyes and saw Ragini sleeping so cutely on his chest and he remembered the kiss and smiled. Then Swara cleared her throat and Laksh came to the reality and he placed Ragini slowly on the bed and then he got up from the bed just then he found a hand was holding his hand. It was Ragini’s hand and he tried to free his hand just then she woke up. She said good morning to both of them and asked Laksh to kiss her. Both of them were shocked. But Laksh kissed on her forehead and whispered ‘afterwards’. Ragini said ‘ok baby’. Then Swara and Ragini went to get ready while Swara teasingly looked at Laksh.

Days go like this and there were cute romances between Raglak. But one day Ragini get some flashes of her past like ‘pushing Swara into the river’, ’her marriage’, ‘her suicide’. She said to Laksh about it but he asked her to be calm down and nothing to worry. But on one night Ragini felt sever head ache she struggled to open her eyes. Finally she opened it and found that she was in Laksh’s room that too sleeping on his chest embracing. She was shocked and removed herself from Laksh’s grip. She was in severe head ache and too shocked to see Laksh’s room with many changes like hanging photos on wall, paint of the room, arrangement of things and even her dress. She tried hard to recollect her memory. Finally she remembered her suicide and lying in sub conscious state on river bank. But she could not remember anything after that. She went near to the photos and she saw so many photos of hers only. She understood that she was like a child after her suicide. She found that Laksh was so happy with her through those photos. Her eyes got blurred and she remembered Laksh blaming her for losing everything in his life and his confession of kidnapping. She started to cry and thought that she does not deserve his happiness so she went out of the house.

Suddenly Laksh felt something wrong and opened his eyes he could not find Ragini so he called her name and checked in washroom but she was not there. He then went to the Swasan’s room and asked about her. But they said they don’t know. Then everyone woke up and searched in the whole house but couldn’t find her. Then Laksh went to the security and asked whether Ragini went out. He replied that Ragini was crying and ran on the road and said that he tried to stop her but she scolded him to not to treat her like a baby. After hearing this everyone understood that Ragini get back her memory. Everyone was happy for it and at the same time concerned for her. Then Laksh, Sanskar, Adarsh went out in search of her.

Ragini was sitting on a bench in a park and crying about Laksh and his words. Just then a jeep containing a group of boys saw Ragini and they stepped down from the jeep and they surrounded her. She tries to move away from there but a boy catch her wrist. Ragini was shocked and feared. She tries to free her hand but she couldn’t so she shouted for help. That boy was about to touch her waist but someone held his hand. Ragini was shocked to see Laksh. He twists that boys hand and in pain he shouted and released Ragini’s hand. Laksh in anger said ‘how dare u to touch my baby?’ and fight with them. Adarsh and Sanskar too joined him. Ragini was just looking at Laksh with tears on her eyes. Then he came near to Ragini and said ‘baby I had already told u that if someone tries to touch u without ur permission then kick like this’ saying this Laksh kicked the boy’s main point who had catch Ragini’s wrist looking at his blow Ragini closed her eyes tightly and turned towards him saying Laksh.

He smiled at her and asked her to come to home. But Ragini said ‘No Laksh, I don’t deserve u. I cannot be good in any relation. I do not deserve everyone’s trust and their love. I have done many things only for my selfishness. I have created many misunderstandings in everyone’s life. Because of my stupid games all of them lost their happiness and peace in their life. But after my memory loss all were happy. I am happy that at least I can give happiness when I lost memory. I know u all love only that new Ragini and not this old Ragini. I don’t want to spoil ur life anymore Laksh. Please leave me’ and Ragini was about to say something but Laksh kept his finger on her lips and said ‘I know everything Ragini. U know what Ragini after ur suicide attempt, I could not live my life happily as I thought. I missed u so much Ragini. Just then I felt that I am in love with u. I have searched for u at many places even though everyone told me that u was no more. But when I saw u again, my heart said that I want to spend my entire life only with u. Ragini yes I like that new Ragini but I love this old Ragini. U know why we are calling ’past’ as ‘past’ because they have already passed away in our life. So Ragini don’t try to remember the passed away things I just want u to be in my present and along with us our baby in my future. That’s all Ragini what I want is ur unconditional love for me. I love u Ragini. I really really love u Ragini. Please be with me only Ragini. Please’ saying this he hugged her and Ragini who was shell shocked after hearing his confession become very happy and too hugged him saying ‘I love u Laksh. I love u so much’. He broke the hug and kissed on her forehead. Then he looked at her lips and then her eyes. She closed her eyes giving permission to go ahead and in time Laksh placed his lips on her lips. They kissed so passionately and broke their kiss and they had an eye lock. Just then everyone came there and saw them like that and became happy. Swara was so happy for their union. She cleared her throat to make them to come to reality. Then she looked them teasingly. Raglak became shy and went to the elders and got blessings from them. Ragini asked forgiveness from everyone and they too forgive her.

After 8 years at early morning,
Raglak were sleeping in each other’s embrace. The sun rays falls on them which made Ragini to wake up. She saw Laksh and lost in his handsome look. Then she tried to get up from bed just then Laksh pulled her more closely and asked his morning kiss. So Ragini kissed on his forehead and asked to leave her. But he didn’t and he said that he was not going to office and going to spend time with his wife and children. Before Ragini could say anything they heard a knock in the door and they knew who that was. Laksh said ‘omg who had wakened them so early? My morning romance was disturbed’. Ragini said ‘chii Laksh’. Then she went to open the door there came two cute children, a boy and a girl. They ran and hugged and kissed their father and said in chorus ‘good morning daddy’. Laksh smiled and kissed them saying ‘good morning’. Ragini glared at them and asked ‘so no morning kiss to me?’ Laksh teased her saying ‘what a jealousy?’ Ragini looked at him and said ‘I am not jealous. I am just asking my morning kiss. Ok?’ saying this she glared at him. Just then that girl ‘O come on maa, papa. Get ready soon. Always doing like this.’ Raglak asked in chorus ‘What did we do?’ That cute boy said ‘U will be fighting before our eyes and romancing behind the door’. Hearing this Laksh started to chase them and Ragini too joined him shouting ‘Ragya, Raksh. Stop’. Ragya was copy of Swaragini and Raksh was copy of Sanlak. Thus Raglak happily lived their rest of their life.

Please post ur comments and sorry if I had broke any expectations and please forgive me if u don’t like this ts.

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