Swaragini- Heart Beatz Freeze – Episode 2

Thank you so much swaragians for your wonderful comnts. Your cmnts are my strength. Few said it is confusing. I wll make it clear.

Swara and Ragini are twin sisters and bon in rich family. Till their school days, they were day scholars. They wanna enjoy hostel life. So they requested their father to allow them to stay in hostel till they complete their college. It is not college girls’ hostel but private women’s hostel. They stay in different rooms along with their classmates. Similarly Sanlak wished to stay away from home (from their rich life, car, bungalow etc) Tey don’t want to show themselves big among others. So they took a house for agreement till their finish their degree. Since it is a home with 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen sanskar and laksh along with their friends stay in that house. To know about their friends circle have a look at the intro :



Here we go ..

Scene 1 : Freshers party in the evening @ SanLak College
Seniors are hosting the party. Rock Star Gang and Terabytes gang are looking handsome and smart. Sanskar is wearing blue t-shirt, grey coat, black jean. Laksh is wearing red shirt dotted with white and white jean. Junior girls eyes gaze them from top to toe. Many try to flirt and make friendship. Rockers gang too enjoy with them but tera gang keep themselves aloof.
On the Stage :
Abhi : Hey my dear brothers and cousin sisters of first year (he winks at the crowd, gathered juniors shout together heyy).. Abhi honors guest and gives intro abt officials of the colg etc etc..
Programme starts … Juniors exhibit their talent like singing. Mimic, drama, music etc..
Laksh gang is enjoyed, whistling but sanskar gang doesn’t show any interest in this.
Pragya enters the hall and searches for her sister who is a new comer to this college and came to see her performance. Abhi who is having plate full of noodles in one hand and glass of juice in another hand turns to go to his friends collides with pragya. Noodles fell on her salwar.
Pragya – Ohh sorry. I was searching for my sister. Mistakenly I hit you. Sorry
Abhi – Don’t you have ur eyes on your face ? Oh its normal for girls like u 2 wantedly hit a good handsome luking guy like me.. its ok. I forgive you. He said it with proud and ego.
Pragya – wat ?? hello mr. I am not that type gal. I said sry too. Huff.. she was about to lve.. thn again cam back and said.. by d way sumthng s wrng n ur mirror.. u r nt tat much handsome nd am nt tat type of gal .. she left with anger. Abhi fumes. He is first tim facing this kind of cmnt.

Everyone are dancing on the floor as it is the end of the party. Sanskar was reminiscing abt swara, her expressions. He smiled vry little unknowingly.
All 8 get into the bus. Sanskar unknowingly searches for swara in the bus. He neglected tat feel.

Scene 2 :
In swaragini’s hostel : All 8 r in buds gang room.
Swara : Really ragi ???? wow such a wonderful news. I awaited for this moment. Ragi we have 2 prove ourselves. V shud sumhow bring fame 2 our colg.
Ragini : of course swara.
Geet : Hey don’t be so boring yaar.. cum lets talk about our future.
Simar : tey r also talking abt their career.
Roli : No di. Lets share our opinion about our own future husband.
Dhaani : tey r so much to talk other than this,
Kushi : tis is final. Start from simar..
Simar : Me ?? I …. She feel shy bt latter say..

Simultaneously Sanlak gang are also talking about their future better halves..
Simar : He should be good. Luv me care me. That’s all
Roli : soooo boring u r. utter waste di . pragya you say

Prem : She should be homely and traditional. Tats it.
Viplav : thn marry 1960’s lady. U ll hav gud match with grannys.. you sid..

They share their opinions.. it swaragini and sanlak turn ..
Swara : ohhhh characteristics of my dream boy is veryyyyy soo soo much.. He must be fun loving person. talkative
Sanskar : She should be calm and silent and traditional.
Swara : He should like to take risk and love to be adventurous. He should be sooooo soooooooo romantic. He should never allow me out of our bedroom aftr marg.. she laughs and winks. Ragini hits her.
Sanskar : Should take care of ma family as hers. Should be a good DIL and should know how to do household works. She should be shy type.
Swara : He should be filmy dramatic.. propose me in diff style often. Give me lots of surprises. Take me around the world.
Sanskar : She should not expect me to a romantic hero like in films. I don’t have any interest to do surprises.
Swara : last but t d least.. he should love me and care me to d core. He must love me to the moon nd back.
Sanskar : I may say it in last. But it is imp for me more tan anything. She should love me from the depth of her heart. Care me like my mothers. Her love should be beyond Neptune.. he laughs

Dhaani : then u shud marg only cinema hero.
Swara : my prince will cum and carry me.. flowers will shower @ tat time.. wait and c.. Ragi u say

Laksh : this type of gals era is over before dinosaur era itself bhai.
Sanskar hits him with pillow.. cum on u say.. lets c

Ragini : He should be very silent and very obedient.
Laksh : She should be fun luvng and enthusiastic. Should join me evrytim n ma party.
Ragini : he should not be naughty and flirty @ all. I hate tat type of boys.
Laksh : She should not stop me from flirting. Thn girls ll feel tat no 1 s ter 2 praise their beauty. Tel bhai thn wat s d use of their costly makeup.. lose only..
Sankar shakes his head like he ll nevr change.
Ragini : should know wat is love and feel others pain
Laksh : she should not be very sentimental and cry watching serials..
Ragini : should be orthodox
Laksh : shud be so romantic and modern..

Sid : tes days gals r like tat nly. So no prbm for u. u ll get 1. Now lets sleep. Vry tired
Sanskar shuts his eyes and feeling swara is saying bhoooooom to him.. he s little disturbed but not tat much.
Laksh thinks wat to say to his junior wo asked hm notes. He thinks its better to play hide only and seek should not happen.

Swaragini hostel :

Kushi : I hope v ll find our dream boys in mega inter college cultural and sports meet. Once I find him, I ll nvr lve hm.
Geet : oh wow… ter ll b so many hot guyz.. v can njoy. She winks..
Roli : tat too 3 weeks.. wooow..
Swara : it will be colorful feast to our eyes

Ragini hits her head and ask her to slp. Swara : ok granny ma.. such a feelingless girl.. kushi I used to doubt whether she s a tis century girl or not. Bt nw I wonder whthr she s a gal r not.. she keeps a confused face and runs. Ragini run behind her..
Pragya ask them to go to rooms and sleep.

Precap : Month end. First day of Mega Inter-College Cultural & Sports meet. SanLak Swaragini heart freezing moment.

If this fiction doesn’t satisfy you, I’m really very sorry.. but I promise, surely u ll njoy upcumng fictions.. It ll revolve maximum around sanlak and swaragini and little bit other 6 pairs. I assure you ll like it.

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