Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 3

Thank you soo soooooooo much my dearrrrrrr friends.. I don’t have words to describe how I feel ur encouraging cmnts.. ur cmnts r so valuable to me… that’s y I replied 2 al ur cmnts.. thank you soo much. I felt ma last episode was nt tat much good 2 impress u. I ll put al my effort 2 make upcumng episodes vry interesting.

Sorry nive, I don’t know why last epi had no cmnt box. If tis too have that problem, I ll enquire abt it. Thank you so much 4 reading ☺☺

Last epi : https://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-heart-beatz-freeze-2/

Recap : SanLak SwaRag were saying about their expections of their future better halves.

Precap : Month end. First day of Mega Inter-College Cultural & Sports meet.

Scene 1 : SanLak College.

Students from various college arrive. Nearly 50,000 students. It’s a big meet. Many top companies sponsored the events and half of the money they earned is spent to renew damaged slum areas due to cyclones nd floods.

Swaragini and their gang arrive. SanLak felt some fresh air on their face abt didn’t give much importance 2 it.

Laksh – Bhaiiiiiii…. I think so brahma was in high mood when he was creating tes girls.. c c cccc bhai.. if v daily see this kind of scenes, thn ter ll b no prbm 4 our eyes. No need of eye doctor too…. He was saying this by watching continuously d girls entering their colg.

Sanskar shakes his head and say I wonder in which mood brahma was wen he created you..

Laksh – Playboy mood bhai..

Sanskar moves backwards saying, don’t know how many finger prints will be on ur cheeks in this 3 weeks..

He turned and dashed swara .. He was shocked but a unknowing smile came on his face and without conscious he said , “Bhoom”..

Swara- what bhoom ?? Giving bgm for dashing and all.. plz luk forward and walk man .. god has kept eyes only on face not at back.. mhhumm.. he makes face like useless and walks .. She smiles and thinks in mind, “not bad, he s too hot”. She laughs and goes to the entrance where the timing and venue of each program that day is displayed.

Sanskar : she is not a silent type girl bt she s attractive.. he smiles and goes.

Laksh : Prem just see how many girls are going 2 fall for me.. tey ll long 2 speak to me.. he says this with proud feeling.

Prem : Not all girls are of that type lucky

Laksh keeps his hands on his shoulder and says, “Still no girl have born to reject this lucky prem ..”

Viplav : ohhhh… then we ll keep some bet. U should make a girl fall in luv wid you, she should long 4 u within this 3 weeks.. wat say ??

Laksh : chaa very simple challenge.. what is the bet ??

Abhi : 50,000..

Laksh : ok temme the girl..

Prem : lets count down from 10-1.. d last 1 ll b ur girl.

Tey start counting ..

The last girl is our Ragini …

Prem : I feel her like a country girl.. Surely u cant lucky.. better back off..

Laksh just memerized by her beauty and kept on staring her.. He couldn’t listen to any of his friends. She is looking gorgeous in orange anarkali wid golden glitter border. He is looking at her who is laughing with her friends and coming near .. abhi shakes laksh and ask what lucky ?? Feeling diff nah ?? Just acpt tat u lost..
Lucky : no not @ all.. i i i am jus just thinking how 2 impress her.. that’s all.. bt 2 b frank.. she s actually gud.. he winks
Viplav – I feel d gal wearing red salwar (dhaani) is beautiful tan tis gal.. he laughs..
Abhi – Oh this mogambo also cumng here 2 participate huh ?? See.. She herself ll acpt I am a rock star.. I ll make her 2 acpt..
Prem thinks I feel gal wearing green pink saree (simar) s little good.. he smiles..
Laksh forgot his friends and not paying any attention to them started to walk to her..

Laksh- Hi miss.beauty
Ragini looks at him with confusion..
Ragini – who r u ??
Laksh – Me ?? U r asking me ?? Hahaa it s really strange.. how cum a girl doesn’t knw abt tis rock star lucky..
Ragini – sry i don’t knw.. shall i lve ??
Laksh nose cuts and falls down 😛
Ragini thinks I feel something strange wen i luk at him.. hmmmmm..
Laksh in mind.. ‘hmm it ll b challenging bt i ll not acpt my lose babe’..

Scene 2 – At cafeteria

Sid – Y r u so quite sanky
Sanskar – No just thinking how to cross prelims of badminton match. Ok lemme 2 go 2 practice. He pushes his chair back and starts 2 walk.
Maan – Music competition for guitarists is going 2 b conducted now. V ll go 2 tat venue
Sanskar walking backwards and talking 2 maan says ‘no maan I have 2 practice nd I don’t hav any intrst in guitar music’
Saying this dashed swara wo s behind him. Both r facing opp directions. She ws abt 2 fall in front bt sanskar quickly turned back nd held her shoulders with two hands and prevented her frm falling.
Swara with much anger turned and started wer s ur eyes ?? Both r shocked and sanskar surprised too..
Swara : ohhh god.. 2nd time..
Sanskar: sry i was talking 2 my frd ter so…
Swara : y r u always walking backwards. Y ur 1st gear is not wrking ?? Angrily said
Sanskar laughed.
Swara : hello mr.reverse
Sanskar : reverse ??? :O
Swara : yeah nly ur reverse gear is working.. y r u laughing am i cracking jokes ??
Geet: cum guitar competition got started.. cum soon
Swara : I ll c ur latter.. hhhhmm..
She tought Y i felt electrifying wen he touched me. she gave luk @ him and ran.. sanskar smiled and said.. ‘mr.reverse.. nice..’
Sanskar couldn’t wait 4 sec and called his terabytes grp 2 cum 2 guitar competition.
Alrdy 6 sang. Now it’s swara’s turn..
Maan : Just nw u…
Sanskar : cum cummmm
Arnav – he s behaving differently

Swara is playing Teri Ankhon ke siva duniya mein rekha kya hai…
It was fabulous..
Sanskar stopped searching 4 seats nd started to listen her music.. he is completely devasted. He couldn’t move from his place..
Maan – cum sanky we ll sit ter
Arnav – ya luk v hav 4 seats ter
Sanskar is neither hearing them nor the noise of crowd.. ter was a complete silence around him.. he cud nly c and hear her. He could see only her fingers touching the strings.. her clsed eyes.. smile on her lips..moving curly hair.. he felt like in diff world wer only he nd swara r ter…
Swara completed and ter was a standing ovation. Sanskar was clapping loudly bt veryyy slowly. He is starring only @ her.. it was her first round..
Tey all wnt 2 sit. Bt his eyes only wants 2 c her. Tey started 2 announce d names selected for round two. When swara’s name was announced she was jumping and hugging her gang.
Sanskar is smiling luking @ her happiness and says ‘jumping lik a kid.. bt i like t miss.swara. Noo my dear miss.bhoom’.
Swara crossing sanskar asked ‘hey mr.reverse hw was my performance? Did u watch me r sat turning towards entrance?? She laughs..
Sanskar : u r like an angel, in low voice
Swara: what?
Sanskar : I sa saa said ur performance was amazing.
Swara: thank you.. ll meet soon. She bid bye. In mind ‘I felt like he was saying me as an angel.. r am I feeling him like ma prince? I don’t knw him before.. y did I ask abt his opinion?? Swara wat r u doing? He s nt d type of person u want.. forget go goooo’

Sid- what did you say ?? U never showed interest in musics thn hw r u njoying tis..
Sanskar – no nothing.. just 4 a change. In his mind ‘Ya just for a change.. my interest and opinions r changing. I don’t knw y. Bt I lik 2 c her laughing all the time. It s bringing sum kind of happiness in me. I want a silent traditional shy type girl.. bt don’t know y am losing myself 2 her. I want 2 share tis feeling with laksh bt he ll tease me. Let myself find wat kind of feel s tis..’
Screen freezes on sanskar smiling and thinking face and swara’s confused smiling face..

Precap : Sanskar playing badminton. Swara encourages. Ragini and laksh moments.

Hope this epi s somewhat better than the previous one.. thank you guyz 4 reading..

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